Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Power Belongs to Allah!

Turkish demonstration

A few days ago I posted a video about the growing influence of the Turkish radical Islamic group Millî Görüş in Germany. Yesterday Dymphna wrote a report about the Turkish radical Fethullah Gülen, whose paramilitary group has its headquarters in the USA.

Today we return to the Islamization of Germany via its Turkish fifth column. Many thanks to Kitman for finding and translating an open letter from a Muslim in Germany warning about the Muslim Brotherhood’s well-planned and patient infiltration of German society. The letter originally appeared on a website in 1999, and was recently reposted as a comment on an article in the newspaper Rheinische Post. Politically Incorrect News ran across it and posted it here.

Kitman includes this note:

The letter was presumably written by a Muslim insider, but some people have doubts due to the good German in which is was written. I tend to believe that the corrections were made by a German editor of the Christian magazine Christliche Mitte.

And his translation of the letter:

Open letter from a Muslim

I am a Muslim and I know what I am talking about!

I was the chairman of two Islamic societies, both now dissolved. Due to my knowledge of Muslim politics and languages I was able to gain access to the parts of Islamic society which are sealed off to Europeans.

I have been a keen observer of the Islamic movement in Germany since 1968, back when no Muslim thought about building mosques or having dual citizenship.

CM rightly states that we are now facing an unprecedented number of mosques and construction plans for future mosques. This, evidently, is not a coincidence.

The stealth occupation of German and European cities by the Muslim Brotherhood and the World Islamic Congress is taking shape steadily and in spite of all rivalries. This is the main objective of every Muslim organisation in Germany. Make no mistake about this.

The already-existing mosques and centers of Islamic societies in Germany reach well beyond the purpose of religious practice and education. They are secretly dedicated to the training of a large number of Turk military reservists within the already-established secret army of Islam.

Young Turks from fundamentalist families who have fulfilled their military service are brought into Germany by the IGMG (The Islamic Society of Millî Görüş).
- - - - - - - - -
Members of IGMG with German-born daughters possessing permanent residence permits are encouraged to “marry off” their daughters to males selected by the IGMG. Through this “marriage” the male Turk is granted a permanent residence permit as well. This is how a secret army is built.

Germany was chosen as the center for these initiatives because it has the greatest percentage of Turkish residents, but also because everything that even smells like immigrant hostility is banned and ostracised, and every warning, however justified, is repudiated as hatred towards foreigners, providing ideal cover for the activities of Muslim fundamentalists.

I am well aware of the mindset of all Islamic groups within Germany. We were a small group of German Muslims who fell prey to the erroneous belief that we could somehow eliminate a considerable number of the Christian-haters from the circle of fanatic believers, but this is not possible. Even the most ordinary Muslim feels superior to all Christian Europeans. Do not expect this to change into any loving sentiments. You would be fooling yourself. It is simply not going to happen.

Lately there has been a lot of talk about the issue of dual citizenship for Turkish immigrants. The Islamic fundamentalists have demanded this dual citizenship for years, although not publicly. This was done by the Germans themselves in ignorance of the dangers related to the issue.

With the gratification of this demand the Islamists have successfully completed an important step towards the realisation of their plans for a European takeover, because if a large number of the above-mentioned Turks were ever to exceed the limits of German tolerance, they would always have the option of invoking their Turkish citizenship to avoid unpleasant consequences.

What is impossible even in Turkey is happening in Germany, aided by government institutions: the construction of a secret army of Islamic fundamentalists by the Muslim Brotherhood. And behind them stands the IKHWAN al MUSLIMIN with a headquarters in Pakistan and the RABITA al ISLAMI operating from Mecca. Both of these organisations are funded by rich oil-states.

The recent hysteria concerning “hatred of foreigners” caused by the awful killing of defenceless women and children of Turkish origin plays right into the hands of Islamists and enables them to pursue and expand their covert activities uninterrupted. Every objection to their undertakings is effectively silenced by accusations of immigrant hostility and incitement of hatred.

