Monday, March 27, 2006

They Killed The Picture

Maybe he was just kicking over the traces. Whatever the reason, Supreme Court Justice Atonin Scalia gave a physical demonstation of what he says to those who question his impartiality regarding the separation of church and state.

According to a UPI story on News Monsters and Critics Roundup, Scalia was coming out of church in Boston, on his way to give the keynote address at a Catholic Lawyers Guild luncheon, when a Boston Herald reporter queried him on whether he gets a lot of questioning about his position on this issue.

Scalia showed the reporter what his response to such questioners was, using his hand to make his point.

He claims this hand gesture is a Sicilian expression.

I say it was the communion wine that did it. Not to mention his general relief at having two more conservatives on the bench with him. Or maybe he’s been hanging out with Dick Cheney, a known bad influence.

So, how do the rest of the justices gesticulate to such questions? Any ideas?

By the way, the only photographer to get a good shot of Justice Scalia's demonstration happens to work for the Boston diocese newspaper. Somehow I don't think that photo is ever going to see the light of day. That poor photographer is even now gnashing his teeth in the outer darkness.