Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/14/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/14/2011The news feed is unusually large tonight, due to the accumulation of articles while I was gone, some of which are included in tonight’s roster.

There are thirty-one stories in the “Immigration” category, and many of those are about the Danish modification of the Schengen regime, or are spinoffs based on it. Most of the rest are about the migration crisis in the Med, and I will be gathering them into a “Camp of the Saints” post tomorrow.

In other news, the head of the International Monetary Fund, a French politician and rival of Sarkozy named Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was arrested in New York and accused of sodomizing a housekeeper in his hotel room. Police said Mr. Strauss-Kahn was attempting to flee the country when they picked him up at the airport.

To see the headlines and the articles, open the full news post.

Thanks to AC, Barry Rubin, C. Cantoni, Caroline Glick, Fjordman, Gaia, Insubria, JD, KGS, Kitman, Steen, Takuan Seiyo, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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philip.zhao said...

With your news feeds like this who needs MSM ?

Zenster said...

His Co-Conspirator Has a Record for Kicking a Poodle

Well, alrighty then, mebby this chap has some potential leadership qualifications.