Monday, March 26, 2007

Closeup of Aliville

Jamaat ul-Fuqra has been getting somewhat more attention lately than it probably wants.

On his way home from the Gathering of Eagles in Washington DC, the blog Constantinople Again paid a visit to the Muslims of America compound known as “Aliville”, near Odum, Georgia. As CP has written previously, Aliville is just a stone’s throw from the Hatch nuclear plant and Ft. Stewart.

AlivilleCounter-Jihadist writes that he was nervous as he drove into Aliville. I can well understand the feeling — a close encounter with a Jamaat ul-Fuqra compound can raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

No ‘Muslims of America’ signs or one announcing that you have arrived at ‘Holy Aliville’, just a guardhouse and a road. Below, however, you can catch a teasing glimpse of what I saw when I peered down the eastern entrance to Mecca Circle. There were a few trailers and several houses, some of them under construction, and a number of cars. This picture was taken after I passed the easternmost entrance to the circle, negotiated a hasty U-Turn on a narrow muddy, clay road and stopped long enough to snap a photo of the road sign and part of a rather nice house. I was sure my maneuvers on the dirt road had gotten the attention of some of the inhabitants as I saw some movement at the far end of the circle.

Notice that the residents of Aliville have “Mecca Circle” instead of “Sheikh Gilani Lane”, and will thus manage to avoid some of the controversy engendered by their counterparts in Charlotte County, Virginia.

Go on over to Constantinople Again to read the rest of the story.

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