Friday, May 27, 2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/27/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/27/2011The equal opportunity and human rights commissioner in the Australian state of Victoria says that public discussion about the burqa may actually put Muslim women in danger. The constant controversy may make women who choose to wear the burqa reluctant to leave their homes, or subject them to attack when in public.

In other news, Pakistan’s intelligence service has shut down its cooperation with its American counterpart, and the Pakistani government has asked the United States to reduce the number of military personnel stationed in the country.

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Georg Felis said...

Gee, you pick off one internationally wanted terrorist mastermind from right next to the country's major military academy, and they get all cranky and irritated. I mean it's not like they were hiding him from us, right?


Shirl in Oz said...

Victoria is the State of Dhimmitude

philip.zhao said...

Always hard on the heels of UK--the Islamic Commonwealth!

Anonymous said...

Much like women who would not wear a burqa in Islamic countries would be targets of harassment, assault, and rape; and much like all women in Islamic countries who are ill advised to leave their homes without male escort. Just consider it practice for the future of your Islam.


Nilk said...

Indeed it is, Shirl. And Szoke is one of its high priestesses.