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Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/14/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/14/2010These are hard times for publicly-avowed Christians in the United States. An atheist professor at the University of North Carolina was on the fast track to tenure and a good career until he converted to Christianity. Since then he claims he has been subjected to frivolous investigation, and has been denied tenure due to his newfound beliefs.

A monograph by a U.S. Army major who is a degree candidate at the School of Advanced Military Studies examines the danger to national security posed millenarian Christian groups. One can only assume that the author did not use the word “jihad” anywhere in his thesis, because that is a no-no.

In other news, a major earthquake in northwest China killed hundreds of people. Meanwhile, the Greek financial crisis continues, with the Greek government promising a tax reform that will introduce an overdue fiscal austerity.

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Zenster said...

Indonesia: Terrorist Involved in the Beheading of Three Christian Female Students Killed in Aceh

Police spokesman Inspector General Edward Aritonang said that one of the arrested, Bayu Sena, had planned the attack against the private residence of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. [emphasis added]

This likely explains why any action was taken at all. Beheading some Christian schoolgirls can take almost five years to solve but an attack on the president's mansion suddenly pushes this investigation onto the front burner.

One is obliged to speculate whether the beheadings would ever have seen any justice had this terrorist cell not gone after Indonesia's president. Also killed was suspected Bali atrocity plotter Noordin Top.

It only took some EIGHT YEARS to track him down.