Friday, April 23, 2010

Looking After Henk and Ingrid

The Dutch elections are coming up in June, and Geert Wilders’ party isn’t wimping out. What a difference from American politics! An American politician would be “tacking to the center” at this point in the campaign, going all mealy-mouthed and middle-of-the-road in an attempt to reel in those pesky undecided voters.

But not Geert Wilders. The PVV leader has evidently taken his country’s pulse and determined that it needs a strong dose of anti-multicultural medicine. The party has just released its manifesto, and it’s a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the European dhimmitude and cultural rot.

Ethnic registration of everyone arrested! Closure of all Islamic schools, ban on new mosques! Ban on the Koran and burqa, introduction of a tax on headscarves!

Oh, yes — and lower taxes, too. That one’s going to be tough, given the current financial mess and the leaden weight of the welfare state. But I hope he can do it.

Here’s the story from Dutch News:

Netherlands: Geert Wilders’ PVV is Ready to Rule on Behalf of Henk and Ingrid

After three years ‘practising in parliament’, the PVV is ready to rule, party leader Geert Wilders said on Friday at the presentation of the party’s manifesto for the June 9 general election.

‘The PVV wants to join in but the party’s influence must be substantial, otherwise there is no point in being in the cabinet,’ Wilders said. ‘The bigger we are, the bigger the chance we end up in government.’

The PVV is doing it for Henk and Ingrid — the average Dutch couple who form the ‘heart and spine of society’ but are being unfairly treated and sidelined by the ‘political elite’, Wilders said.

Main points of the PVV manifesto:
- - - - - - - - -
  • No more immigration from Islamic countries
  • Ethnic registration of everyone arrested
  • Deportation of foreigners who commit crimes and strip dual nationals of Dutch nationality
  • Closure of all Islamic schools, ban on new mosques
  • Ban on the Koran and burqa, introduction of a tax on headscarves
  • No more development aid, apart from in emergency situations
  • Limit on refugee numbers of 1,000
  • No more work permits for Poles, Bulgarians and Romanians
  • Fewer civil servants
  • No pension age increase
  • No change to mortgage tax relief
  • No cuts in unemployment benefit and student grants
  • No increase in healthcare own risk payment
  • 10,000 more police officers and 10,000 more nurses
  • Lower taxes

Hat tip: C. Cantoni.


heroyalwhyness said...

Go Geert! Show the world how it's done!

EscapeVelocity said...

Damn, I wish I could vote for Geert. Jim Demint isnt too bad though.

Anonymous said...

I'm not nearly as well-versed in Dutch politics as I am in Russian or Ukrainian (or even Belgian) politics. Could someone please explain why the PVV does not want any more work permits for Poles, Bulgarians, and Romanians? I would be quite curious to know.

By the way, the rest of the platform sounds great to me (and I'm not necessarily saying that the work permits thing is bad; I just don't understand it).

Gregory said...

Probably its for the same reason that many Americans don't want any more Mexicans in here. They come in, work skilled jobs for 1/3rd the pay that an American gets, and they live 10 or 15 people in just three or four rooms. They are used to poverty and they don't mind bringing the standard of living down for everybody else around them.
Thats just a guess though...what do I know?

Gregory said...

P.S...I pray on a regular schedule for Geert. But I don' know if G_D wants to help such a godless and sinful nation as Sweden. Those people threw G_D out a long time ago and the big hole that was left has been filled by allah and drugs. I have said many times, that the trouble with Europe is that the churches are empty and the mosques are full.
That has got to say something to any sane and informed person out there.

The Roman said...


Unfortunately what Gregory said about Poles is true.

Also 60 years of totalitarian occupation produced a very large amount of people with very "flexible morality". Cheating and stealing, whenever there is a chance to avoid being caught is considered a virtue by many.
I guess the origin of this attitude is in the Soviet style government, where most of people just knew, that government is saying one thing and doing the opposite, so you have to take advantage of any situation, before somebody else does it.

sdf said...

When we are talking about Romanians, we are actually talking about Gypsies. And their problems (stealing ect.) have existed lot longer than Soviet Union.

spackle said...

I hope Geert and the PVV win big. I also hope they can withstand the onslaught and cries of Nazi that will come from the rest of the globe. American Liberals included along with Glenn Beck and a good chunk of his viewers. In a lot of ways Mr. Wilders reminds me of that great Dane. Hamlet:

"To be, or not to be--that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
And by opposing end them."

As to the work visas? They are also something that no one talks about but should be cut way back here in the US as well. A small example. During the high season (the only season that counts) in Atlantic City they import hundreds of Brazilians to work in all the shops in the casinos and on the boardwalk. Couple that with all the cleaning crews and an American citizen doesnt stand a chance. No small wonder the actual city of Atlantic city is a pit. Yet almost the entire population of AC (which is mostly black) support the Liberal establishment which is cutting the jobs out from under them. Go figure.

heroyalwhyness said...

