Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Favorite Smiling Villain Pulls a Kennedy

“Pulling a Kennedy” means trying to shove your way past the rules because you’re special. Teddy has done it too many times to count (or report). And the younger generation has accomplished everything from murder to sexually engaging the baby sitter, to leaving a passenger in a car he was driving paralyzed for life (that was Joseph K. II). A few years ago, Patrick, son of Ted and a congressional representative from Rhode Island, had to pay off an employee at LAX (the L.A. airport). As it turned out, he was found guilty of assault and had to pay damages — all because his baggage was too big to carry aboard the airplane and he didn’t want to abide by the rules. Kennedys don’t do rules; rules are for peons.

Now the Terror Finance blog (via Larwyn and Joseph Crowley in The American Thinker) has reported that Tariq Taqiyya Ramadan has a similar sense of noblesse oblige:

Taqiyya RamadanTariq Ramadan, the so-called “moderate” Islamic “intellectual”, was briefly detained and charged for “insulting a public agent” on Sunday at Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle International Airport, while in transit to London.

From informed police sources, we have learned that when Ramadan tried to enter a prohibited area, a young policewoman stopped him. He began shouting at her and was then taken into police custody; the officer filed a complaint against him.

While in custody, he admitted the offense and was ordered to appear before a criminal court of Bobigny on April 6. Tariq Ramadan faces up to 6 months of imprisonment and 7,500 Euros of penalty.

With the scare quotes around the words moderate and intellectual, the Terror Finance blog obviously understands only too well the character of this grandson of one of the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood. They know his true colors.

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Regular readers know why I loathe this man. You can see previous posts here, and here. Fjordman’s essay on Ramadan's rôle in Eurabia is here.

The man is loathsome. What a shame that Britain has allowed this so-called “gentle jihadist” into the country to teach. Or that Time magazine, clueless and dhimmified, declared him among the top one hundred “spiritual innovators“ currently on offer.

Yes, indeed. Taqiyya Ramadan is a spiritual innovator in the same mode that Teddy Kennedy is an elder statesman of American politics.

That blog, Terror Finance, is well worth your time. From the top post today:

Mobile payments or “m-payments.” are now available for terrorists and other criminals. An m-payment system is being developed by members of the GSM Association to enable migrant workers and the poor who do not have bank accounts to transfer money internationally, efficiently and inexpensively. According to the World Bank, 175 million migrants transferred at least $230 billion international remittances in 2005. Are Hamas, al Qaeda, Hezbollah and their likes far behind?

Soon, every mobile-phone owner will be able to send money, pay bills and make purchases anywhere, anytime. According to the GSM Association, 3 billion people have mobile phones, but only 1 billion people worldwide have bank accounts. BearingPoint, a major management and technology consulting company, estimated the unbanked marketplace in the United States alone in 2006 at $510 billion.


Without the implementation of a real-time digital anti-money-laundering compliance framework, the m-payment system is well suited to become the “killer application” for money laundering and terror financing. All you need is a stored value card and m-payments enabled mobile phone and carrier.

A “real-time digital anti-money-laundering compliance framework”? Not in these United States, not with George Bush in the White House and Nancy Pelosi ready to do battle for phone freedom for terrorists. It will never happen.

I suggest you go over to Terror Finance and do some exploring.


Mikael said...

A woman bossing around a moderate Muslim?

No doubt the French will will be paying millions in damages for such a vile and islamophobic act!

Dymphna said...


Let's see if the judge is a woman.

French make fun of American women, but I wouldn't want to meet an angry French woman in a dark alley.

Like the Kennedys, ol' Taqiyya has met his match. He'll pay the money and run.

Kafir_Kelbeh said...

Such as:

1. Too 'masculine' (butchy)
2. Too 'feminine' (frilly)
3. Uncouth
4. Unintelligent
5. No style
6. Unworldly
7. Too puritan
8. Not progressive enough

You mean those types of comments?

I heard that, despite my puritan and conservative perspective, that I was surprisingly stylish & worldy & feminine (without the frill).

I responded that there are more like me in the US than they'd imagine...this 'ignorance' of others tends to be a 2-way street. They rarely bought that argument, but of course they tended to be 'progressives' (actually socialists).

Of couse, I also followed up with: "Until you angered the beast within...then the guns come a' blazin' & we're all then just typical 'mericans."

I think that scared them a bit...can't think of why.

Cindi said...

M-payments with 'trackless' cell phones? Do these two events represent dots, then?,71726-0.html?tw=rss.index