Monday, May 16, 2011

An Interview With Geert Wilders

“I’m Dutch. I am not a European.”

While he was in Ottawa last week, Geert Wilders was interviewed by James Cohen for the Free Thinking Film Society and IFPS-Canada. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:


Walid Shoebat said...

While Geert Wilders was in Nashville he was also revealing how he gets his facts:
Interesting wouldn't you say.

1389 said...

What Geert Wilders is saying comports with all of the research that the rest of us have been doing for many years. He's right, and anybody else's attempts to smear him come across as crude and self-serving.


They all say:

"I have nothing against Muslms - I am against the ideology",

...but the ideology is Islam and everybody submitting to Islam is by definition a Muslim. A Muslim with a weak belief is called a 'moderate Muslim'. It is supposed to be easier to get along with a moderate Muslim, who also often is better liked - or less loathed, by anti-islamists than a Muslim full of implicit faith. Best of all is a Muslim that is no Muslim - an Ex-Muslim. Is it possible to love or at least not feel antipathy toweards Muslims if you detest Islam? Why can you detest Islam but not as easily detest Christianity? In the latter case you have to detest religion/religiousity. Have I happend to almost show that Islam is no religion?

75 years ago they could have said:

I have nothing against Germans - I am aginst Nazism,
because certainly not all Germans were Nazies.
- - - - -
Baron B, Dymphna, Zenster, Hesperado or anybody else,
... is this not an awkward questiom worth discussing?

Anonymous said...

Yes, anti-Islamist. Years ago, I emailed Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer about the issue of condemning an ideology versus the practitioners of the ideology.

It is akin to saying, "I have nothing against rapists - I am against the crime of rape."

And, surely, Mohammed was a rapist and child molester - and likewise, Islam instructs his followers that Mohammed's example is that of the "ideal" Muslim man.

In reality, the Islamic Koran, suras, and hadiths never murder anyone - rather, living breathing practicing Muslims murder people.

Anonymous said...

To answer your question, I think that prominent non-anonymous anti-jihadists face significant problems addressing the role of Muslims' behavior in Islam - the first of which is pretend and/or perceived incitement to violence or "hate" speech against Muslims of which Geert Wilders is already charged for saying that negative Muslim behavior needs to change and, until real change occurs, Muslim immigration should be discontinued.

The second major problem is the tendency of Muslims to violently harm and/or murder anyone who criticizes Islam and negative Muslim behavior. I think that prominent non-anonymous anti-jihadists hope to mitigate the threat of potential violence by limiting their criticism to the ideology instead of its adherents. Thus, anti-jihadis tell Muslims, "Mohammed WAS evil." instead of "YOU currently devout and practicing Muslims ARE evil."

gsw said...

"I have nothing against Germans - I am against Nazism,"

This can still be said in Germany & Austria. There are still many nazis in both countries - however, when one says anything against them, you do not hear all Germans shouting "you insult the Germans".

I have nothing against people who want to pray to god(s), as long as they are harmless nuts.
When they expect me to take their god(s) seriously, and change my way of life, ignore laws and cruelty, this is too much.

It is the claim that disagreement = persecution via hate-speech that is the real problem!

Kufar Dawg said...

Even if Wilders is found innocent, I'm betting the Islamofascist collaborators in the Dutch government, judiciary and law enforcement won't stop persecuting, oops, I meant prosecuting him until they get the desired guilty verdict.

captain mission said...

i think the answer lies in moderation and tolerance, and any intelligent person that looks at europe and the rise of islam would have to concede girt is not as right wing as people make him out to be, he's just not left wing. the mistake the left always make is to accuse their opponents of being right wing. geerts words speak for themselves, he's sounding very reasonable and it's quite refreshing to hear such an intelligent perspective in what is the final days of europe. either people wake up now and do something against governments that have sold them out or they will have to kneel before a brutal ideology.


Gentlemen, are we living in the same era? "...either people wake up now and do something, or..." said 'captain mission'.


Niceness, goodness, naivety, laxity, stupidity, idiocy, political correctness, leftist-marxist-greenish ideology...freedom of religion and the idea of all humans are equal actively prevent ANY change or alteration.

Please do not sneek away from today's actuallity.
There will be no change to the better.
Repatriation as a possible solution is not possible without a political REVOLUTION!
People in Western Europa are in a similar situation as some Germans and the neighbouring peoples were in 1930-33: "We will doubtless, in one way or another, get rid of him - or at least bind him up.............."

In Sweden the situation is already starting to resemble the Danish reality after april 9th 1940 - we are, however, if objecting, not shot these days, we are fined - and we - the indigenous population of Sweden - are called upon by our treasonable power elite to love our occupants, otherwise...!
Ask any Dane old enought if it was possible to find any sympathy for any German in those days (besættelsen).