I've noticed a trend of late, when the wind shifts to negative reporting on immigration policy and lack of proper housing made available in a timely fashion to illegal immigrants, the reports frequently identify the (Romanians/travelers/gypsies?)and Poles. In the UK reports, I've read several stories of absurdly lavish housing benefits bestowed on ever expanding numbers of migrants who jump the que of British citizens with equal or greater need. It appears to be a form of politically correct reporting.
MPs fear C4 documentary on the cost of immigrants will fuel race. . ."

Huck Finn said...

Geert is a nice guy and he has already had a huge impact on political atmosphere everywhere in Europe. That's great. However, his anti-islamic policy is total non-sense. Freedom of religion is a basic human right. You can not ban Koran, Koran schools, new mosques etc unless you strip people of their positive freedom of religion. If you do so, you take it away from us Christians too. You can try, but we will not let that happen. If we have to, we will join the Muslims and fight together against any atheist Leftist ban on religion. Is that what you want Geert?

Anonymous said...

Huck, not really. I'm an atheist and I will fight for making Christianity the state religion of my country.

Gregory, smaller wages are a good thing since it leads to smaller prices and a higher living standard in the long run provided the market isn't a welfare sponge. The real problem is the gypsies who just steal and beg. I don't blame the Dutch for not giving work permits to Romanians since it's their country, but the criminals will come anyway - the only people that won't come are those who would work. And well, I don't care about moving to a country like the Netherlands anyway, so I'm not affected anyway. :P I do think my government should return the favour on Dutch people and products though - I mean, these things are supposed to be done bilaterally. Maybe Bulgary, Romania and Poland should ban Dutch people and products from entry on our territory, just saying. Oh, and I agree with Wilders about Romania not being ready for the EU - I wish he could have not allowed my country in this horrible political union. The only downside would have been the protectionist garbage that the EU is for outsiders.

sfd knows it though. Heck, the biggest benefit of the EU is getting us rid of a lot of gypsies. lol. I mean, looking at it from a selfish long-term point of view, I do hope that you won't allow the productive people to move there and in the same time make leeches like your countries since this is exactly what you're doing.

Anyway, if I could vote in the Dutch elections, Wilders would have my vote.

The Roman said...

LOL, I guess Romanian Gypsies and Polish "Lumpenproletariat" went the same way, towards "Bright Lights, Big City". I must admit that the specimens I met abroad I would probably never meet in my normal environment in Poland.

Huck Finn

What an utter nonsence! There is nothing stopping you from embracing any branch of Hinduism, Buddhism, and they are many!
You can practice Asatru, Voodoo, you can become a Jew or Jehova Witness. No problem. There is also incredible variety of Christian schools and churches, many of them much older than Islam.

Bahá’í are just fine as far as I know, and they are a development if Islam. Reformed Islam, so to speak.

Take your pick and stop whining.


You are right, somehow the criminal and parasitical 3rd world immigrants are never connected to rising unemployment, the Poles are an easy target - they are white and noisy:-)

Anonymous said...

Roman, non-white parasites are an indirect cause of unemployment due to the governmental spending on them. Polish people work so you take jobs directly, while the parasites destroy jobs indirectly due to depriving business of capital. Still, soon Poland might be a better place to live than all these Western European places. You do have sound economic policies, or at least sounder than the West(or my country who is going bankrupt in the next couple of years and I hope the EU won't bail us out since this means the idiotic politicians will keep the party going instead of making cuts).

Huck Finn said...

You got me wrong. I'm not worried about loosing Islam as a religious option. I'm afraid that if we practicing Christians support Wilder's anti-islamic policy, it will eventually turn against us. If Islam becomes even partly illegal in the Netherlands, people like Christopher Hitchens will say 'Look, religion is so dangerous it has to be banned by the Dutch law! Religions should be illegal in your country too!' MSM would love it and people would think there must be something to it. It might never lead into anything serious but it would make the atmosphere even more hostile towards us and we don't want that to happen.

Also, freedom of religion is a heavy political and legal principle. You can't bin things like that for a momentary political whim.

Finally, the problem with Wilders, and GoV for that matter, is that when you focus on Islam you loose sight of the whole which is immigration. Our problem is not the quality of immigrants, it's the quantity, the numbers, the sheer mass of them. Think about it. If there were only ten thousand Muslims in the Netherlands, Islam would not be a problem to anyone. If there were a million non-islamic Chinese in the Netherlands, that would be a problem too. So, we're not really concerned about religion or culture. We're concerned about our nations, the existence of our ethnic groups.

S said...

HF - rediculous.

Killing the weeds in your yard does not mean that you will eventually want to kill all the grass. Just because it is also green does not make it the next target.

And the quantity is the main problem, but when it comes to islam quality is a problem also, because there will always be a few that will agitate and cause problems. Maybe not the first generation but eventually. A fifth column always. Their religion requires it.

Anonymous said...

43% drop in support for Geert Wilders' anti-immigration PVV

Looks like his finger was not on the pulse after all :)