Add to this the fact that many Christians are actively promoting the rise of Islam in the false belief that this might spare them as targets of persecution if the aspirations of fundamentalist Islam someday proved victorious.

But everybody should know that there is no dialogue with Islamists; there is only subservience to the fundamentalists. These people know no gratitude or appreciation with regard to services rendered. They only know the ruthless pursuit of power.

In recent times the personal relationships between Germans and Turks have become noticeably cold and distant. Internal communications within the IGMG of Cologne recommend segregating ourselves from Christians. Not only that, but assaults on Turks are even welcomed in order to provoke the well-meaning German authorities into fighting “hostility towards immigrants,” in effect making it possible to condemn any defensive efforts as incitement of hatred.

A few statements by IGMG reveal their agenda: “Down with all political systems except Islamic rule! The Power belongs to Allah, his messenger, and the believers. We will crush the skull of anyone who opposes Sharia.”

Even more explicitly, “The European is an atheist idolater, an extortionist, a capitalist, socialist, Zionist, communist, imperialist. He is constantly drunk and horny, adulterous and materialistic. He has sold himself to the devil. They are all agents and spies. They might appear to be doctors, nurses, wise teachers, or trade unionists, but they are all enemies of Islam.”

These are statements of the IGMG against the German society hosting them! Some people might accuse me of overdramatising the situation, but I have been following these developments with ever-growing horror for years as an insider.

I feel inclined to warn against a development within German society which, if not stopped in due time, could become an all-encompassing disaster for all Europeans. And by this coming disaster I mean the subjugation of the Europeans under the dictates of Islamic fanaticism.

The expansion of fundamentalist Islam is promoted by the Germans themselves. Just think about all of the building permits granted for the construction of mosques. Almost every week a new mosque is opened.

Consider the support for Christian-Islamic dialogue through churches and clerical publications.

Let me tell you, as a knowledgeable Muslim who was able to move around in Islamic circles closed to all Christians: there is no Christian-Islamic dialogue!

From an Islamic point of view there can be no dialogue founded on mutual understanding. There is only submission. And according to authoritative Islamic teachings, all non-Muslims must submit to Islam.

What most people fail to recognise with regard to all the buzz surrounding Christian-Islamic dialogue is the inherent objective, namely, the weakening of Christianity. Do not believe any ruling politician who claims to be unaware of this.

These politicians elected by well-meaning Christians betray their own electorate. They allow the oppression of their own religion in their own country. And this is done in spite of clear biblical warnings: “Receive a stranger into thine house, and he will disturb thee, and turn thee out of thine own.” [Ecclesiasticus 11:34, King James Bible]

How shameful having to be told this by a Muslim. But I am a German Muslim, and I have to stand up against the deceptions and fairytales imposed upon otherwise clear-minded German citizens.

The Germans harbour no hostility towards foreigners. This false meme is propagated in order to silence criticism and hide the subversive activities of Muslim fanatics against Germany.

The politicians will not receive any gratitude for their multicultural sympathies. All they achieve is the advancement of powers hostile towards Christians and Germans, thus encouraging even more outrageous insults directed against German citizens.

The German politicians should be made aware of the fact that foreign Muslims are laughing scornfully at the “stupid German man.”

All who suffer from the delusion that embracing a multicultural society will somehow spare them the future consequences need to reconsider that stance. They are going to experience the same subjugation and oppression as every other non-Muslims, because fanatical Muslims are egoistical and recognize nobody as their equal.


mriggs said...
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Juniper in the Desert said...

Mriggs, you are right!

However, governments will be only too happy to throw their people under the bus in order to retain their wealth. This will not stop them ultimately being killed, but they dont think of that.The govs will do nothing to save their people.

If any one fights it will be the people; that is why we need our armed forces back from Afpak. We need them with us to fight the cancer within.

Yorkshireminer said...

