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Denmark is a Gift From Allah

Holger DanskeEarlier in the week I wrote about the Danish group Frit Folk (Free People), and posted a translation of a speech by one of the group’s leaders. As promised, Phanarath has now translated a second speech.

This one is by Åse Clausen Berg, and was given at the Landsoldaten in Fredericia on Sunday December 1st, 2002.

Phanarath is right — this is a speech of deep rhetorical power. It must have been difficult to translate, and we owe him a debt of gratitude.

Here’s his context for the speech:

It seems from her speech that at this point the counterdemonstration is going on. The counterdemonstration had arranged for people to show up and then turn their backs on the speakers.

And now the speech itself, by Åse Clausen Berg. Make no mistake: this is one tough Danish woman.

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Frit Folk

A free people deserves no respect.

A free people does evil with vicious tongues, and should really be locked up.

Yes, a free people is something we show contempt for and turn our backs on.

Danish woman are whores. Danes in general are white swine, and that is as it should be, and Danes shouldn’t come here and say that they would like to be left in peace.

The truth is that they don’t live here, and a country called Denmark never existed.

And Danes shouldn’t come here and tell the world about the existence of black sheep. And anyone who thinks like that can spend some time behind bars.

But there are plenty of white pigs.

At Korsør Byskole [town school] a boy was mutilated in the schoolyard by one of our “culture enrichers”; he had his milten [might be called gland in English; not sure — translator] kicked to pieces, and the good and humane school principal didn’t think it should be of concern to the pupils.

And it probably wasn’t, since the boy’s parents have the wrong opinions.

They were called racists, but it wasn’t racist to kick a boy’s milten to pieces, because he was Danish. He was fat and ugly, and clearly also a Danish swine.

The Danes think they have a right to their own country, but they don’t.

They don’t own this land.

They don’t have a claim on any country, period. That right is reserved for the Palestinians — and naturally all Mohammedans — for it says in the Quran that Allah has prepared them a country high in the north.

Denmark is a gift from Allah. Yes, of course.
- - - - - - - - - -
The Danes think they are a free people, but they are wrong, for they are weak in their souls.

They are going to fold and meekly go along all by themselves, for that’s what Goebbels himself said on Berlinersportsplaz in 1939, and the Social Democrat Stauning agreed with him.

That’s why the Social Democratic Government banned any bad behavior towards the occupying power. It was important, they thought, to keep good relations, so Danes who told jokes about the occupiers were punished for their misdeeds.

The Social Democratic government approved of recruitment for Frikorps Danmark, and woe unto those who dared to call these young soldiers who had been recruited for the German army “traitors”! They were also punished. But that was back then.

Now we are fortunate to live in more modern times.

Now people who just turn their backs on free people are tolerant, and understand the reasons behind violence. We just need to understand it. We didn’t know that before. To think! It was that simple.

It’s a good thing we can get some help in becoming modern. And we better tolerate it, they say, because if we don’t, we will get some more beatings. To criticize violence can escalate the violence, they say, so it is best to keep our mouths shut.

The writer Peter Seeberg wrote in Politiken on 11/19/1997:

As the situation is now, there are many signs that the Danes think that we own this country. The hell we do. We don’t own it any more then the Chinese do.

How interesting. Do the Danes also own Africa as much as the Africans do?

A survivor from the resistance organization Sudenternes Efteretningstjeneste [the Students’ Intelligence Service] has now brought to our attention that this highly esteemed multiethnic also has a past as a Nazi collaborator. He participated in 1944 in the production of Nazi propaganda movies.

Well, then. That rings a bell. Was he also a Social Democrat?

The writer Morten Sabroe wrote in Politiken on 6/20/1999:

That night I was convinced, that Denmark would be a lovely country without the Danes. I would love it if it was filled with Turks, Arabs, Italians, Englishmen, Americans, Africans, Chinese, Japanese, Polynesians, Greenlanders, and Lapps.

I also believe that they would think that Denmark was a lovely country without the Danes.

We could move the Danes to Greenland; there would be lots of room, and it would be much too cold for them to pull down their pants and show their big white backsides.

That was written in Politiken by someone with an equally big white backside.

A well-known writer once said that if Danish culture couldn’t preserve itself while including Muslims then it wasn’t worth preserving. He was not as modern as he might think. Hitler expressed the same thought when he said that the German culture was above all other cultures, which would all submit to the Germans. Oh, well — but he also had Mohammedans in his army.

Hitler said Germany’s misfortune was to be Christian. Mohammedanism would have been better, he said (Quoted from the memoirs of Albert Speer).

Yes, he is probably right.

That will be the end of freedom for the Danes, and how fortunate that will be, for it says in the Quran:

“Kill the infidels and cut off their fingertips and slit their throats.”

Good idea: then they will say nothing more. Then we will no longer need the statutes forbidding racism.

