Sunday, May 29, 2011

Leftists, Muslims, and Canadian Tax Dollars

Below is a SUN TV report from Brian Lilley about the Canadian government’s financial support for the new flotilla that will attempt once again to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza, and also on the latest outbreak of Muslim-led anti-Semitism in Montreal.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video:


Richard said...

All nations have to take a close look at all charities these days, way too many of them are tied to the jihadist organizations.

Zenster said...

Eric Duhaime: (video time point 06:52) Yeah, and unfortunately it's not all of them but a small minority of them. They seem to want to import those problems that they have in the Middle East and in North Africa and have them here in the streets of Montreal. [emphasis added]

How sad to see Eric Duhaime evoke the "tiny minority" meme in what was otherwise a relatively decent exposé of a government funded Montreal Leftist quango allying themselves with Islamic radicals.

While evoking the "tiny minority" meme, Duhaime goes on to make an equally drastic mistake in assuming that the Antisemitism he is decrying is one of those "problems that they have in the Middle East and in North Africa".

Hey, Eric, it's not a "problem" or bug, it's a FEATURE of Islam and it will continue to persist so long as people like you do not openly recognize that genocide against the Jews is in inseparable part of Muslim thought, word and deed.