Most of us here have realised this it just confirms our fears. Unfortunately our leaders and the electorate have not realised this. The European electorate are certainly getting the message the rise of the nationalists in more and more European countries is a clear indication that more and more people getting the message. They might not understand what is going on from an intellectual point of view but certainly from an emotional point of view. At some point in the future the islamist will have to reveal there true purpose. When that happens our politicians will have to lead or go. The horrible thing is that to combat this sort of fascism you have to resort to fascism. The Hungarian elections do not bode well for Europe.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

Amend as appropriate,

The Scottish politicians should be made aware of the fact that foreign Muslims are laughing scornfully at the “stupid Scottish man.”

Anonymous said...

Yorkshireminer, I don't see the Hungarians ideas about Romas that bad. I wish my country would do the same with these lazy thieves. We gave them aid for 20 years and it didn't work, it's time we try something else. It's not really fascistic.

Also, I don't get how a Muslim can be German. I mean, his ethnic German parents converted or something? What this guy misses is that I don't care what will happen to Europeans in the future, if they are Europeans in name only.

Yorkshireminer said...

Dear Juniper in the Desert,
the alienation of the people from the government is what causes revolution, Marie Antoinette is a classical example of a ruling class that had lost the thread. When confronted with the vox populi asking for bread and being told to eat cake when no cake is available is a recipe for disaster. unfortunately our elite have imbibed too much from the the spring of multiculturalism and think that attending a course called Caribbean awareness week means that they are experts in history. They are in for a rude awakening. When world oil production peaks, expect a reality enema. They will certainly go the way of the Dodo.

Cyrus said...

As far as the Gypsies are concerned, if they don't like where they are they can move. They are nomads after all. I know neighbouring countries don't want them either, but really, if Hungary is that bad they would have left long ago.

With respect to Germany though they still have mandatory volunteer year meaning many people have military training. What I'm not clear on is the degree of gun ownership in Germany or other countries with such training (except Switzerland, I know they have high ownership). Can anyone clarify?

rgraham4444 said...

mriggs: dont shoot anybody. the provocation is coming. IRAN

Yorkshireminer said...

Dear rebelliousvanilla
I understand exactly where you are coming from. The Roma have certainly not added too the luster of of any society they have moved into. Unfortunately the fascist solution of genocide and ethnic cleansing does not appeal to me. Bugger off or die does not resonate. Bugger off or assimilate, now that does resonate and is what most nationalistic parties in Europe are proposing.

Deep Regards

Yorkshire Miner

Anonymous said...

YorkshireMiner, the Hungarian right wing party didn't talk about killing them off. I wouldn't support that, obviously. They just talked about cutting their benefits unless they do community service in exchange and stuff like that. At least from what I know. And I wouldn't want them to assimilate, I'd just want them to be functional parts of society.

costin said...

"I don't get how a Muslim can be German. I mean, his ethnic German parents converted or something? "
he is a Muslim with a little commons sense, that's all.

This letter is really scarry, though. Only if it were fake.. :)

History Snark said...

Just a couple thoughts on the Roma. I have no direct experience with them, but I would point out that, back in the 80s a study found that the treatment they were receiving in most of central and eastern Europe fell under the heading of "genocide"- not in the ethnic cleansing sense, but in the sense of being victimized solely on the basis of race.

Also, they suffered the highest loss of any ethnic group under the Nazis, from a standpoint of percentage of overall population killed.

There has to be a better solution for dealing with them than we're seeing, and I'm troubled that even open-minded and liberal people seem to agree that expelling them, destroying their dwellings and so on is a valid approach.

Anonymous said...

You're demeaning the significance of the word genocide, using it like that.

It is not the responsibility of the people in whose countries they live to take care of them. If they don't like how they are treated, they have it in their power to change their behavior and not invite more of the same treatment. They get treated badly because they earn it, persistently and repeatedly.

History Snark said...

Actually Rollory, I'm not. I'm using the definition of "genocide" as given by the ICC: "Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part."

Forcing the Roma to live in certain areas, destroying their residences, harassing them, etc would seem, IMHO to fall under that definition. Should they integrate? Perhaps. But given that in western Europe and America we fall all over ourselves defending "multiculturalism", it seems odd to me that so many people here-including our esteemed hostess- advocate such a hard line against the Roma.

