Monday, March 06, 2006

From Vital Perspectives: The Reading Room

Vital Perspectives has a new service: a round-up of timely articles on the Middle East from major news outlets:

Vital Perspective Introduces "The Reading Room"

We are pleased to offer on a weekly basis all of the major articles and analysis on the Middle East from the most influential periodicals in America. This time, we will cover the period from February 17 to March 3. The articles are available in a PDF format by clicking here and we will be maintaining a "Reading Room" under a category by the same name. We hope you will find this to be a valuable resource.
We need all the resources we can get. Some of the offerings I'd seen but there are others which are welcome analyses.

So thanks to VP for this service.


Jamie Irons said...


My dear sister, who has lived all her adult life in Morocco, lost her beautiful daughter, Sarah, to an accident when Sarah was five.

I still have pictures of Sarah, who looked like an angel, taken a few days before she died. Even though Sarah was not my own child, and I have been lucky enough to have four healthy children of my own who have grown up and prospered, I have never really come to terms with Sarah's death.

I can only imagine what you must have endured, and must still endure.

Thank you for this wonderful site.

Jamie Irons