Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another One Disappears!

Three weeks ago the Iranian armed forces command in Teheran lost contact with a senior officer who had been serving in Iraq with the al-Quds unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, according to a senior Iranian official cited in the Wednesday edition of the London-based Arabic daily al-Sharq al-Awsat.

The Iranian source said that it is still unclear why contact with the officer, Colonel Amir Muhammad Shirazi, was lost. “It is possible that the American forces in Iraq arrested him along with a group of 13 Iranian military and intelligence officials,” he said, adding that this is just one of the scenarios being investigated by Tehran.

Y Net news also says dozens of other officers have defected:

Al-Sharq al-Awsat reported that a Tehran military court sentenced to death a colonel in Iranian military intelligence who recently returned from service in Iraq. The officer was accused of collaborating with American forces and providing them with details on the deployment and activities of the al-Quds unit and Iranian military intelligence operatives. He was also accused of providing the Americans with classified documents, photographs and maps related to Iran’s nuclear program and armed forces.

..over the past three years, dozens of members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and military intelligence units have defected to the American forces in Iraq.

Officers from various branches of Iran’s armed forces operate in Iraq in both covert and overt roles. The United States accuses Iranian agents of aiding Shiite militias in Iraq with training, weapons and funding. Over the past few months, American forces in Iraq have arrested a number of Iranian officers.

Arrests? Hmmm…how about defections? Kidnappings? Zionist plots?

The murk darkens…

[this plot will continue in the future. No more for the moment]

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Wally Ballou said...

And then there is that former Iranian defense minister who appears to have defected along with his family (one of his families) and currently be in the hands of the CIA (or is he?). There may be a sort of counterintelligence coup d'etat in the works. Who knows? once again, we are peering into the wilderness of mirrors. Some good stuff here