Tuesday, March 07, 2006

On The Road to Mecca There Are Many Stops

Muhammad and Me
Make of this what you want. Bobby Wheelock, of Muhammad and Me: On The Road to Mecca There are Many Stops has some entertaining ’toons. Go see Bobby and Muhammad as they plant a tree, or buy grapefruits, or fly kites.

Then, by all means, read some of the entertaining comments. If your mind isn't fried after that, just visit one of the sidebar links. I especially recommend...nah, you go visit. See what you think.

One thing's for sure: you'll remember this site. Kind of like a young Mr. Bean on an adventure. Or Harold, without his purple crayon but with more purpose.


Shellback said...

Hmmmm....hard to know what to make of this site. The responses are entertaining, though. Too bad our young friend didn't make a cartoon "Me and Mohammed strap on our Dynamite Vests". In that version, you'd see Mohammed helping the kid strap on his, but curiously not strapping on one himeself. After all, Mohammed may be a Prophet, but he isn't stupid.

Dymphna said...

well, we don't know if it's *that* Mohammed.

And I believe this is satire so dry it floats right past us. If you'd looked at one of the two places on his blogroll you'd see what I mean.

Back when we were having the Cartoon Contest, they asked for just regular cartoons, nothing outrageous. This best meets the definition of what they had in mind, but i only happened upon it in our site meter. I clicked out of curiosity and besides it was 1:00 am

The College Boy looked at it and found it strangely like his cohorts' humor...I say "Harold and the Purple Crayon."