Maybe I would view it differently if it was an actual issue where I live. I don't know. but if it was wrong to lock the Jews into ghettos where they could be monitored and easily arrested, then why is it okay 60 years later to do it to the Roma?

Félicie said...

I grew up in a city that had a lot of Gypsies (in the Ukraine). Believe me, you don't want to have Gypsies as your neighbors. They subsist by crime. And this is different from black criminality, which is a social phenomenon that exists on an individual level. As serious as black crime is, it is nowhere as serious as gypsy crime. Here we are dealing with crime as a collective way of life for each gypsy family or tribe. Different tribes specialize in different criminal activities. They used to write about this in the Russian press before it became politically incorrect to do so.

Gypsies have lived in Europe for a long time. I don't think they should be expelled. However, some kind of separation arrangements might be prudent.

Here are some pictures of Gypsy interiors:


Zenster said...

Even the most ordinary Muslim feels superior to all Christian Europeans. Do not expect this to change into any loving sentiments. You would be fooling yourself. It is simply not going to happen.

... many Christians are actively promoting the rise of Islam in the false belief that this might spare them as targets of persecution if the aspirations of fundamentalist Islam someday proved victorious.

It is difficult to determine which is the more dangerous type of wishful thinking in the above two examples: Pinning one's hopes upon a future Islamic reformation which has no historical precedent to support it or assuming that Muslims will show even a speck of forebearance towards those who have abased themselves to Islam.

Neither has ever occurred before and either event presages a very negative end result for those so jejune as to think there is even the slightest chance of any such thing happening at all.

For one thing, Islam already has reformed itself.

It has become more violent, more intolerant, more misogynistic, more puritanical, more apocalyptic and even more obsessed with world domination.

For another, Islam continues to demonstrate a total disregard for any who appease it, save by heaping scorn upon those so spineless and effete as to pose no resistance. Neither outcome is very promising.

They might appear to be doctors, nurses, wise teachers, or trade unionists, but they are all enemies of Islam.

Which goes a long way towards explaining Islam's current state of total non-industrialization and overall backwardness.

Let me tell you, as a knowledgeable Muslim who was able to move around in Islamic circles closed to all Christians: there is no Christian-Islamic dialogue!

Wrong! There is plenty of "Christian-Islamic dialogue", witness all the groveling by European Christians like Rowan Williams. What remains entirely absent is any meaningful Islamic-Christian dialogue. All such Muslim "outreach" is entirely cosmetic and mere window dressing intended to obscure any nakedness on the part of global jihad, of which there is plenty in need of disguise.

The Germans harbour no hostility towards foreigners. This false meme is propagated in order to silence criticism and hide the subversive activities of Muslim fanatics against Germany.

If anything, post-WWII Germany has been traumatized into not harboring enough very well justified hostility towards those colonists who seek to undermine and overthrow German culture.

... fanatical Muslims are egoistical and recognize nobody as their equal.

Nothing that can't be changed by some Massively Disproportionate Retaliation™.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I don't have personal experience by gypsies either but a large portion of the problem is their unwillingness to integrate. If we can't make them abandon their lifstyle and way of life, there is little hope of integrating backward people like thet much the same goes for muslims.

Anonymous said...

"I'm using the definition of "genocide" as given by the ICC"

You are under the misapprehension that I care what some group of bureaucrats has to say about anything.

I know what genocide means, and what is happening to the gypsies is not it.

Yorkshireminer said...

The word gypsies is supposed to be a shortening of the word Egyptians. How true it is I don't know but you don't want them in your neighbourhood. They have just managed to get rid of a gypsy encampment in England. It is now going to cost the local rate payers 10,000 pounds just too clean the place up.

