Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rioting in Malmö

Rosengård: Fires and Police

Our Swedish correspondent Freedom Fighter sends a translation from Svenska Dagbladet about renewed violence in the culturally-enriched Rosengård neighborhood of Malmö

Freedom Fighter includes this introduction:

Rosengård, an area dominated by Muslim immigrants, has been in the news of late with the forced closing of children’s nurseries after violent attacks by youths. Violence and riots broke out again last night.

And the translated article:

Malmö: Fires and stone-throwing in Rosengård

April 29 2010

Some 20 police units were dispatched to the Rosengård district of Malmö to try to calm things down, after unrest broke out there on Wednesday evening.

A large number of young people gathered at Ramels road. Among other things, they set fire to a car, storage containers, a kiosk and a dressing room behind Rosengård’s school.
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The fire department and rescue units needed police escorts to fight the fires in various parts of the district, since firefighters were exposed to stone-throwing.

The police believed that they had the situation under control later in the night, as the situation had calmed down and police could withdraw most of the 20 squads which had been dispatched.

During the night the police sent out an alert about rioting.


Endurion said...

"Young people". Too afraid to even name their enemies.

What cowards.

DH said...

I recently traveled in Africa with a young Swedish man from Malmö. Trying to connect with him, I mentioned the (very little) I know about Swedish culture and Swedish life, and mentioned that my maternal grandmother is of Swedish extraction. Somewhat desperate to think of something else, I mentioned, "You have a large Muslim immigrant community there, right?"

He seemed astonished to the point of alarm. "How did you know this???"

I said I had read articles online about the violence there, the intransigence, and the exodus of Jews from that area. He seemed so relieved that someone outside of his town had heard of this. Like a man suffering from hauntings, who is told over and over that the hauntings are a mere figment of his imagination. When another person, a person from 10,000 miles away, says "Oh yes, we see the hauntings too. They are real. They are not your imagination," then the haunted man feels relief.

Of course, none of this does anything to actually END the hauntings.

laine said...

Fascinating observation, Master Dogen.

Perhaps North American conservatives should consider dropping leaflets over Sweden as though to a captive people saying (in Swedish): "It's not in your imagination. Your government and media ARE betraying you. Muslim immigration IS creating more problems than it is solving..."

Anonymous said...

I'm glad we don't have these people in my country... But again, here they would get beaten up like sacks of potatoes for burning cars and so on. Heck, they do this to the people who ruin football games by throwing seats and so on around(this is why I live in a city with the top teams in my country and I attended just two games in my whole life). I really don't get why don't the authorities there send the riot troops in combat gear to quiet them if they burn things down. Here at each football game they're around the stadium to prevent people from causing havoc. If I was the mayor, I'd commission the Malmo jandarmery and start cracking down on these people when things like this happen. It's sad though that in my country they have to send the hidden identity ones sometimes though because our minorities are quite good at retribution.

Don't you people have some units like these?