Then there will be peace.

That is the essence of the Mohammedan principle of tawhid, that when everyone submits to Allah and lives in accordance with Allah and completely nullifies individual free will, peace comes to the world.

This seems also to be the Social Democratic principle. And they are probably right, for when there is no one left to disagree with political single-mindedness, then peace must follow. That’s logic for chickens.

In short, people who demand freedom and free will — send them to Greenland. But what about the Greenlanders? Oh, wait: they can just move to Denmark, since Denmark is the country for everyone but the Danes.

Sixty years ago they talked about the world society, they talked about the brutal solutions necessary to attain the perfect idea, and, funnily enough, they talk about the same thing today. The brutal solutions: brilliant! The thought police — if the Danes will not understand, they must be forced to understand, a minister once said.

For this purpose they have created a surveillance center in Vienna, with a Danish good fairy who monitors all the Danes with the wrong opinions, and praise the Lord, she has good help from Danish coworkers, so the old-fashioned dinosaurs in Denmark shouldn’t feel too secure. Here they are registered in a giant database if they demand the right to their own country. We don’t know what this database is for. It will be the end of our freedom. Freedom, free will — old-fashioned rubbish.

And it’s not illegal to commit suicide in the service of a higher cause. That’s what the priests in the Folkekirken [People’s Church] say, so that’s why the tower of Babel fell on September 11th one year ago. It must have been God himself who steered those airliners into the World Trade Center.

At least that’s what the holy church seem to think, and the Danes were told to calm down. Don’t talk too much.

That why we don’t say it, and we are not going to mention that more than three hundred delegates from the Islamic countries met in Islamabad in 1980 to prepare this attack on the Western world. We are also not going to say that immigration is a part of this strategy to take over the Western world. And, since we are not saying it, Mohammedans have published a massive amount of literature in which they explain about the holy war and the conquest of the West.

They have written “The holy terror 1986”. They have written “The Islamic constitution, Ümeti Mohammed” in 1993. They have written “The Islamic challenge” (Konzelmann Brelvis) in 1995, “The Islamic declaration, by a Bosnian president”, “Islam has come to stay”, “Kari Vogt”, and many other good books. And the Danish/Muslim magazine KHALIFA wrote in December 1994 “We will supply the young Muslims with an intellectual and political Islamic culture and start, with the help of Allah, the intellectual struggle against Western values, before the establishment of the KHALIFA-state that will lead that will lead the Muslims into battle with the West, intellectually, politically and militarily.”

Yes, it said “militarily”. I did read it correctly. But it sounds ugly in the mouth of a Dane. Danes can’t say it. It’s better to give Denmark away.

As ultramodern people we should feel ashamed, but, strangely enough, we don’t. And this is our mistake: a free people is not ashamed. It has high self-esteem, but that’s right — we have become modern, we turn our backs on a free people.

The free people with a high self-esteem are out. Move to Greenland, dear Danes, and let the Greenlanders move to warm Saudi Arabia. Then you can speak freely and there you can keep your nasty democracy to yourself. There we will not kick out your milten or rape you in assembly-line fashion. The cold climate is fitting for a free people.

Grundtvig once said:

The more forceful and courageously any people defend their freedom and independence, the more human life will thrive and develop in all directions, and the more beneficial and joyful and fruitful will be the relations among the people on earth, and the more lucid the truth about human life as a whole.

So is he old-fashioned, or a visionary, or just a white swine who thinks that he is a Dane?

Thanks for listening.

Yorkshireminer informs us in the comments that milten means “the spleen”. Phanarath emailed me last night and said that a friend had told him the same thing.

So the little kaffir schoolboy was kicked so badly that his spleen was destroyed.


livfreerdie said...

If we could find an American politician with some backbone and who could deliver such an "observation" I believe that person would find his election coffers overflowing. Reading here and elsewhere we are not a minority, we just have too many morals and, to be fair, some are squeamish. It is time for one to come forward and lead these hard men.

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

George Orwell, (attributed)

"Hunter" said...

The west yearns for some real leadership. No more filtering through the PR department!

Yorkshireminer said...


Profitsbeard said...


One politician who voiced these same sentiments in America during the past election (Rick Santorum R-PA) was thrown out of office for a soothing p.c. replacemment.

No coffers were filled. No groundswell of popular opinion backed him.

The hurt isn't sufficent, yet, for most people to grasp the mortal stakes involved in Resurgent Islamic Imperialism.

eatyourbeans said...

The West is like a pot of water slowly coming to a boil, the governments and the elites and the entertainers sit on the lid. And so it might remain if the Muslims wouldn't keep turning up the stove. I lift my infidel glass of booze to the coming BANG!

Captain USpace said...

This is amazing, everybody must read this!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
keep truth from children

make them feel ashamed
for being born American