Anonymous said...

gun-totin-wacko, if they refuse to become functional in a society, I don't see why that society shouldn't expell them. I also don't see much victimization. It's hilarious that a group that has genocide committed against can become a larger portion of the population though, isn't it? In my country, if you're a gypsy you just have to pass an admission exam and you get free education in the best schools. For example, if you pass college admission, by default you have free education. If you're a Romanian, you need to get 85% or so, not 50% in order to dream of a scholarship. It wasn't that much different before either and you didn't prove the desire to destroy a group in it's whole or part - in case you didn't figure it out, if that happens, you can't become a larger portion of a population. I doubt that leeching on the Romanian people and just having kids who you teach to beg or steal is genocide committed by the Romanian people against the gypsies. You, just like all the Westerners have no idea what you're talking about. The same reports say that we segregate our schools which is a blatant lie, considering what I said before. I remember in middle school me and a friend wanted to fill forms that we are gypsy as a joke to get into good highschools without much stress. lol. In the same sense, gypsies can live wherever they want - the fact that they can't be bothered to work and prefer to live by themselves isn't something that is the fault of other people by themselves - and I would hardly call residences the things they live in. You'd probably say that if we disband welfare and execute criminals, we would commit genocide against them since we are taking away their only ways through which they can earn a living. lol

Felicie, for example knows what he/she is talking about. The mindset of gypsies is that stealing from stupid Europeans is ok, it's a crime only if they steal from each other. Actual working is also seen as a stupid man's way to earn a living.

Rollory, what happens to them isn't even fitting that definition. Here we had a large Germanic population and when they moved back to Germany in 1990, the gypsies moved into their houses. Now they're all collapsing. I suppose it's the genocidal racism of German people to blame.

Yorkshire, they're of Indian descent, not Egyptian.

Oh, and I'm not a liberal.

Armance said...

Gypsies are the best example that multiculturalism does not work. 800 years in Europe, and it's still impossible to integrate them in a civilized society.

Actually Gypsies are so dysunctional in relation to the rules of a civilized life, that if I have to choose between living in a Gypsy or a Muslim neighborhood (supposing any other option is not available), I would choose the Muslim surroundings. In a Muslim society you have to submit or die. As a white woman, you can be a dhimmi, cover your head with a hijab, live in submission and possibly be left alone. As a white woman in a Gypsy neighborhood you are a sure prey to harrasment, insults, defilement and rape, not matter what you do, what you wear, how you speak, behave or implore.

I lived in a small town with many Gypsies for a few years. This is when I started to understand that strict rules of segregation is the only means for whites to live safely in a land with many non-whites. Any other option means humiliation and death.

Anonymous said...

Armance, I lived only in Bucharest, but I was mugged a couple of times or held at knifepoint - all the time by gypsies. I realized that in this country, I'd live only in Timisoara, Cluj or Brasov, since I can't live in the interwar Bucharest. :P

Oh, gun totting wacko, maybe you are right, but you put the problem wrong. In my country, genocide was inflicted against everyone - everyone was starving, freezing and whatnot, unless they were a state informer or had the right connections. And the middle class, who was white, was hit the worst. There's even a project called the grave of the bourgeoisie. But again, I'm not surprised that stupid leftist organizations care only about the death of non-whites. The death of whites is ok, considering that we are just fascists anyway and we deserve it.

costin said...


Brasov seems nice if you go there as a turist but after 2 weeks you realise that there is nothing to do there. I lived there for 20smth years and I had to leave. Most of my friends did leave in Bucharest or out of Romania. It's maybe good to live there when you are all settled and wnat to start a family, but as a bachelor you don't wanna stay there. And btw, I was beaten in the street twice or more in Brasov by "manelisti" -for non Romanians here, that a soft version of your muslim youths, a combination of the legacy of hundreds of years of fighting the Turks and Gypsies. OK, maybe this happen also because when they start asking me why I have a hat or why not (either way you get hit in the face) I was usualy a little tipsy and I started to make fun of them. I can't keep my mouth shut. I ended up once with a black eye and once with some laughs and a shirt made in pieces. Never something bad, but worse can happen. Sorry for boring the audience

Anonymous said...

costin, I like cities like Brasov - I actually like the people there. And what you talked about happens in Bucharest too. Heck, it happened to me - I was held at knifepoint a couple of times and I was mugged another couple of times. And yes, by the populatia inlocuitoare. :P I just like that people in Brasov are polite and pleasant.