Thursday, March 02, 2006

Barking Dogs

El Jefe Maximo hears the not-so-distant baying of the dogs of war:

We are at a very, very dangerous place, just now. If the Iranians are foolish, they will take our President’s sinking poll numbers, and our happy UN talk, much too much to heart. They may be fooled into thinking they have a free hand, and assume the edge of acceptable behavior is further away than it is. We are already teetering on the abyss. It is easy to forget how much power a President has over the decision to resort to arms. If the Iranians underestimate this President, there is a strong probability that a lot of people are going to wind up very dead.

Similarly, the Iranians may assume too much tolerance by Israel and its caretaker Prime Minister. The Israelis have been stirring, saying just this week that they will not wait forever for a solution to the Iranian nuclear issue.

Fundamentally, I am worried by this, apparently, yokel of an Iranian president, who really seems to believe in the imminent appearance of the Twelfth Imam, and talks glibly about wiping countries off the map. Does he know where the red line is; how far the bluster can safely go ? Do those around him ? No question, the present script looks like a war-breeder.

He includes a lot of military analysis of the situation. Go and read the whole thing.


Freedom Fighter said...

I found this interesting and likewise gave it a link.Good job, El Jefe!

I have to politely disagree in a few respects. And I have what I think ae some answers to some of the questions El Jefe raised...

First, Ahmadinejad is far from a yokel, and has calculated things very nicely, or so it seems.
I wouldn't underestimate him, or Iran.

First of all, let's remember that Ahmadinejad is a hired hand, who takes his orders from Khamani and the Council of Guardians anyway..but that said, let's look at what has been accomplished by Iran so far..

J O S H U A P U N D I T: True fiction: the US. the UN and Iran

bioqubit said...

The twelfth imam thing is unfortunately complimented by a Catholic prophesy of "the last pope". Google on that phrase and get ready to get worried.

It makes very clear that the current pope is either the last or second to last pope before something really big bad and very ugly happens.

So, when you line up the Muslim and Catholic prophecies up side by side, their similarities are unnerving, but they come from very different sources at very different times. And to just sweeten the deal a little bit, there is also a odd link up with Mayan astronomical prophecy. Given that these came from different sources and times, that they should intersect at some point in the future ranging between roughly 2007 and 2012, should give one pause.

The pundits I listen to suggest that by whatever means, the problem with Iran will have to be resolved by the West in the next 12-18 months.

Russia lost Iraq, and there is a good chance China will lose Iran.

rocketsbrain said...

Re the Mad Mullahs of Iran

Here's a comment I posted at the WOC that is related here:

My dear Mr. Watson there is a bigger game afoot!

There is a growing consensus in some corners of the Blogos that Saddam's WMD went to Syria with Russian assistance before GWII.

What we may be witnessing is a good ole game of Texas Hold'em. Pieces of this puzzle have been around for awhile but for obvious reasons and also a case of too blind to see, the LL and the MSM have not followed the leads to track down this story e.g. The Plame Affair, Bush Lied, People Died, Cheney Quailgate, the Iraqi "non" civil war a reverse case of Wag the Dog, The CIA Leaks (Gee the CIA is openly at war with the CNC), and now Katrinagate.

It may be expedient by the Bush Administration to allow the LL and the MSM to run with this rope while this trump card [Saddam's WMD with Russian and Chinese fingerprints] is in play in the back diplomatic channels to get the Russians and the Chinese to put pressure on the Iranian Mad Mullahs to play ball re nukes.

I think there is a little chance that President MAD and his religious mentor Yazdi will be likely detered by pressure from the Russians and/or Chinese in their quest to acquire nuke weapons.


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