Friday, March 31, 2006

What We Said vs. What I Wish We’d Said

The request for a radio interview with Tammy Bruce came out of the blue. What a pleasant surprise! I liked her style — direct, to the point — and her quick uptake. She pays attention.

I also liked (which others may not) her notice of gender differences in conversation. For example, she asked me a question, and the Baron broke in to answer. Now it is a truism that men tend to hog the conversation. However, Ms. Bruce couldn’t have known that the Baron and I have been interrupting each others for years… and then arguing about whose turn it is to interrupt. Tee hee: the Baron got caught on national radio. So that should cover my next dozen interruptions, at least.

Which is not to say Ms. Bruce was wrong: put a woman in a group of men and she’ll be lucky to get a word in edgewise. Unless she’s armed, of course. Armament evens the playing field if you have to talk with a group of guys.

Looking back, it’s good that we got talk about the The Bloody Borders Project. Ms. Bruce appreciated the work behind it, commenting on the visual effects.

It was satisfying to mention our start in the blog world as commenters on the Belmont Club. Thanks to dear Wretchard, you are reading this post.

The Baron spoke about the Infidel Bloggers Alliance, surely the most sundry and assorted group-blogging endeavor online. IBA demonstrates perfectly the most important thing about the blogosphere: that it is both distributed and aggregated intelligence; it is information gathered from individuals, not corporations or collective entities of any sort. That is the blogosphere’s great strength, and its novelty — a worldwide web of dialogue, pamphleteering, disagreement, and data-sharing. The blogosphere is the fluid movement of knowledge.

Blogging makes you more informed. When you step out of line, there are experts on everything from domestic intelligence to history to language to physics to law to trucking — all right there, ready to set you straight.

And that’s what I wish we’d said.


Pastorius said...

I really appreciate that you guys plugged IBA, and that you are contributors. IBA has experienced good growth in its early days thanks, in large part, to the efforts of you two, and also that of Pamela from Atlas Shrugs.

Dymhna, Tammy Bruce is one of my favorites. She is a former liberal, President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Organization of Women. She is a lesbian who freely talks about her sexual orientation, and she is a defender of traditional Judeo-Christian values.

She is, like me, probably almost as liberal as she ever was. And, like me, she probably doesn't recognize the party she left, as they have plunged in to lunacy.

Jason Pappas said...

Yes, I join Pastorius in appreciation of your generous mention of IBA and, as you've always have, your links to promising and interesting blogs.

I also like to thank Pastorius (and J) for keeping that motley group temperate ... well except for those hot pictures. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Papa Ray said...

Off topic, but on target:

Egyptian Experts on Islamic Religious Law Debate Female Circumcision

Read it all or watch the video.

Papa Ray
West Texas