Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Big Pharaoh Says "Go Canada!"

Big Pharaoh has some good news. He doesn’t provide a link to his quotes, but I’m happy to spread them around anyway. Here’s his own comment:

Canada suspended aid to the Hamas-led government. It’s now the first country, besides Israel, to do so. I am surprised. I mean, this is Canada! Does that have to do with the removal of Paul Martin?

Hmm…there’s big clue for you. BP says that Ottawa will continue to give NGO aid for humanitarian assistance. As he notes, they’re the only country besides Israel that refuses aid to Hamas. I thought Secretary Rice said the same thing, but perhaps I missed the news cycle where she backed off?

Canada in a position of strong moral leadership! Here’s BP’s quote:

Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay said in a statement that Canada had no choice but to suspend assistance and decline any contact with the New Hamas Cabinet.

Can you believe this turn?

That’s my good news for the week from the Western world, thanks to Big Pharaoh. And by the way, he’s looking for help in purchasing a laptop. Any of you geeks got an old one hanging around?

And Louise, a commenter on Sandmonkey, had this to say about her country’s new look:

"Yeah!!! Finally. My country gets back to where it should be!! We’ve been a long time hiding under the bed with the dust bunnies. I’m very glad we are now looking beyond our noses and to the wider world. Looking down our noses at the US was getting so tiresome and petty."


Suzi said...

CNN says that "US, Canada close door on Hamas."

Which, I would suppose is the culmination of the January announcement by Rice that we would not fund them.

The Times Online, UK reaffirms that "American law" bars the US from supporting terrorists and says that Blair is threatening to cut off British aid as well.

bordergal said...

Good call Canada.

From memritv, a Hamas run Parliamentary session..........

Why don't I think they are talking about a peaceful inner struggle?

Hamas MP: Allah Akbar, Allah be praised.

Other MPs: Allah Akbar, Allah be praised.

MP: Allah is our goal.

Other MPs: Allah is our goal.

MP: The Koran is our constitution.

Other MPs: The Koran is our constitution.

MP: The Prophet Muhammad is our model.

Other MPs: The Prophet Muhammad is our model.

MP: Jihad is our path.

Other MPs: Jihad is our path.

MP: Death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration.

Other MPs: Death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration.

MP: Allah Akbar, Allah be praised.

Other MPs: Allah Akbar, Allah be praised.

Unknown said...

Re: "Does that have to do with the removal of Paul Martin?"

Two words - you bet.

Exile said...

Well done Canada.

Raises the bar for eveybody else, doesn't it?

Frank said...

Finally. I'm finally not ashamed, for a moment, to be Canadian.

What a change from the last milquetoast Liberal government, whose immediate reaction to 911 was to scurry to mosques to assure the "peaceful followers of Islam" that we loved them, and to prove it that we would allow Islamist terrorist organizations to flourish here.

The Conservative government also appears to be taking the mission in Afghanistan seriously and not conducting foreign policy as a function of public opinion polls taken in downtown Toronto (a socialist bastion of defeatism, for all you Yanks who may not have heard of it).