Monday, May 23, 2011

The Farce Continues

Geert Wilders as Galileo

Geert Wilders took a bit of a vacation earlier this month, visiting Canada and Tennessee. Now everything has returned to normal, and he’s back in the dock in the Netherlands.

The Amsterdam court that is trying Mr. Wilders is engaged in a surgical operation for political purposes under the mandate of the Dutch ruling class. Its task is to excise the PVV leader from the Dutch body politic and restore the multicultural state to its previous dominance.

If there were ever any doubt that this is a kangaroo court, and that the verdict was determined well in advance, the following brief article would lay it to rest. Many thanks to our Dutch correspondent H. Numan for this translation from De Telegraaf:

Court: Wilders trial continues

AMSTERDAM - the court of Amsterdam decided on Monday the trial against PVV leader Geert Wilders will continue. At the beginning of this month, Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moszkowicz stated his client isn’t getting a fair trial and the case must be declared inadmissible by the prosecution.

The unfair trial was caused by amongst others Tom Schalken, councillor of the court, and in that position responsible for issuing the order for the prosecution to continue the trial against Wilders. The politician is on trial for sowing hatred and discrimination and insulting a group.

The order to continue the trial is according to Moszkowicz a conviction. Also, Schalken had tried to influence the expert-witness Hans Jansen, Arabist. Other influential magistrates had influenced the trial, by publicly voicing their own personal opinions.

The court rejected the arguments of the lawyer.


matism said...

The time is rapidly approaching to send the pigs to hell, for it is THEY who are enabling the miscarriage of justice throughout the world.

Ferdy said...
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Ferdy said...

But at least the Judge in the Wilders trial today praised the Turks for introducing that delicious Viennese coffee! (I’m not kidding!).

Wilders Trial day 19: Judge praises Turks for Viennese coffee

john in cheshire said...

My thoughts and best wishes are with Mr Wilders. The Netherlands ought to be ashamed of themselves for their complicity in the destruction of Western civlisation and the pandering to islam. I used to think the Dutch were a nation to be admired. Not any more.

matism said...

There have been plenty of other examples to show that the Dutch nation is not admirable. There may indeed be people in that country whose courage should be admired, but the nation? I think not.

Kufar Dawg said...

If anything justifies a violent revolution it will be the conviction of Geert Wilders. When your government is corrupt there's no point in reforming it from within.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


I've just nicked this and posted it here

Hope you don't mind too much.


Sagunto said...

John in Cheshire -


"I used to think the Dutch were a nation to be admired. Not any more."

Why admire any nation at all, one would think. One might - as an outsider - take a shot at understanding a foreign nation, but anyway..
Considering your judgement of nations is obviously based on the behaviour of its political and cultural elites, is there any nation left in the West today, that is worthy of your admiration?


Kind regs from Amsterdam,

babs said...

@ Sag in response to your inquiry I would have to say no.
It is up to us, the people, to get this rediculous train back on the tracks.
The VERY IDEA that people are being prosecuted in the EU and Canada for "hate speech" has to change. This type of prosecution only works one way and everyone knows it.

Sagunto said...

Baps -

"@ Sag in response to your inquiry I would have to say no.
It is up to us, the people [..]"

I agree.

Meanwhile, I am not entirely sure whether depicting Geert Wilders as some kind of Galileo is a suitable analogy here. The case against Galileo (recommended reading: M. A. Finocchiaro: "Retrying Galileo, 1633-1992") and the position of the prosecutors in those days, was a far more complicated one than the political pantomime displayed in this kangaroo court in Amsterdam. This is quite simply about Dutch political and cultural elites, collaborating with Islam as is expected from true welfare state progressives, throwing anyone under the bus who is brave enough to defend our way of life.

I think it would be rather more appropriate, since we are dealing here with Dutch elites collaborating with Mahounds in order to "reform" society, to draw the analogy all the way back to the historical days of that so-called "reformation" in the Low Countries, when Calvinist social engineers of the day collaborated very conveniently with the Islamic top-dogs, then the Turks of the Ottoman empire.
Our very inaptly lauded "Parens Patriae", William of Orange, a francophone German who never spoke Dutch of any substance anyway - and after him his son and avid supporter of political Calvinism, Maurits, were quite willing to make deals with the Ottomans, who several decades earlier stood before the gates of Vienna.
The cri de querre of the Calvinist terrorists in the Low Countries amounted to nothing more than treason. It said that they'd happily betray the bishop of Rome for a pact with (Ottoman) Islam. They even put their slogan on coins and medals (called: "geuzenpenning").

Kind regs from Amsterdam,

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...


Past or present William of Orange is not the only European power player to have the the koran on the highest shelf of the abode, submission of the masses is the attraction when they say muscular liberalism they mean islam.

Sagunto said...


"Past or present William of Orange is not the only European power player to have the the koran on the highest shelf of the abode [..]"

I am puzzled why your comment sounds as if I ever made such a claim.


In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...


Not your claim Sagunto, my own random whimsical thoughts about "Rather Turkish than Papist", islam as an early political template and European Emirates.

Apologies for the confusion caused.

Kufar Dawg said...

Could it be said the corrupt Dutch politicos are using less than democratic means to eliminate an inconveniently popular Dutch politician? Because the Dutch government and judiciary seem to be taking an inordinate amount of interest in making sure the correct verdict is pronounced in Geert Wilders' "trial".