Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Algore Will Freeze Buns Off

The icicles are coming...

Personally I’d prefer a warm cycle. Throughout history, Warm is better for agriculture and human prosperity…not to mention the burgeoning wine industry in our area.

But watching Al bundle up is almost as good. By then his hair will be white and his nose will be red, and we can find him a Santa Claus outfit to wear around his tobacco farm:

While politicians and environmentalists worry about the fears of global warming, a growing number of scientists who have studied the effect of the sun on the Earth’s climate have other worries. “The only constant about climate is change..”

In Patterson’s research more than 5,000 years worth of mud was collected from the bottom of Western Canadian fjords using sophisticated technology. Patterson stated the data collected is “one of the highest-quality climate records available.”

Scientific research starting in 2002 is now sparking theories of global cooling. “Solar scientists predict that, by 2020, the sun will be starting into its weakest Schwabe solar cycle of the past two centuries, likely leading to unusually cool conditions onearth.”

Wouldn’t you know it would be those Canadians who would find the evidence.

Wait…Canadian fjords??

Hat tip: Flares Into Darkness

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Morgenholz said...

"Canadian fjords"?

Heh. That's what I was thinking, though I bet Fjordman can still lay his hands on better beer than our northern neighbors can.

“The only constant about climate is change..”

Color me shocked.

Zonka said...

You might also want to visit SUPPORT FOR CALL FOR REVIEW OF UN IPCC, where Dr. Vincent Gray one of the founding members of the UN IPCC calls for the panel to be dismantled due to bad science and dishonesty.

Another good video to watch is Global Warming -- Doomsday called off and of course "The Great Global Warming Swindle" if you can still find it on the net somewhere.

Morgenholz said...

Thanks zonka. I'd never seen the CBC Special. A must see.

History Snark said...

Hmmm. Not really surprised. After all, wasn't a global ice age the original conclusion? As I understand it, the evidence provided for global warming was first believed to "prove" cooling.

Until it didn't happen in the predicted time frame.

That's according to old whatshisface at NASA. The guy that is being censored, at least when he isn't giving his daily interviews on global warming.

Final thought: Wasn't it one of them there Canadians that discovered that whatshisface had faked his data, so that it would support his conclusion of global cooling... er, warming?

I'd make some effort to look up his name, but I'm frankly bored of the whole "debate". Color me skeptical, but thus far nothing has prevented the world's alleged rush towards global catastrophe, so why bother?

Dan said...
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Dan said...

Gauging by the site surveys at weather reporting stations I would estimate we are experiencing global cooling now. While some stations report a cooling trend, and others a dominate warming trend it is looking less random than previously thought.

The stations without bias tend so show slight cooling while the stations reporting warming tend to have significant bias; cement heat sinks, air-conditioning exhaust blowing on the thermometer etc.

Scroll to the bottom of the page here for examples.

carpenter said...

On December 3rd, the Swedish Road Board's (Vägverket) new complications of the driver's license tests process will be applied. The new agenda will include "climate awareness" and "eco-driving" (inspired by Al Gore and IPCC, of course).
Well, mr. Nobel Peace Prize Winner, I've got bad news for you: I passed my driver's license test this monday. And I'll go to Autobahn, Germany, in my Volvo, just to protest you and the other propagandists of IPCC!

Anonymous said...

The question is not what the temperature will be a hundred years from now. What really matters is that half of all species on this planet will go extinct during this century. The whole climate discussion is just bullshit directing our minds from the truths that are more horrible: overpopulation in Africa and Asia, irreversible destruction of arable land, soil and forests, rapid disappearance of whole ecosystems. Cosmetic reductions in carbon emissions or new types of light bulbs will not accomplish a damn thing. It is the volume of humanity itself that should be reduced.
Earth will never recover from this age in which we are living now - not during the rest of the time mankind will be around. Maybe in 20-40 million years...

Dymphna said...

lauri olavi--

The report is discussing a cooling trend that will begin in 13 years, not in the next century.

Throughout its whole existence "whole ecosystems" have disappeared from Earth, to be replaced by something else. It will continue doing so long after man is gone from this sphere...

...it is a kind of narcissistic hatred to think that we have either the power or control to do absolute damage.

You seem chronically angry...and not just about this. Such a quality tends to generate more heat than light.

Please watch the language; this is a PG13 blog because of the homeschoolers who visit here. If your great rage drives you to such extremes, just use asterisks.

A summary of all of the above could be put into two words: lighten up.

ziontruth said...

Lauri Olavi,

98% of Earth's species died out in the extinction at the end of the Permian period. We know this on the basis of paleontological evidence alone; there were no human eyewitnesses, much less causative agents, as it happened about 250 million years ago. Humans are not a requirement in order for nasty things to happen.

"It is the volume of humanity itself that should be reduced." - Oh my. Can you by any chance visualize how such a collapse in the volume humanity could take place?

History Snark said...

I too would like to know how Lauri Olavi intends to address the problem of overpopulation.

Perhaps the way Tom Clancy envisioned it in "Rainbow Six"- where the "smart people", i.e. believers, plotted to kill everyone else with a disease, so that they, when the danger passed, could enjoy the newly resurgent world, and all the wildlife that re-populated it.

SwampWoman said...


CO2 is a lagging indicator, not a leading indicator. It is not a pollutant. The earth is now at historically low levels of CO2 in the environment.

Overfarming? Depleting the soil? Please. We are producing more food on less land now than has ever been produced. It is the soil in third world countries farmed using primitive farming methods that is being depleted. You probably got all of your information about the horrible soil problems from some pseudo-scientific environmental group that knows even less about farming than it does about the environment.

Half of all species will go extinct during this century? Which species would those be? The very thought of extinction is really scary because extinction has never, ever happened before, although dire wolves would probably want to argue that point (if they weren't extinct). There have been several mass extinction events throughout time so get a grip and a book and do some research, because now isn't one of those mass extinction events.

The cure for high birth rates is wealth. The wealthiest countries have lower birth rates than countries where the population has to have many children in order to have enough survive to adulthood to care for the aging parents. If you're all THAT concerned about the earth being overpopulated, there's nothing preventing you from easing the burden on Gaia by electively removing yourself from the gene pool.

SwampWoman said...

I too would like to know how Lauri Olavi intends to address the problem of overpopulation.

I suppose most environmentalists would prefer the passive approach of cutting off vaccinations so that fewer infants would survive to adulthood since that whole demonizing DDT thing didn't kill quite as many as they had hoped. Or perhaps they would prefer the more direct approach of stopping research into Ebola and Marburg as well as cutting off food aid. There's nothing like malnutrition and lowered immune system function in the face of an epidemic to reduce that pesky population.

I'm not sure which Asian countries the environmental movement feels have too many people that need disposing of.

History Snark said...

"I'm not sure which Asian countries the environmental movement feels have too many people that need disposing of."


It's only White people that need to be "disposed of". After all, what have the White Devils done for the World?

I suppose we should be nicer. After all, given the crowd that Lauri likely runs with, I doubt these questions have ever come up. Why should her cohorts bother explaining the obvious? Just accept what you're told, and go forth to inform all of us who don't possess their genius.