Friday, April 30, 2010

Islam Rising

“There is no ‘moderate’ Islam… The Al-Hijrah may be the end of Western Civilization.”

                        — Geert Wilders

Islam Rising banner

A few weeks ago a woman emailed me and explained that she had woken up to the danger of the Great Jihad, but others hadn’t. She said:

Now I’m aware of the threat, I’m trying to “wake up” friends and family, but it’s proving extremely difficult. Everyone is so completely paralyzed by political correctness and trained not to look beyond the mainstream media headlines that they’ve lost all desire to know — it’s almost as if they’re too frightened of the truth.

People I’ve spoken to seem to have the usual “defense mechanisms” in place: Islam is “just another religion” and therefore must be peaceful; Islam has been hijacked and given a bad name by a handful of extremists, etc., etc.

Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about the practicalities of this to be able to explain it to people, so I was wondering if you had any suggestions?

I wrote her back, and we exchanged emails discussing various aspects of the Counterjihad struggle, and how we might break through the barriers to people who have no idea of the danger they face.

As of tonight I can recommend an excellent introductory tool for raising awareness of the threat of Islamization. It’s a fifty-minute film entitled Islam Rising: Geert Wilders’ Warning to the West, and was produced by PRB Films and the Christian Action Network. The film opens tomorrow in Washington D.C.

I’ve known Martin Mawyer, the president of CAN, for about four years. You’ll never find a more dedicated Counterjihad activist than Marty.

His organization is based in Lynchburg, Virginia, not far from two of the compounds of the terror group Jamaat al-Fuqra (check our sidebar for all the Jamaat ul-Fuqra links). Marty and his associate Jason Campbell personally investigated, visited, and overflew a number of Jamaat ul-Fuqra camps up and down the Eastern Seaboard. They even discovered one that had been previously unknown to the FBI, as chronicled in their earlier movie, Homegrown Jihad.

Islam Rising: Geert WildersThese guys have real guts.

Marty was kind enough to send me an advance DVD of Islam Rising. The movie centers on Geert Wilders, and includes the entirety of Fitna, the video that caused Mr. Wilders to be prosecuted for “hate speech” in the Netherlands. A major portion of Mr. Wilders’ speech from last year in Boca Raton is featured, accompanied by various video clips and still photos of the worldwide Jihad.

As the billboard for Islam Rising says: “You have been warned.”

Below the jump is the official trailer for the movie:
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Tomorrow, May 1, the movie premieres on Capitol Hill as part of “May Day 2010: A Cry to God for a Nation in Distress.” According to the official invitation:

The high-profile event brings Christians from all walks of life together to pray for God’s blessing upon the United States.

The “May Day 2010” is expected to draw in 15,000 Christians of all denominations to Washington, D.C. on Saturday, May 1, 2010. The morning begins in front of the Lincoln Memorial for a day of prayer, speakers, and worship music.

If you’re interested in the movie, you can order it at CAN or on the Islam Rising Website. I recommend it as an “Introduction to Jihad” course for any friends and family who don’t yet get it.

Once they’ve seen it, they can’t say they haven’t been warned.


Anonymous said...

In the preview, @1:38 Geert Wilders states:

"We will never give in!
We will never give up!
We will never surrender!"

To which I would add:


Papa Whiskey said...

Verloren ist nur, wer sich selbst aufgibt.*

-- Hans-Ulrich Rudel

* Only he is lost, who himself doth yield.

Zenster said...

“There is no ‘moderate’ Islam… The Al-Hijrah may be the end of Western Civilization.” — Geert Wilders

If non-Islamic cultures are to have any hope of surviving jihad's onslaught, one necessary byproduct will be the end of Western civilization's current format that willingly tolerates nihilist institutions like Islam or Socialism and its Multicultural Political Correctness.

So, in this particular context, Islam's al-Hijrah may well mean the end of Western civilization as we now know it. From all indications, our present strategy for defeating Islam will certainly require a temporary suspension of the West's usual humanitarian instincts, much like what was necessary during World War II.

