Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Civil War in Sweden

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Hundreds of culture-enrichers violently attacked police today in the Rosengård neighborhood of Malmö in southern Sweden. Nicolai Sennels sends this brief summary based on Swedish-language media:

Civil war in Sweden
by Nicolai Sennels

Report from Europe. Malmö in South Sweden will be the first major European city with Muslim majority. A civil war-like situation is developing very fast. Malmö’s firefighters are carrying stone-proof face masks and military grade bullet-proof vests. Recently more than a hundred immigrants violently attacked the police — short video clip (35 sec.). A machine gun was used during another attack on the police — short video clip (2 min.). A bullet hole through the side mirror of a police car shows that it was a miracle that no one got hurt.

The situation is escalating and becoming more and more permanent. Small European Gaza Strips, characterized by overpopulation, poverty, a low level of education and the prevalence of Islamic extremism, hate, and violence against the non-Muslim surroundings, are erupting all over the continent. Police are overworked and more and more often need to flee the Muslim ghettos because of violent attacks. Peace, the economy, and democracy are under pressure, as ethnic tensions in Europe rise fast. History is unfolding before our eyes.

A subtitled video of events in Rosengård is below the jump. Many thanks to Steen for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (slightly different translation):

00:00 Everything began when police apprehended a man suspected of narcotics crimes.
00:05 He resisted, and more and more people gathered round the police.
00:10 Everything degenerated into an uproar, with a hundred people involved, and fireworks were thrown at the police.
00:17 Several patrols were dispatched to the place, and by midnight the situation had calmed down.
00:23 In related incidents, four smaller fires were lit in the area.
00:28 But apart from the apprehended drug dealer, no one else has been held by the police.

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philip.zhao said...

Vlad Tepes is not working. AN Islamic virus attack?

Baron Bodissey said...

Philip, read the previous post. It explains about Vlad.

Zenster said...

As discussed in previous posts by El Inglés, the Muslim propensity for establishing enclaves where shari'a law can be enforced also tends to work against them.

Such clustering creates a "target rich environment" in which relatively simple measures can be used to devastating effect.

Regardless of any vigilantism on the public's part, emergency services will, at some point, simply refuse to enter these "no go zones". If firefighters are sufficiently delayed, conflagrations can become so fully involved that even concerted efforts will have little effect.

With or without any reluctance upon the part of emergency services, there will eventually arise an indigenous citizen response that refuses to brook all such nonsense. A simple matter of well-coordinated arson attacks will see entire Muslim neighborhoods set ablaze by native Swedes that have had their fill of rapes, robbery and constant Muslim predations upon the local population.

The only amazing thing is that such actions have not already occurred.

As always, it is vital to remember that Islamic brinkmanship routinely drives these situations towards their statistical polarities. Muslims have a nasty habit of inhibiting or disabling typical conflict resolution methods to the point where unconventional measures become the only functional problem-solving tools.

This pattern of behavior will one day see Islam completely eradicated from the West, if not the entire world. It is a matter of sheer survival and Muslims are exceptionally unwise to continue pushing the envelope as they usually do. However, Islam is a binary option situation and that ingrained feature will eventually spell its doom.

sameer said...

You guys at Gates of Vienna are ACE !! Keep up the good work of informing the world about evil ISLAM.
Words are not enough to thank your courage and spirit.
God bless you :)



A modest hullabaloo like this one is not worthy of being paid attention to by Gates of Vienna.
It has absolutely nothing to do with any civil war - it is just the nightly run of things in Malmö - and by the way, the machine gun was fired 500 km north of Rosengård before noon at a bank robbery in Flen.

This is not "evil Islam", this is
hooligans playing with a stuck-up police force.


Someting quite irrelevant for the starting Civil War in Sweden.
- - - - -
Being a blogger is a cruel fate.

1389 asks: "Who's the lady in the photo with Geert Wilders?"

Baron Bodissey answers: "I identified her in the text next to the photo: she's Georgette G, from L.A. She gladly gave permission to post her photo."

Lawrence said...

I thought Islam was a religion of peace... it's not like whitey is forcing them to congregate in overcrowded slums. They're doing that all on their own...

... but it's our fault, anyway.... sigh.

philip.zhao said...

Where have all the Vikings gone ?

xlbrl said...

"Small European Gaza Strips, characterized by overpopulation, poverty, a low level of education and the prevalence of Islamic extremism, hate, and violence...."

Did we forget the inbreeding of mental illness and retardation?


Latest about the Civil War in Malmö.

MALMO. The Police has identified a dozen of the people who were most prominent at the Tuesday night's unrest in Rosengård. The men, aged between 16 and 32 years, are now suspected of rioting. Tuesday night's unrest at Rosengård flared up at 21 o'clock in the Ramel's Road. It started when a police patrol saw a suspected drug transfer between cars and decided to check it.

kimjongun said...

Turn them into proper ghettos with walls round and let them have their own police, fire sevicesand medical services paid for by themselves.

babs said...

I thought Rotterdam already had a Muslim majority. said...

Let's talk about:
How the house of Malmo where this scum live are heated?
The way they are heated can cause great problems if the fuel burn, or it is not delivered in time.
I would like to see how good the Muslims there are to adapt to cold winters if they have not heated homes. My understanding is a large share of them have not a job and it is on the dole. Just prevent them from obtaining heat and they will start find the local winter more "green".