Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Chain Fatwa

How come we’re not on the B-List?

The Banned-In-Pakistan List, that is. How come Phibian is on it, and Gates of Vienna isn’t?

It’s not fair!

Look closely, and you’ll see that Cdr. Salamander’s side-blog, Draw Mohammed Week, made the cut, in the image below (I highlighted it to help the presbyopic among you):
The Phibian is banned!

As the great CDR himself says:

Oh happy day! I always wanted a fatwa, but being banned in Pakistan....why THAT IS JUST TOO COOL! My off-the-cuff DrawMohammedWeek has no-shit-Shirlock been banned by the Pakistan government.

What are we at Gates of Vienna, chopped liver?

We’re card-carrying Islamophobes. We’re professional denigrators of the Prophet. We post original Mohammed-insulting cartoons. We’re charter members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, for crying out loud!

Why didn’t we make the list?

Say… that list looks like it was typed on an old Selectric typewriter, but maybe it wasn’t. Maybe this is Mary Mapes and the Texas Air National Guard all over again! Fake but accurate! And this time Dymphna and I are victims of the cruel fraud!

Or maybe not…

I’ve got a better idea: a chain fatwa.

Every time a blogger receives the list, he issues a fatwa against the blog on the top of the list. Then he crosses it off, adds his own blog’s name to the bottom, and sends the list off to ten other infidel bloggers.
A chain fatwa

By the time the Twelfth Imam returns, we’ll all be up to our clavicles in fatwas! Won’t that be cool?

Now I have to think of ten other bloggers who are ripe for the scimitar...


CDR Salamander said...

From the mind of a madman,......err...genius.

Snifle. I guess I have to stay on the sidelines...though it will be fun to watch.

A fatwa for all my friends...

miriam sawyer said...

This is definitely an idea whose time has come.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Have been submerged at work, come up for air and find this...outrage. Gates of Vienna NOT banned in Pakistan ?!? Sacre bleu !

Quite some cachet for CDR Salamander ! Congrats ! Maybe somebody should work up a "Banned in Pakistan" banner.

"Banned in Pakistan." Sounds kind of like the guy in the bar scene in Star Wars who boasts he's been given the death penalty in 20 systems or something.

Dymphna said...

Jefe, remember what comes next in that scene:

Luke: I'll be careful.

Bad guy: You'll be dead!

CP said...

Not sure if it is still in effect, but a couple of weeks ago, Pakistan was supposedly blocking all Blogspot web addresses.

Cobalt Blue said...

Me! Fatwa me!

Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

I volunteer! I volunteer!

I even titled my January 30 post on the subject Can I Please Be Added To Your Fatwa?