Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Outhouse Shahada

I’m working on several posts, but the press of recent events has prevented me from finishing them tonight. To tide you over, here is a Vlad-Baron joint venture.

Vlad Tepes was inspired by a Johnny Hart “B.C.” comic strip from back in 2003, which showed a character entering an outhouse with a crescent on the door and a crescent moon in the sky. It was widely perceived at the time by sensitive souls as a slur against Muslims (the original comic strip may be seen here).

Vlad’s idea was to add a star to the crescent on an outhouse door and make a T-shirt of the result. It was my job to execute the graphic, and I added a shahada (the text of the black flag of jihad) to the roll of toilet paper. The result looked like this:

Outhouse shahada

Below is the T-shirt Vlad made from the image, which is being held by a person whose face you may recognize:

Geert Wilders with the T-shirt

Vlad gave Geert Wilders his very own Outhouse Shahada shirt when Mr. Wilders was in Ottawa for an event earlier this week.

In due course I hope to post some videos from the same event, but I don’t think they will include the T-shirt…


Gary said...

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philip.zhao said...

Too modern for Muslims !

Kufar Dawg said...

How does anyone get close enough to Geert to give him anything these days? There's probably ten of millions of Muslim apes that would kill him in a heartbeat.

Zenster said...

Silly Baron! Muslims don't use toilet paper.

That niggling detail aside, a denizen from another Counterjihad board once made the following suggestion:

Somewhere in the stark unpopulated plains of Kansas there should be set up a false-front factory that is supposed to produce Qur'an toilet paper. Instead of having any machinery inside, it would be well-stocked with surveillance equipment operated by Marines and Special Forces teams. The site would serve as the ultimate "flypaper" for attracting suitably enraged domestic and foreign terrorists.

Without fanfare or public notice, all Lions of Islam™ who attempted to assault or demolish this facility would be taken quietly into custody for extensive water boarding and prolonged sessions of parking lot therapy at an undisclosed location, never to be heard from again.

So, there is a use for such toilet paper and I, for one, would line up to purchase it in a heartbeat.

1389 said...

You should post the link where you're selling those!

Baron Bodissey said...

1389 --

I'm not selling anything -- this is Vlad's deal. As far as I know, he just made a few shirts for himself and gave one to Geert.

Drop him a line if you want (vlad [at] vladtepesblog [dot] com) -- maybe if he finds enough interested customers he can afford to have a larger number of shirts made.

Grant said...

I believe that you can use to create your own shirt pretty cheaply. We have ordered from them anti obama shirts we designed ourselves.