Friday, March 10, 2006

“The Good News About the Muslim Cartoon Riots”

From the The San Diego Daily Transcript, an op-ed piece by Larry Stirling:

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Now how many people have been slaughtered along with buildings and cars torched because hundreds of thousands Muslims object to a few non-Muslims in a secular country exercising their right of free speech?

It is hard to keep count. We may need to set up a macabre pari-mutual accounting board that totals the people killed year to date because Islamic guys wake up grouchy.

How much has the cause of freedom and democracy been set back? A very long way.

The American press unanimously and pusillanimously decided not to reprint the cartoons.

That sweeping decision to run up the white flag proves that there is a gutless press oligopoly in this nation and that is not good for any of us.

However, there is a bright side to all of this believe it or not.

Neither my Dictionary of Quotations nor Google tell me who said this, but there is a succinct quote that applies to this situation:

“History is the recordation of the race between education and catastrophe.”

In this case, catastrophe for us is to know too little about the Muslim religion. Many nations have learned to their sorrow what it means to have a large group of Muslims as their neighbors, immigrants, or conquerors.

There are endless publications attempting to warn the American people that the Muslim religion is unlike any other religion or philosophy in the world (see: “The West’s Last Chance” by Tony Blankley).

But none of those writings could have made the point as vividly as has the Muslim reaction to the cartoons. Millions more now understand that the Muslim position is that things should be their way or no way.

Every other religion or philosophy of which I am aware: Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Confucianism, Sikh, even Shinto, attempt to inculcate into their adherents an internal scheme of socializing principles designed to overcome their “sinful” impulses with “saintly” conduct. Such internal policing also makes them better neighbors.

It is true that there is a long gruesome history of groups subscribing to religion getting hijacked into wars when the economics of the situation happen to coincide with religious affiliations.

The Irish Catholic-Protestant conflict sadly comes to mind.

But all such wars are in direct conflict with the express tenets of their religion.

Not so with the Muslims. While the Muslim religion does inculcate a strong element of self-control (the internal Jihad), there the similarity ends.

The Muslim religion is now and, ever since a few years after its founding in Saudi Arabia, has been a warrior religion just like the Spartans of ancient Greece (see: “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” by Gibbons).

Ever since about 550 A.D., Muslim armies have been on the march, plundering nation after nation, flourishing not as much by their own creativity or hard work but by harnessing the talent and resources of those they militarily subjugate.

The Christian Bible abjures its adherents to: not murder; turn the other cheek; love your neighbor; and to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

The Koran (Qu’ran) says:

Surah 8.65 “Oh Prophet! Exhort believers to fight.”

Surah 62.6-7 “Oh ye Jews, if claim that Allah favors you over all mankind, then long for death ...”

Surah 5.51 “Take not Jews and Christians as your friends.”

Surah 2.191 “Slay the aggressors (people who defend themselves) wherever you find them” (including the Olympics).

Interesting view of life and death in Islam: you can break every rule of your religion (as Mohammed Atta did before he put his plane into the World Trade Center) but if you kill a bunch of infidels, you’re redeemed. This is so primitive that it’s hard to take in…

See the rest at The San Diego Daily Transcript.

(Stirling is a retired superior court judge who now practices law with the firm of Garrison & McInnis. He is a former Army officer, member of the San Diego City Council, the California State Assembly and the State Senate. Send comments to

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William Zeranski said...

What I’ve learned about many people is their lack of knowledge of the theology of ANY religion, and their excruciatingly painful desire to learn nothing.

Historically, religion has always been used by individuals, groups, the ‘faithful’ and governments to pursue earthly goals—of all kinds. Christianity is usually the first and only target for the “Aha—see, I told you!”

As an aside, I think, as well as believe, that the ‘there will be no establishment of religion’ was not to keep religion out of government—but to save religion FROM government.

Now, a theocracy is an entirely different ball game here. That’s an undeniable statement. Islam is religious government and these religious tenets are in the Koran or Quran or however one wishes to spell it. No one has to be a religious scholar or know Arabic to figure this religion-political movement out. They just need to, and be willing, to use that mush inside their skulls.

Everyone understands that if the Pope said, “Go get ‘em boys,” and the papal standard flew over a fully-armed Christian militant—the Vatican would be nuked the next day, and not just metaphorically speaking. But maybe—just maybe, using this kind of example is the way to get it through willfully ignorant skulls.

Anyone willing to see the facts—not just the truth—already knows what I’ve just written. But the best way for people to be informed is by having the Islamofacists do what their doing. They are their worst enemy—thank God.

gumshoe said...

D & BB -

i'd brace for heavy traffic over at the Bloody Borders site.

while i checked for a referring link(and did not find one)
note this comment from the article in your current thread:

"It is hard to keep count. We may need to set up a macabre pari-mutual accounting board that totals the people killed year to date because Islamic guys wake up grouchy."

why the press can't get out of bed to do this for the people it "serves",is a question they seem to preoccupied too ask.

gumshoe said...

*"they seem too preoccupied to ask."