Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger is Back in Business!

I'll bet y'all thought I was just snoozin' on the job like some government worker. Can't say I blame you on that score.

However, Blogger went down sometime yesterday and it's just been opened up again in the last few minutes. I've been checking access to the admin site and looking at the Blogger forum re: "Known Issues". Employees were apologizing for the delay. The Baron said they probably had humungous server problems for the outage to take this long.

BB is on his way back to Schloss Bodissey. He drove to Nashville to hear Geert Wilders lead a rip-roaring revival meeting in a mega church to a crowd of almost seven thousand. The number is an estimate since that's the capacity of the Cornerstone Church and the Baron said it appeared to be almost full.

He literally had a front-row seat since he grabbed one of the reserved places and no one showed up to claim it. He actually knew whose seat he had and was prepared to give over should the owner show up to claim it. That never happened so he got some good close-ups of Mr. Wilders and Sam Solomon and Bill Warner

A few observations from our phone call last night:

  • Tennessee is definitely mobilized and aware of the strong incursion of Islam into its borders. The Baron says they're far ahead of our state, Virginia. Of course, they don't have a vipers' nest in their state comparable to the one in Northern Virginia, nestled right up against Washington D.C., home base for the Muslim Brotherhood which has so successfully infiltrated the bowels of our bloated bureaucracy.

  • The affair was arranged like an old fashioned American meeting -- i.e., they sang the National Anthem, everyone said the Pledge of Allegiance. Some hymns were sung; some prayers were said. The Baron said it was a full frontal reminder of how much has been blotted out of our public behavior in the last thirty years. In former times those behaviors wouldn't have seemed unusual. Just as they did back in the fifties, those preludes served to bind the listeners together. The closest we come today is rock concerts.

  • When the Baron observed to someone the remarkable number of churches in the area, a local told him that Tennessee is called "the big buckle of the bible belt".

He'll have lots more to share when he returns. I hope he brings home some Tennesee barbeque. You know, the kind that doesn't involve burning cars.

Meanwhile, on Friday the 13th I'm celebrating the return of our blog after that imposed silence.

Mazel tov, y'all.


matism said...

This is the second Blogger outage in the past few weeks. Is it hitting ALL their blogs? Or is it only impacting FreeeFor? I have not visited any Marxist or Religion of Peace blogs lately, so I can't be sure. But since Blogger is Google...

Hesperado said...

Thanks for that interesting update, Dymphna.

matism -- my blog was affected too.


Yes, we are aware of the Muslim Brotherhood Jihad Invasion here in Tennessee, plus the 1800 mosques & madrassa in all 50 states!

Saudi Arabian Oil is the major funder of these enclaves. OPEC is the life-blood of these unholy places, and we need energy independence from foreign oil, utilizing our own abundant resources of natural gas, clean coal, and nuclear power.

America needs a leadership change in Washington D.C. - reb
___ ___

Lawrence said...

GOP needs someone who inspires confidence in the voters...

... so far, nothin' this go-round.

And Obama is still inspiring confidence in his voting block, despite his failures.

It really just boils down to which candidate inspires the most confidence in the voters. And Obama and his handlers know that.

Just wish the GOP would get a clue.