Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Cup of Coffee, International Style

From Israelly Cool, and almost as good as a cartoon:

What happens if a fly falls in a cup of coffee?

(1) Englishman : Throws his cup away and walks away.

(2) American : Takes the insect out and drinks the coffee.

(3) Chinese : Eats the insect and throws the coffee away.

(4) Japanese: Drinks the coffee with the insect since it is a free bonus.

(5) Israeli: Sells the coffee to the American and the insect to the Chinese, and gets himself a new cup of coffee.

(6) Palestinian : Accuses the Israeli of throwing the insect into his coffee. Relates the issue to violence. Asks the UN for aid. Takes a loan from EC to buy another cup of coffee and uses the money for terror.

Close, but not quite. Some Americans sue the coffee vendor.


X said...

Shouldn't that be "Some americans sue the coffee vendor, and some of those then sue the cup manfacturer for making cups that attract flies, the city health department for not ensuring that flies are banned from all commercial premises, the state government for not effectively eradicating lies across the country, the federal government for not requiring the states to eradicate flies and the church, as a proxy for God, for making them in the first place."

Cos, you know, some people are like that...

X said...

Incidentally, the whole "muslims invented everything" idea has received a Very Thorough Debunking. Worth reading to the end. There's even a PDF copy of everything in the thread to make distribution easier.

X said...

Is it? I've not read most of them. They went downhll after the first dozen or so episodes... this Mo character kept appearing for some reason, though he was never particularly appealing.

X said...

Hey, historically coffee was the beverage of choice in the UK. It wasn't until our Indian coffee plantations were virtually wiped out by root-rot in the mid 19th century that we switched to tea.

And, incidentally, we've never looked back... :)