Tuesday, March 07, 2006

On The Road to Mecca There Are Many Stops

Muhammad and Me
Make of this what you want. Bobby Wheelock, of Muhammad and Me: On The Road to Mecca There are Many Stops has some entertaining ’toons. Go see Bobby and Muhammad as they plant a tree, or buy grapefruits, or fly kites.

Then, by all means, read some of the entertaining comments. If your mind isn't fried after that, just visit one of the sidebar links. I especially recommend...nah, you go visit. See what you think.

One thing's for sure: you'll remember this site. Kind of like a young Mr. Bean on an adventure. Or Harold, without his purple crayon but with more purpose.


Dymphna said...

well, we don't know if it's *that* Mohammed.

And I believe this is satire so dry it floats right past us. If you'd looked at one of the two places on his blogroll you'd see what I mean.

Back when we were having the Cartoon Contest, they asked for just regular cartoons, nothing outrageous. This best meets the definition of what they had in mind, but i only happened upon it in our site meter. I clicked out of curiosity and besides it was 1:00 am

The College Boy looked at it and found it strangely like his cohorts' humor...I say "Harold and the Purple Crayon."