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Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/15/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/15/2011Today is “Nakba Day”, the anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel, which Muslims consider the nakba, or “catastrophe”. Israel’s neighbors celebrated the occasion by massing hordes of rioters on three borders — Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria. In all three areas Israeli soldiers fired into the crowds when they pressed to cross into Israel, and refused to move back. At least ten people were killed. Syria insists that this “criminal” action by Israel must be punished.

In other news, a Danish anti-pirate vessel was fired on by a Somali pirate ship. The Danes returned fire, killing four pirates and capturing the other ten. All sixteen Iranian hostages were freed unharmed.

Meanwhile, support in Serbia for membership in the EU has dropped to 55%, down from 65% a year and a half ago.

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TR said...

AltRight has a good article about immigrant violence and recent riots in Athens: Battle of Athens

bewick said...

I tried but blogger told me that "we're sorry but...." Maybe blogger is still full of bugs.
So short and sweet this time.
With reservations I agree with Henry Lamb of canadafreepress that the UN, in its present form should be ditched and the west should immediately stop contributions. I'd add that the west should also trim its foreign aid budget to the 3rd world (especially the Muslim 3rd World) by exactly the amount of their contributions to the UN. My guess is that, via foreign aid, the US pays somewhat more than 22% and the 1st world alone funds the UN.
The UN has become an overblown bureaucratic nonentity which achieves absolutely nothing. Worse it is maintained by the self interest of those who profit financially (ego and greed) or are able to hi-jack the organisation for their own selfish ideological interest -such as the OIC.
Even the blue beret military "peacekeepers" achieve little if anything. Their "rules of engagement" require them to just watch as slaughter occurs. The mental effects of that must be horrendous.
I confess I wouldn’t have the discipline. My trigger finger would activate. Good thing then that I wasn’t conscripted.
We must totally ditch and cease funding for the UN, OR demand an organisation 1/10th the size, and cost, with very limited functions. Money is a powerful persuader.
THIS time I have copied the above to Word so that I don't have to re-type in case Blogger, with usual incompetence, loses it again

bewick said...

Dominique Strauss-Kahn. IMF.
Maybe I'm wrong but this seriously looks like a set-up to me. DSK is, whatever his faults, a major figure in world finance at the IMF.
Unless he was "drugged up" or temporarily lost his marbles I cannot imagine that a clearly intelligent man would be so foolish as to do this.
After all in positions of power it is remarkable how easy it is to attract seriously attractive women (been there done that as they say but I always rejected advances. And NO this is not a sexist ramble - I just know, from experience, that it happens. And I was minor in comparison to DSK).

Remember that the French politicos once sank the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour and DSK happens to be a potential contender for the French presidency. Just saying!

bewick said...

Re Guy Opperman Tory MP whose life may have been saved by a Tory colleague who happens to be a doctor.
Guy Opperman happens to be MY MP.

Maybe that condition explains why he has been totally useless in answering my, now 4 month old, complaint.
Whatever I wish him well since no-one should suffer this. Top marks to his colleague who must have been trained when UK University training was actually good.
I hope that Guy Opperman recovers from this whatever I think of him as a politician. And YES I did vote for him.

bewick said...

Found out the colleague MP doctor isjust 32 so must be a good doctor despite the downgrading of Univeristy degrees. I would say that he would be more use to society as a doctor than as an MP

Zenster said...

Danish Navy Frees 16 Iranians From Suspected Somali Pirate Ship

Four suspected pirates were killed ...

Vikings - 4
Pirates - 0

Tape at eleven.