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Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/26/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/26/2010The Australian government is concerned that some of its tax law may not be sharia-compliant, so it has tasked the Board of Taxation with reviewing existing law to see what needs to be changed. Australia is concerned that it may be missing out on a big chunk of business by failing to consider the sensibilities of Muslim customers.

In other news, the latest evidence indicates that the dangerous ash cloud over Britain caused by the Icelandic volcano never really existed. The predictions about the cloud were based on computer models, which couldn’t be tested because the Met Office plane that would have gathered real data was grounded for repainting. Satellite images now indicate that there was never any significant ash cloud.

Meanwhile, Western defense analysts are concerned about cruise missiles being sold by a Russian company which can be launched from a shipping container. The missiles would be undetectable until they are fired. Iran and Venezuela are reported to be potential customers for the system.

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Zenster said...

Meanwhile, Western defense analysts are concerned about cruise missiles being sold by a Russian company which can be launched from a shipping container.

Once again, our precious Russian "friends" find a new way to further enable Islamic terrorists. Perish the thought that they might do anything to lessen their status as a net exporter of terrorism.

Also, not one single person has yet been able to provide an answer to my simple question:

What is the upside to having Russia meddle in global affairs?


If there is no "interest"in sharia finance,how can the Australian government be missing out on a banking opportunity?Which ever way you look at it,ususury is the lifeblood of banking,does prince saud make no profit from his trillions sitting in the bank?This is a muslim ruse to undermine our financial system,you know that system where the ordinary citizen is shorn every twenty to thirty years of his hard earned wealth,but it is still preferable to sitting on your arse in the dirt.

Jedilson Bonfim said...

White Woman Raped by Black Men in Haiti, Blames White Patriarchy

This sure reminds me of how Dutch journalist Joanie de Rijke was raped several times by a Taliban commander while in captivity, but saw nothing wrong with its (not his) actions.

Another such story that I know of concerns one of those two Norwegian neo-Joseph-Mengele, fakestinian-loving witch doctors, Eric Fosse, and his stabbing by his beloved fakestinians in the Arab-occupied Gaza Strip. As reported by the Aftenposten:

- FOSSE: I take it as a sign of how desperate people are. They have cause to be dissatisfied with the west, he says.
– Q: Why do you think precisely you were attacked?
– FOSSE: Because I was the only blond western present. I understand that people are frustrated with the west. It is an expression of desperation. But of course one cannot stab people for this reason. The man who attacked me was a disturbed person, says Fosse.

heroyalwhyness said...

re: ". . .ash cloud over Britain caused by the Icelandic volcano never really existed."

Never? Really?

Ash has damaged a NATO F-16 engine

RAF Typhoon jet training flights stationed at RAF Coningsby, in Lincolnshire, were grounded last Thursday after the discovery of volcanic ash in their engines.

Perhaps this characterization has more to do with the economic fallout for the airline industry:

$1B turned to Ash: Aviation loses big on Iceland volcano cloud 34 second video report from RT (RussiaToday)

Why it took six days to reopen the skies after the volcano erupted via 23Apr2010

The following video documentary validates the degree of concern:

MAYDAY aired a documentary film about an incident on British Airways Flight 009 from Jakarta,Indonesia to Perth, Australia which took place June 24, 1982.

After the start of a calm flight all four engines of this 747 commercial jet suddenly stop working. Unknown to the flight crew, volcanic ash from Mt. Galunggung, 160km SE of Jakarta, erupted earlier that day and local wind patterns carried the ash cloud directly into the path of flight BA-009. After a thirty minute long, terrifying powerless descent, this 747 glides to an altitude at which the desperate pilots finally manage to successfully restart the engines and safely land in Indonesia.

In this documentary, passengers describe the terror of surviving "Falling from the Sky".

Forensic evidence revealed the engines were choked with fine dust, pieces of rock and sand. . .volcanic ash. The ash cloud sandblasted this 747's skin exposing bare metal. The plane's windshield was etched so badly, the pilots couldn't see through it.

View the 50 minute documentary:

Flight BA-009, Falling from the Sky (one link auto-loads in sequence entire documentary)

heroyalwhyness said...

adding to the above links in my earlier comment:

EU Moves to Help Aviation Heal $3.3 Billion Losses

X said...

Good readon on EU Referendum.

Didn't exist vs virtually undetectable. All those problems you've cited were found right at the start of the "crisis", but the cloud was virtually absent for most of Europe and the UK for most of the period of the shutdown. The fact that there was no means to actually measure the composition of this cloud until the day before the flight ban was lifted should speak volumes in itself.

The issue is density and composition. Flight 9 flew through a very dense cloud of ash, which is why it suffered all those problems.

The cloud over Europe was only apparently a minor danger on the first day. After that? Well we can't know. The ban was based on models, but the models weren't fed any "live" data about composition and density so they became increasingly divorced from reality.