Friday, October 26, 2007

Party Time in Slotervaart

A couple of days ago Dymphna wrote about the Muslim riots in the Slotervaart district of Amsterdam. H. Numan, our Dutch expatriate correspondent, found an interesting follow-up article in Telegraaf, and sent us a translation:

Amsterdam - Mothers from the Amsterdam area of Overtoomse Veld, part of the Slotervaart area, will hold a celebrative march this coming Saturday. The reason for the celebrative march is the recent unrest in the neighborhood. It’s time to give a positive signal, the organizing mothers said on Wednesday.

“These are our children, we want an end to the unrest in the neighborhood so we can build together on a better future for these kids” was written in a call for the demonstration. The march will begin on 14:00 on the August Allebeplein. On that square (plein = square), in the police station there last week a female officer shot the 22 year old Bilal Bajaka dead, when he had seriously wounded her and her colleague with a knife. Since that event unrest has ruled in the area of Amsterdam-West.

The manifestation, with the motto ‘We want rest, we want to play’ will end in the volunteer unit in the Esprit-school on the Piet Mondriaan street. The mothers who organize this manifestation call upon children to bring their parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, guardians, neighbors and friends to the manifestation.

H. Numan adds this commentary:
- - - - - - - - -
The media have given up reporting on the ongoing burnings of cars, apparently. One or two cars burned every night are hardly newsworthy. The fact that no arrests have been made obviously doesn’t warrant any attention either. Two days ago, a handicapped car was torched in the Slotervaart area. (I don’t know if this is a regular car parked in a handicapped parking place, or a 45 km/hr two-seater for the handicapped.) The police are investigating whether this torching is related to the other burnings. Of course they should: it is always possible little green men from Mars have invaded us and announce their presence by burning a handicapped car in a riot area. Another good possibility might be that this handicapped car was torched by the CIA or the Mossad, to put the blame on innocent Muslim youths.

Please note the standard left wing phrases used in the manifesto. The Esprit school is a ‘black’ school, a group of schools dedicated to the ‘multicultural’ society. Have a look at their website.

What the newspaper forgot to mention is that children under the age of 12 are not the problem. The problems begin when male Muslim children pass the age of 12, and begin to act independently of their parents. Normal children of 12 are in their first year of secondary education. However, given the fact that most of the unruly juveniles are barely literate, they probably have to do several more years of primary education at that age.

Something else the newspaper carefully forgot to mention: Muslim mothers do not organize anything at all. Their husbands and male guardians would never allow it. The vast majority of — if not practically all — Muslim mothers are not conversant in Dutch language in any meaningful way. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that Muslim mothers would be able to write a manifesto in proper Dutch, let alone in the politically correct style.

One can therefore very safely assume that this ‘spontaneous’ call from Muslim mothers really comes from progressive activists, probably teachers in the Esprit school group.


R. Hartman said...

"What the newspaper forgot to mention is that children under the age of 12 are not the problem"

Exactly. When some 'youth' were being picked up (and released) for driving around the area with jerrycans of gasoline two of them turned out to be 24 and 37.

The reason for the riots stated by the MSM is that the 'hood was upset about the killing of 'one of their's' by a policewoman while he was stabbing her and a collegue nearly to death (see also this article). Ever seen other than muslim groups riot because a member of their community was killed while attempting murder? Thought not.

As the act supposedly was intended as 'suicide by cop', they should be glad he succeeded. Suicide is illegal in Sharia law, but if you get a cop to do it for you you're a martyr, deserving the famous 72 virgins. It's all part of the Ummah agenda, and the West keeps giving in.

Dhimmy Jew Job Cohen, major of Islamsterdam and almost granted the title 'best major in the world' last year (...) refuses to act. While police claims it's 'only a small group' of about 60 known individuals, no action is initiated; nobody is being picked up. In contrast, around the same time, football hooligans vandalizing a stadium were violently 'corrected' and arrested.

While I support the action against the hooligans, I think it's unacceptable that only non-Muslim violence is being acted upon. To put on a show of force against some hooligans while at the same time allowing a whole neighborhood to be ransacked and arsoned by Moroccan criminals is a sign of a failed state. Amsterdam just acquired yet another no-go area, and nobody among those in power is prepared to do anything about it.

Esther said...

The Telegraaf is very vague about who's organizing this. I would be extremely surprised to find out this is not organized by ethnic Dutch and that they're using "our kids" in the most general form possible. Especially as the full slogan is: We want peace, we want to play (and not to divide the street)

Another interesting initiative: scooter tours of the area, see the sights and finish off with tea by a real Moroccan family (NRC, Dutch)

Cincinnatus said...

For Fjordman: valiant efforts on LGF, but they've got the "Nazi" bug over there -- just yell "Nazi" and they run for cover. They'll need to grow up, but in the meantime, LGF is a good school for the sprogs (and CJ a stern headmaster), until they come of age and are ready to face the real tasks. Well done for trying, though. Now take a break. Cc.

Unknown said...

LGF is simply indulging in it's own form of political correctness. They are making the fatal mistake of dancing to the tune called by the leftists.

It appears to be a fairly common ailment amongst conservative types and will lead to failure in the face of an enemy who doesn't care about such niceties.

I do not support Nazism of any form but throwing the word around will weaken us. And if a party has made efforts to divest itself of such extreme elements, then they should be encouraged, not denounced with hysterical watch-words and hand-wringing.

Mahalingam said...

There was another demonstration/action by Marokkan women about 10 days ago that was not reported in the press. In the small village of Honselersdijk there was a break-in in the local supermarket. Two of the usual suspects were later apprehended but set free because they were not the same men as in the security-video. Later in the day a group of women went into the shop and stated to ruin the displays with shopping carts. They were removed. Then a group of 50 male youths armed with sticks beleaguered the shop keeping the workers hostage.
It seems that the males realise that they can be apprehended now as normal peolple but that their women and kids still have the protection of the multicultural umbrella.

Homophobic Horse said...
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Homophobic Horse said...


A_Nonny_Mouse said...

If there's going to be peace in the streets, it's going to take more than mommies and toddlers "celebrating" and "sending a positive signal".

There should have been riot police shoulder-to-shoulder from day one of the riots; it should be made unequivocally clear that riots and car-burnings are NOT TOLERATED.

Amsterdam has not done this; therefore it is safe to say that Amsterdam (and presumably the rest of the Netherlands) will have more of this behavior in the future.
--- --- --- ---

If the state does not keep order and protect its citizens, why should they obey the laws and pay their taxes? In such a case, the state has failed its primary function; it has abandoned its people.

Anonymous said...

The manifestation, with the motto ‘We want rest, we want to play’ will end in the volunteer unit in the Esprit-school on the Piet Mondriaan street.

The motto is very resonating, very situationist, very '68... Some clever teacher must have made it up.

In such a case, the state has failed its primary function; it has abandoned its people.

Anticulturalists do not see rioters as enemies of citizens' security, they see them as victims in need of therapy. Not innocent victims perhaps (but in therapeutical anticulture, guilt and innocence don't mean anything anyway except as symptoms of false consciousness).

In such a case, the state has failed its primary function; it has abandoned its people.

Contemporary managerial state does not have a "people".