There is simply no humane way of defeating a violently barbarous entity like Islam. Imbued with Hollywood fantasy idealizations of war and conflict, Liberals continue to imagine that Western troops can somehow shoot the gun out of our enemy's hand. War involves no such sort of fastidious countermeasures. It is a matter of killing an enemy − or demolishing their infrastructure − until such destruction, perforce, obliges them to relinquish all further hostilities. As General George Patton so succiently noted:

"Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

Currently, we are at a significant crossroads. The bulk of our truly potent Islamic enemies crouch within its uppermost echelons. A directed assault concentrated solely upon those higher ranks could yield a fairly swift abandonment of global jihad as it is now being fought.

International terrorism would likely wither on the vine were it abruptly deprived of the indoctrination, funding and spiritual absolution that work in concert to motivate jihad's cannon fodder. The current Western strategy of interdiction and diplomatic negotiation promise no sort of thing as such methods are reactive in addition to being regarded as weakness by our Islamic enemies.

If this conflict is permitted to drag on for a sufficient amount of time, it will predictably begin to polarize the world's Muslim community just as Islamic doctrine is designed to do. To date, there probably remain many Muslims who genuinely abhor the mindless violence of terrorism.

Given enough of the time provided by a protracted traditional military-style conflict, Islam's highly effective propaganda machine will succeed in swaying the vast majority of Muslims into believeing that its asymmetric strategy of terrorism is an acceptable tool of warfare.

Only by decapitating modern Islam's jihadist leadership can the West have any hope of short-circuiting this eventual Muslim unity. The window of opportunity is closing rapidly, even as most Western leadership remains willfully blind over the importance of eviscerating this small political, clerical and financial syndicate that drives so much of Islamic jihad.

Even now, it is highly unlikely that the West will emerge unscathed from a successful roll-back of Islam. It is a historical imperative that Islam must always be paid in its own bloody coin. Either we go after the executives and "bankers" of that wretched currency or we pull down the entire edifice with everyone inside. Time is most clearly not on our side and Islam's catastrophic demolition lurks at the tunnel's end of our current strategic shortsightedness.

Zenster said...

Jazzak Allah. I love Islam.


From Wikipedia: Commonly the term Naat-Shareef (Exalted Poetry) is reserved and used for the poetry in the praise of Muhammad written in Urdu, Persian, and Arabic.

I suggest that you do not waste your time.

Morgan said...

Just saw it today at an Act! for America meeting. It's worth donating $20 to the Christian Action Network to get a copy.

Profitsbeard said...

Baron B.-

Your emailer needs to ask her family and friends one question:

"Have you read The Koran?".

When they answer "No." (of course) she can then add:

"Then you have no idea what is really going on, do you?"

This would shame a normal person into reading the damned "Recitation" (al-qur'an) and educating themselves on the reality of Islam.

But, since that is extremely unlikely (since the 'Muslim Bible' is a lousy, boring, depressing, disorganized and fundamentally diseased read, unlike the Old and New Tesaments, which are rich in witty proverbs, profound parables and still-startling wisdom, written in some of the most brilliant and memorable language ever composed), the emailer can suggest that they ask themselves if they agree with a few basic tenets of Islam:

1) Do you think that if someone leaves their religion they should be killed?


2) Do you think that gays should be killed?


3) Do you think that fundamentalist religious leaders should decide every aspect of your life, from sexual habits to bathroom cleansing, and be the ruler of your country, upon pain of death?


That should be enough of a taste of the intolerant, tyrannical, totalitarian lunacy of this death cult for most novices.

If they still want to believe the popular Big Lie about Islam's "peacefulness", they are at least then recognizable as hopeless idiots, and you can move on to more promising minds.

Anonymous said...

My only advice is that she shouldn't get too stressed about it since most people just believe whatever is popular or makes them comfortable or gives them an excuse to not do anything about anything. So, most people won't be willing to listen to her. Then, she shouldn't make the Islam thing a central part of her activities since it will be depressing and counterproductive for her.

I was thinking about making a ten essay series with the current problem and how we got here and how to deconstruct it, but I realized that the amount of time needed to do this is actually quite huge and I don't think that only a person can do it.