Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Florida Taliban

The “Florida Imams” have been prominent in the news for the last couple of days, at least on this side of the Atlantic. A handful of wacky, fun-loving, culturally enriched guys decided to enhance their Islamic experience by sending their mosques’ zakat money to the Taliban in Pakistan.

Now they’re in the slammer and under indictment, and the president of one of the mosques feels compelled to remind us that terrorism is absolutely contrary to Islam.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video:

News articles on the same topic will be in tonight’s news feed.


Anonymous said...

Well, the imams needn't worry too much. After all, Obama can still pardon Muslim criminals (like himself!) whether Obama is re-elected or not.

Who can compare a few months in an American jail (amongst friends) to eternal Islamic paradise gained from Jihad with a capital J?

Of course, club-med Gitmo would be better. I'd specifically request that Jihad tour-of-duty if I were them....

Zenster said...

Video Time Point ― 01:27
"Authorities say that the mosques themselves are not targeted."

So, where did all of this subversive indoctrination take place? At the Elks Club? The Moose Lodge? A Kiwanas meeting?

… Masjid Jamaat al-Mu'Mineen does not support terrorism, for this is a forbidden act in Islam.

Since when, you lying sonofabiatch?

How, then, do you explain away the fact that a majority of this world's terrorists are Muslims even if not all Muslims are terrorists?

How then do you explain away the fact that Qur'anic doctrine exhorts Muslims to destroy and kill unbelievers?

Finally, if any contribution to terrorist causes is so objectionable, why then, does the question of; "Who are the donors?" remain so thoroughly unaddressed throughout the Muslim world? Why no mention of how a portion of zakat must obligatorily be directed towards jihad?

The usual rubbish and nothing else. No substantive action taken all the while disclaiming any direct involvement. How often do we see that tidy little scenario play out?