Monday, March 27, 2006

Italy's Coming Elections

Read this:

In a fortnight we’ll know if the country [Italy] will pass from the current crypto-communism to a fully-fledged, albeit soft fronted, communist regime. The debate has never been so heated. It’s two conceptions of the state clashing against each other, one for little government, less taxes, more freedom, and a free market economy, and the other in favour of big government, pervasive control on every detail of one’s life, high taxation, and a state-controlled subsidised economy.

The left already controls the media, universities, schools, the cultural establishment, part of the judiciary, a sizable number of town councils and regions, and of course the trade unions.

What is not well known abroad is that the big industrialists are in league with the left, along with banks and the world of finance. If you wonder why big capitalists should be in favour of a communist government, remember that in this country they have always relied heavily on state subsidies. Take for example the Agnelli family, owners of FIAT, the biggest car manufacturers in Italy. Whenever FIAT was in trouble, the family got substantial handouts from the government to tide them over, handouts which were promptly invested on other financial enterprises.


Italian economy is not based on industrial giants, but rather on small and medium-sized enterprises, which are in dire need of incentives such as lower taxation and not of punitive measures. The left will bleed the middle class dry, “attacking financial revenues” in Fausto Bertinotti’s words, “property is theft” leader of Communist Re-Foundation. That is, it will raise taxes on savings and bonds, and on real estate, plus it will introduce more taxes. Many people are already transferring their money abroad in the expectation of the communist takeover. (emphasis, GoV)


The comrades [the Communists] emerged in small unobtrusive groups from the underground stations and then gathered having put on balaclavas and handkerchiefs on their faces in order not to be recognized. They carried iron bars, knuckledusters, and flammable liquids, and started working their way down the street, building barricades with dumpsters and parked cars and setting fire to them. They set fire to a AN (National Alliance, a right-wing party) gazebo, and also to some shops…

And that’s Italy today; no need to import terrorists when you can grow your own.

By all means, read the whole thing. There's a ray of hope at the end.