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Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/18/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/18/2010A man in Chicago named James Larry killed six members of his family in his home, and critically injured two others. Among the dead were his wife and two unborn children.

Mr. Larry had spent a stretch in prison, and while he was there — you guessed it! — he converted to Islam. When he got out, he was unhappy that his wife and other family members refused to wear the hijab and otherwise conform to the tenets of his new-found faith. So he decided to follow the commands of the Prophet, and attempted to killed them all. Mr. Larry is now in police custody.

In other news, a demographic consulting company in Australia predicts that within fifteen years, “persons of Australian background” will have become a minority in their own country. This is perfectly fine with the company and with the government agencies that hire it, but ordinary Australians overwhelmingly oppose what is being done to them.

Sound familiar? To make the issue even more ominous, the demographic consulting company is called “Macroplan Australia”.

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Anonymous said...

Re : Tahar Ben Jelloun's op-ed piece in Le Monde.

This author is the über-moderate, reasonable, integrated, peaceful, civilised French Muslim. A respected novelist, he is a member of the intellectual elite. His is a household name among the chattering classes. He has open access to the media. He was awarded the medal of Grand officier de la Légion d'Honneur.

And though, when you read him, you realise he is but a moderate jihadist.

Nothing, ever, is a Muslim's fault. Muslims do not bear any responsibility over their fate.

French Muslim older fathers, he writes, look sadly at their sons being killed after engaging in criminal activity. Whose fault is it ? Why, not their sons', of course, for choosing the path of crime. Not their own, for not being able to raise their sons properly.

It's all the French's fault. Obviously.

Any population, writes Tahar Ben Jelloun, would behave in this way if housed in the same city projects.

That's a lie.

When those very same city projects were built in the 1960's and 1970's, they were populated by working-class Frenchmen and European immigrants : Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese. All of them marvelled at their surroundings : spacious and sunny appartments, equipped with elevators and all modern conveniences. At that time, it was considered a privilege to live there. Everybody forgot about that.

Muslim immigrants were still a minority, and relations between communities were friendly.

Everything changed when Muslims' numbers swelled. Their sons broke the elevators, shat in them (really), threw garbage bags out of the windows (really), generally vandalised their own surroundings, and terrorised the vicinity. No wonder nobody wants to live there any more.

Tahar Ben Jelloun writes that Muslim youths have refrained from killing anyone during their periodic fits of rage, warning us that it might happen, if the French do not bow to their Muslim masters.

That's a lie.

Plenty of Frenchmen have already been killed in vicious, ethnically-motivated assaults by Muslims. Tens, maybe hundreds or thousands of them. Only, these crimes are never reported as racial killings. Tahar Ben Jelloun cannot ignore that.

Nine percent of policemen, who work in urban areas, get hurt every year while doing their duty. Only one percent of gendarmes, the military police, are in this case. Gendarmes are allocated to rural areas. Muslim immigrants are concentrated in cities.

Tahar Ben Jelloun, the gentle poet and novelist, was speaking on French public radio a while ago. He praised the popular, naIve Muslim faith of his mother. He spoke admiringly of the Moroccan belief in "marabouts", or local saints (which is not exactly orthodox from a Muslim point of view, but never mind).

Nothing wrong with that.

Except that he, the Muslim who raised to celebrity thanks to his recognition by French society, felt, at this point, the need to denigrate Christianity. And the French.

We Muslims, he said, have a lot of those local saints, and the people revere them (implying that this was a good thing). Whereas, he said, there is no such tradition in France (implying that French mores are, once again, at fault).

A blatant lie, again. Worship of saints is, on the contrary, a distinctive feature of Christianity. There are hundreds of local saints in France, and they have been revered for centuries. You only have to step into a church, any church older than the XXth century, to realise this. And contrary to Islam which frowns on this unorthodox local custom, Catholicism strongly supports it.

But, to Tahar Ben Jelloun, it was not enough to speak with fondness, nostalgia, love and respect of his childhood, and of his family's traditions (which is certainly all right). He had to demean and offend the traditions of his host country, of Christianity, of non-Muslims.

There, I'm sorry to say, you have Islam in a nutshell : an ideology which breeds lying, contempt for the rest of the world, and supremacist attitudes.