Thursday, March 08, 2007

With a Little Help From Our Friends

From time to time I feel the need to thank the people who help make this blog possible.

Over the last year or so Gates of Vienna has gradually become a group effort. After Fjordman came on board our European readership picked up, and people started writing to us from Europe — particularly Scandinavia — with tips, suggestions, and translations of articles from various European media.

This process has snowballed, so that we now have a number of important collaborators. I’ve gathered up as many names as I could find so that I could list them here and acknowledge them.

Even though Dymphna and I are the only listed contributors, several other people submit articles from time to time for us to post.

We also have a lot of translators; through them we receive translations from Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, German, and French sources. Their services are invaluable, since some of these pieces would not be published in English if it weren’t for their efforts.

Then there are the researchers, particularly members of the 910 Group. The amount of time they save us with their exertions makes it possible to post on topics that would otherwise go unexamined.

Last, but not least, are the tipsters, most of whom don’t have their own blogs. They are the behind-the-scenes people, the liveried servants carrying urgent messages up and down the backstairs of the blogosphere.

So here’s a roster of some of the people who make Gates of Vienna possible:

Apollon Zamp Borussia Wally Ballou Wally Ballou
Bryan Lowe Eva F-R Ben Exile
Fjordman Exile Christine Anders Gravers
Kepiblanc Fjordman Kepiblanc Harry Palmer
LN Kepiblanc LN Kepiblanc
Paula LN The Future Baron Larwyn
Paul Weston Mr. C   LL
  Phanarath   LN
  Rune   Pierre Ménard
  Sugiero   Tom Pechinski
  XY   Steen
  Zonka   The Future Baron
  JDM   Uncle Pavian

Some people who help us out specifically request that we not name them, even using a pseudonym. But you all know who you are.

Others may have inadvertently been left out. If you belong on one of these lists and your name isn’t there, drop me a line and I’ll insert it in its proper place.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Without our ever intending it, Gates of Vienna has become something of a clearinghouse for information about the counterjihad in Europe. Sometimes, for example, a blog in Finland will learn about a particular news story in Norway by reading Gates of Vienna, instead by reading the Finnish media. It’s a peculiar and roundabout way of getting the information out, but we feel privileged to serve that function.

And, except for the modest amount we take in through our tip jar, all of this happens without anybody getting paid for it. All our contributors, translators, researchers, and tipsters are volunteers. We deeply appreciate their dedication.

Please continue to send tips, suggestions, and other material. I can’t promise that we’ll use all of it, or that we’ll even respond to all the messages — that simply isn’t possible anymore — but Dymphna or I will take a look at every email, and we appreciate what you all send.

Thanks for helping us keep watch at the Gates.

I knew I would forget someone… So far, I have added Uncle Pavian (tipster) and JDM (translator). Sorry, guys!

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Vasarahammer said...

I also appreciate the fact that Baron and Dymphna provide us with the platform for Scandinavian and European issues.

Kafir_Kelbeh said...

let me know if i can help with russian translations!

Baron Bodissey said...

Kafir --

If you see an article in Russian that's of interest, and is on-topic -- i.e. jihad-related -- then by all means send me a translation, with a link to the original. I'll almost certainly be able to use it.

Yorkshireminer said...

Dear Baron and Dymphna,
what a nice gesture for saying thank you to us Europeans, when we should be saying thanks you to you. We should ask ourselves what is it that gets us Europeans clustering around this blogg. I am certain that not many of us that lurk here ascribe to your Christian views. What we do ascribe to, is your set of values that most of us agree with., values that you have refined over the years because of your faith. As an Englishman who is unashamedly proud to be Yorkshire English as I am assured you are unashamedly proud to be an American of Virginian extraction, I will say simple thank you, more is not necessary.

Deep regards

Yorkshire Miner.

Zerosumgame said...

Of course, you Europeans could thank Baron and Dymphna, by chipping in for a couple of round trip tickets to Copenhagen.