Saturday, March 11, 2006

Equal-Opportunity Religion-Bashing Cartoon

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Dearie, me...those Jews are sooo thin-skinned. But their big noses provide some compensation.

They're taking over the world you know. That's why Israel is such an easy place to live in. And they're all rich.

It's a plot, see: every time one of them is born they get a million dollars -- or the equivalent in shekels -- and they keep getting interest on it.

Not even the Pope can stop them. Hundreds of Swiss Guards have died trying.

How do you say "fatwah" in Hebrew?


X said...

I didn't know there were hundreds of swiss guards...

shoprat said...

I think most Jews have a sense of humor (forbidden by Mohammed it seems) and will chuckle at this, especially when they understand that the real joke is on the idiots who believe this cartoon portrays the truth.