Monday, May 30, 2011

The EDL Demonstration in Blackpool

Below are two TV news reports about last Saturday’s English Defence League demonstration in Blackpool:

The TV reporters fail to mention a particularly grisly aspect of the Charlene Downes case: investigators believe that the murderers of the 14-year-old cut up her body and mixed it with kebab meat in a restaurant operated by one of the suspects.

Hat tip: Gaia.


philip.zhao said...

Human flesh kebab will soon be served at Royal banquets and the White House will most likely follow suit!

Zenster said...

Weyman Bennett (Video time point – 01:33): We’re here on a peaceful mission and what we’re trying to say is it’s time we have a united society, instead of people trying to divide it on race or religion or gender or sexuality.

This “United Against Fascism” spokesman has the unmitigated gall to stand before a camera and pretend that the EDL – whose ranks are thoroughly integrated and ‘diverse’ – are out to “divide” society along lines of “race or religion or gender or sexuality”.

How then is this f&%kwit able to ignore the glaringly obvious way that Muslims “divide” society precisely along the lines that he is so emphatically protesting?

Race? – Need we go into the way Muslims play the race card like an effing Stradivarius?

Religion? – Yet another no-brainer. Can you say No-Go-Zone?

Gender? – If Islam is not Abject Gender Apartheid personified, then what is it?

Sexuality? – Does not “kill all the gays” set off any alarm bells for this oblivious moron?

Yet, this Islamic mouthpiece has the temerity to criticize the EDL even as he promotes the most fascist, bigoted, misogynist and homophobic ideology on earth.

What is it with these wanking bunch of rod walloping tossers? Such willful ignorance goes well beyond any mistakenness or momentary lapse of reason. It requires an adamantine refusal to recognize reality, even as it bites them on the frigging neck! Does Weyman Bennett think he would be anything more than an abeed al-beit (literally, “house slave” or, as used by Ayman al-Zawahri, “house negro”) in an Islamic country, much less an Islamic Britain?

These Islamic facilitators all need to spend a year minimum in some Islamic utopia before being allowed to spew their nonsense publicly.

Finally, if there is one remaining group of size that performs human sacrifice, ISLAM FITS THAT DESCRIPTION. Charlene Downes' was but one more heart cut out on the blood drenched altar of Islam.

Just as Islam makes a mockery of martyrdom, so does it pervert the Eucharist as it feeds the flesh of an innocent girl to other human beings.

Small wonder that each passing day only points more clearly towards the MME (Muslim Middle East) being glassed and Windexed™ in what will eventually be known as the Muslim holocaust. The only difficult thing that remains will be for anyone to explain why it was totally undeserved.

Anonymous said...

Zenster wrote: if there is one remaining group of size that performs human sacrifice, ISLAM FITS THAT DESCRIPTION

My slightly OT 2 cents: let's not forget muti, the traditional folk medicine still practiced in South Africa. Muti isn't a small cult, either...even Jacob Zuma and other leaders believe in it.

One of the really bad things about muti is that practitioners believe human body parts, harvested while the victim is still alive, have extra power. Albinos are especially valued, too, for their body parts.

All of these horrendous and common stories were covered by the late, great blog, South Africa S***s, until it was completely suppressed by nonstop leftist harassment, which was also enabled by Blogspot and Wordpress.