Monday, April 19, 2010

Rescuing the Vlad Tepes Videos

As most of you know, over the last year or so Vlad Tepes has become the mainstay of our video operation. Vlad does most of the capturing, editing, titling, and uploading of video used here. His contribution has been invaluable.

Recent circumstances indicate that Youtube is moving towards deleting Vlad’s channel, possibly because of accusations that he promotes “hate speech”. The situation is so ominous that Vlad has posted a “mirror me” appeal to fellow Youtubers, urging them to capture and upload his important videos to their own channels:

So what made Youtube decide to come down hard on Vlad Tepes at this particular moment?
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One possibility is the abridged version of Col. Allen West’s speech at FDI in February. That clip has recently gone viral, and is being viewed roughly 30,000 times every day.

Col. West is a threat to the powers that be, especially CAIR and its Islam-appeasing fellow travelers. He speaks the hard truth about Islam, and is immune to having the “racist” card played against him. Stopping a popular video that exposes the danger of Islam is undoubtedly a top priority for the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA.

The usual strategy is for Muslims to pass the word among themselves on forums and other websites, advising readers to complain to Youtube that certain videos are “racist” or exhibit “hate speech”. Youtube then removes those videos, and sometimes shuts down the channel.

Is that what’s happening to Vlad? It’s too early to tell.

But mirroring important videos from his channel is a good idea in any case. We can’t have too many copies of them. The more there are of us, the harder we are to silence.


Juniper in the Desert said...

could you please help; I don't know how to mirror. could you please leave instructions on how to do this!


The Observer said...

If Vlad Tepes video channel on Youtube is deleted, it’s probably due to complaints made by some of Youtube’s own users. I guess that the likelihood that some of those are Muslims is quite high. However I don’t believe Youtube is going to this step out of fear of the Muslim brotherhood. Youtube have deleted other video channels in the past which haven’t focused on Islam and islamization.

Another thing that could happen in the future, which would be really disturbing, is that Google and other internet companies decides to shut down blogs that they deem to be too extreme, offensive or according to them, spreading hate speech.

Anonymous said...

It's not any Muslim Brotherhood, you just have to start flagging stupidly and report stupidly. I know this because Christians do it to atheists like crazy and the Muslims did it to a woman I watch in which she was talking about Islam and freedom of speech(lol@trying to ban that video). Usually these flagging comes with the usual death and rape threats(I guess that men avoid the latter), mutilating your family threats and so on... This is how these people roll.

EscapeVelocity said...

Similar was done to Fitna. How about an alternative to Youtube?

Live Leak
Daily Motion

or better yet

MetaCafe, the Israeli upstart.

Possibly Memri?

How about a conservative or Christian organization stand up and provide the servers and bandwidth?

heroyalwhyness said...

Vlad, the time and effort you have invested is very much appreciated by HRW. Thank you. I've been saving many videos with Replay Media Catcher for over a year.
I often share these videos with relatives and folks who are not comfortable with technology and rely on televised evening news for information. Your videos speak volumes where my own words would fail to convey an appropriate degree of alarm. Just last week, while visiting family on the west coast, a relative that is not interested in this topic and routinely rolls eyes when I broach the topic, viewed a few seconds of your video Britain Today on my I Pod Touch. As expected, the I Touch was returned after viewing only the first few moments of video. He was thoroughly disgusted - yes, by the message of the video but even more so by the intrusion of uninvited information.
Clearly, the images were not forgotten as today, I witnessed this individual initiate a discussion about this video clip with a complete stranger who appeared to be quite interested in discussing, exploring the information further. It was a productive conversation to which I baited both men to investigate further. This conversation would not have taken place without that video, a video you made possible to share. Thank you. said...

Firstly, I would like to thank the Baron for a truly excellent post on this. It is deeply appreciated. Gates of Vienna is a site I check daily and I consider perhaps the most intelligent and important English language site on the Internet on this very important subject.

Herroyalwhoness, thank you also very much for your kind words. When one works as we all do for this cause, for the 'pay' we get, I think you know that your appreciation and kindness is the currency that fuels us to continue. I do think that we can win hearts and minds with the truth, even if it's too few and too slowly.

To download a youtube video, one can use the firefox plug-in, or add on, 'Download Helper' which is fairly easy to use, but much better is the web site where you paste in the URL of the video and select MP4 or high quality, and it downloads to your local machine. Typically even in high quality each video should be under 60 megs.

Uploading to your own youtube channels is as easy. Please feel free to contact me, or leave a comment/question for me here as well.

Thank you all again. I am moved by the support I see from so many really wonderful people. Thank you.

Eeyore for VTB

costin said...

I've been waiting for this moment. This channel is extremely important, isn't there a way to let youtube know that? I mean Vlad doensn't have Jackass videos with subtitles but. Really, those people don't realise this?! Maybe write an open letter to youtube... I had my channel in which I've put hundreds of hours of work deleted, and I was pissed of for a few weeks or longer, but there are channels and there are channles.

Nilk said...

Mahomet Tube is an alternative to youtube and already has plenty of educational videos, so Vlad's work will definitely be supported there. :)

It is a protected site, so you do need to register to view the vids.

costin said...

Vlad, I uploaded some of your videos on my account:

I know anyway that it will eventually be deleted (it wont be my first), but what the heck! :)

Cobra said...

We are entering a dark age. The PTB are trying to squelch freedom and freedom of speech.
We have a duty to resist.
I am also very proud that my co nationals, Vlad and Costin are helping in this fight.
We know first hand how precious freedom is and how easy is to lose it and how bloody can be to get it back.

costin said...

Cobra, Vlad is American :)

Baron Bodissey said...

You're both wrong -- Vlad is a Canadian.

Canadians don't like being mistaken for Americans. It's like mistaking a Serb for a Croat, or a Dane for a Swede.

costin said...

Sorry Vlad :)
Thanks Baron

Rocha said...

I could swear i heard i little bit of southern there...

It appears my hunch missed the point for hundreds of miles.

EscapeVelocity said...

Cowardly Americans sew Canadian Maple Leafs on there backpacks, when travelling.

For myself, I got in a fist fight on a bus with a Muslim in South Africa. Good ole American whoop ass, up close and personal.

Note to Muslims, I am a motherf@cker.

The Observer said...

I think all the ehh’s.. and aboouut’s is a clear proof that Vlad is a Canadian. :-)

Lan Astaslem said...

I've downloaded the Allen west speech and uploaded to my channel.

Vlad, hope you don't mind that I've basically just copied your description and tags.

Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

I got in a little late, but I'm on it.

Expect to see your video on towerclimber37's channel on youtube!

oh..and thanks for the mirror instructions!

Toujours Pret! 1st squadron, 2nd ACR

1389 said...

I finally figured out how to host a QuickTime video and have it play directly from my own server space (not associated with YouTube or anybody else who censors anything).

See: Pro Koln Video: View or Download Here