Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Coming Soon to an Islamophobe Near You

The term “Islamophobe” is fast joining “racist”, “homophobe”, et al., as a reliable tool of politically-correct argument, a way of silencing the Left’s opponents and consigning dissenters to the phobic outer darkness beyond the pale of polite discourse.

Object to Hamas? You must be Islamophobic!

Want to scrutinize speakers of Farsi or Arabic more carefully at the airport? Islamophobe!

It is with this in mind that Gates of Vienna proudly launches a pre-emptive counterstrike:
Opposing the Great Jihad Since 1683!

If I can figure out a way to scrape it off the screen and put it on a real button, I’ll pin it to my waistcoat or on the lapel of my dinner jacket, for all the world to see.

In the meantime, this will have to do.

Update: I’ve made a smaller button for the folks who asked for it. See the next post.


Krishna109 said...

Excellent! :-) I definitely think it would be a good idea to make buttons-- also T-shirts would help get the message out into the universe.

In the meantime-- how about an "Islamophobic and Proud of It" blogroll (bloggers could place an icon on their blogs along with a blogroll of all members of the blogroll-- see, for example: The Anti-PC League Blogroll or the Sammenhold Solidarity with Denmark Blogroll-- of course there are many others).

In the meantime, we could put the icon of the button on our blogs with a link back to this article...to help spread the idea. (The more people who see it the better).

Baron Bodissey said...


It's a good idea. I'll eventually make a small version of the button for our sidebar, and people could use that.

Baron Bodissey said...

mineral --

"Caliphobic" sounds like "afraid of California".

Hmm... appropriate, in its own way.

Dymphna said...

Senescent Wasp--

You have the coolest stuff, I swan. I'd love one of those for the Baron's Boy so when he's struggling next year on his undergrad chem thesis, we could give it to him. Is it a button? Cuff links? He has one shirt with french cuffs...

As the dear departed Jinnderalla would have said: kewl.

Krishna109 said...

I think its good to have large and small versions.

I also used to use Blogger's "Scribe" template-- every time I put anything in the left side column that wasn't very small, it threw the whole blog out of wack! (and even when the blog looked good to me using IE, people kept telling me it looked messed up when they used Foxfire).

I saw some wonderful buttons I couldn't use because they were only available in large sizes-- or-- I had to put them in the footer-- or create a text link which is less eye-catching. (I later started using Flickr and resized some there).

I finally changed templates to get more usable space-- currently I am changing some of the tiny buttons from sites I really like back to larger sizes.

My conclusion from all this is: at least two different buttons-- one fairly large, one fairly small-- would make it easier for more bloggers to use them.

P.S: (if you don't already have to enough to do, lol :-)-- another, larger, version of "Bloody Borders" would be nice, for bloggers who like larger buttons-- so they could use that to link to Bloody Borders.

Dymphna said...


where do *you* come up with this stuff? "Cephalophilic"? Sounds like a Catholic with a brain...and no smart remarks there, atheist.

Dag said...

Just now posted your button at my blog. I love the look as well as the idea.

My idea for a button was the NYT with a red diagonal bar running over it, reading: "No More Left Dhimmi Fascist Caprophagic Journalists."

It was originally much longer but I had to cut out quite a bit to make it sonorous and pithy. I'm highly pleased with my efforts so far. Now if only I can find a way to fit in just a few more lines.

Always On Watch said...

Coffee mug, too--for work!

Smooth said...

What a great idea. I would love to post that graphic on my sidebar. I just posted this yesterday, so I'm already in the zone. Please, if you could, make graphics that would fit in our sidebars. It's time to ram the passenger side of the palestinian jihad with our best shots.

Baron Bodissey said...

I made a smaller button for the folks who asked for it. See the next post.

Conan The Librarian said...

Hey my blog is called "The Libraryguy Hates Islam" so I defintely belong on that blog roll dudes and dudines.

American Crusader said...

I think you should mass-produce them. It's an excellent design and I bet it would sell. They would make good Christmas stocking stuffers.

Papa Ray said...

I printed it off on some kind of sticky paper that one of my grandsons bought for a school project.

Made several copies to wear on my t-shirts and cap.

Looks great, I'll wear it this weekend and take extra copies to all the ol' Vets that I have coffee with, they will love it.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Jason Pappas said...

I still would like to get a button with the Danish cartoon of Mohammad with the bomb turban. (Anyone know where?) My wife thinks buttons are so 1960s. I think she’s secretly afraid of the anti-Danish jihadists. (Who could hate Denmark?)

If you read that some NYC cab driver with the name of Mohammad Islam (like the guy I had today) drove over the side of the 59th Street Bridge with one old while guy in the back seat, you’ll know I found a source for the buttons.

taz84 said...

Actually, all you would need to do the "job" in the jihad producing areas would be a squadron of Pave-Paws F-16s,a brace of neutron bombs to clear out the waste and some new settlers to reoccupy the now empty land and take over the oil fields.

Unknown said...

you start the enmity and we finishes it, is the only phrase I agree with that muslim guy.

YES, you started the crusades by some war preachers like you, and we finished it by a peace agreement between Saladin and the Crusades while kicking them back home!!!

YES, you started the war against egypt in 1967 and we finshed it by another peace agreement after the destruction of 90% of the israeli forces as mentioned by the CIA reports!!!


go on and put the gas over the fire,try destroy the whole world by your hattered!! show your violent nature!!



WildFaun said...

Can anyone give some historical background on the image?
I'm supposing it to be a knight crusader, right? And why that strange helmet? Sorry for the ignorance ;)

Baron Bodissey said...

Wild --

That is Jan III Sobieski, the King of Poland and the hero who broke the siege of Vienna in 1683.

WildFaun said...

Thank you, i had no idea. I received 20 pins today and i'm distributing them by my portuguese friends. Fortunately we are the poorest country in the EU thus there are very few muslims here.

drmagnumwolf said...


Can someone teach those muslims about the crusades? When will they get over it and understand, jerusalem belongs to the west, they where the invaders... sheesh!