Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Integrate This!

Cultural Enrichment News

There are multiple layers of irony to this deadly enricher-vs.-enricher incident.

It carries the intra-Muslim feuding of the Middle East to a school in the Netherlands. It took place in a center where the immigrants are supposed to learn how to “integrate”. And the participants are both asylum-seekers who came to the Netherlands to find a safe haven from the endemic violence in their homelands.

According to Dutch News:

Netherlands: Man Stabbed to Death During Integration Class

A 46-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker was stabbed to death by a fellow student at during an integration class at a school in Goor, in Twente, on Monday morning.

According to eye witnesses, a 23-year-old Somali man attacked the Iraqi with a knife, after shouting ‘you killed my family’ at him, the Telegraaf reported.

The incident took place at an ROC school where many adults attend courses.

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Hat tip: C. Cantoni.

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linbetwin said...

Well, the Somali "integrated" the knife into the Iraqi.

But look at this incident. It makes my blood boil.