Friday, April 30, 2010


Rosetta TombstoneThere has been some public controversy during the last few days over the circumstances surrounding the disappearance from Vlad Tepes’ Vimeo channel of all the subtitled videos of Col. Allen West.

People have continued sending us questions by email as well as leaving them in the comments. To clarify matters, I’ll give a full account of what happened. The report below consists entirely of facts, with neither speculation nor opinions. If there are no further developments, this will be my final word on the topic.

The incident began on April 22 when Vlad’s entire Vimeo channel was dropped. Several days later, after Vlad requested more information, Vimeo supplied a list of the videos that caused the problem, and all of them were the Rosetta Stone subtitled versions of Col. West’s speech, for which someone had claimed copyright or ownership.

After I posted about what happened, the videographer who taped the speech contacted us by email. Her name is Pamela Hall, and her excellent work is blogged at the Vigilant Squirrel Brigade. Ms. Hall insisted that she did not contact Vimeo to claim copyright nor ask them to take down any of Vlad’s videos of Col. West. The only video that she objected to had been posted on Vlad’s Youtube channel, and featured Col. West’s speech subtitled in English — which for some incomprehensible reason went viral a couple of weeks ago and garnered upwards of a million views before it was removed. In response to her complaint, Youtube took that video down.

However, Ms. Hall emphatically asserts that she had nothing to do with any videos of Col. West that were taken down from Vlad’s Vimeo channel.

The organizers of the Freedom Defense Initiative, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, have now also publicly insisted that they had nothing to do with Vimeo’s decision to take down any of the subtitled Col. West videos.

So we are left with a single question:
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If the videographer and the FDI organizers did not claim copyright and ask Vimeo to remove the subtitled videos of Col. West’s speech, then who did?

LTC Allen West (ret.) in Russian


Update:On the advice of two experts (one of them my wife), I have revised my spelling of “whodunit” to reflect customary usage. I yield to higher authority.


KGS said...

Good question, I sure as hell would like to know.


Hebes Chasma said...

Most likely an impostor, outsider? Surely there are plenty there outside who don't like us.

S said...

What's to stop ANYONE from claiming infringement? Do they check before removing videos? How can they? Any jihadi that doesn't like it, who reads this blog or any other, could complain perhaps? What is their policy?

Unknown said...

The old saying is still valid"divide and conquer".

costin said...

Whodunnit? Me, I dont care. I would just like to see those videos back up :-|

Profitsbeard said...

Why would the videographer gal want her work taken down if it is getting a million views?

No sense of marketing.

She needs to complain to Vimeo to get Vlad's site back in shape.

EscapeVelocity said...

Id say this was a case of hostiles working the system to silence others.

Merrilee said...

After having read this article, I see an enemy sowing seeds of discontent and he has won a major battle. The five of you need to get together, re-post, and go on, hoping that the loss of speed will be minimal.

There will be people out there who hear of this word-of-mouth and through other sources. They need the info to be there when they look.

Do not give in: get this video and all its translations back up ! If a snowball on a hill is stopped by an obstruction, some impetus will set it flying down said hill once again. again. Just give it that oush!