Monday, March 05, 2007

A New World Order Brought to You by Those Who Know Best

Gore Funding Plan For “A New World Order”

That is the title of Dan Riehl’s latest post. It may be the most important essay you’ll read this year.

Lefties will condemn it as paranoid. I wish they were right. But this phenomenon has been building for a long, long time. And now the nightmare he describes is coming into the daylight. It's hideous looking.

Dan is to be congratulated for a Herculean effort, one which will bring down the wrath and withering ridicule of those he exposes. However, our European friends will not be so quick to condemn what has become their reality.

I am not going to expand on his points. I simply ask you to read them so you will know where we’re headed. The signposts to Utopian Hell are well marked here.

As Dan says, he has connected the dots. Our Brit friends know what a fiend Soros is. We all know that Dean is unhinged at best - they keep him on a leash and let him loose at appropriate times.

NOTE: Dan rightly points out that these ideas are not original with him; they begin in - of all places - The New York Times in 2004.

And now, Dan Riehl:

The Generation Foundation is not your typical foundation involved in giving money to what it views as deserving causes. And the ramifications of its work should be of genuine concern for fiscal and social conservatives, civil libertarians and anyone who supports the free market system and the economics, or laisser-faire capitalism of Milton Friedman.

By their own admission, Gore and his well-heeled, high-minded brand of liberal thinkers believe Capitalism is either dead, or deserves to be. Here’s the first quick look at a now Gore supported and funded, self-proclaimed New World Order as ruminated upon back in 2002.

Above all, the man is wondering whether Americans need to pause for a moment, now that the millennium has turned and the market has crashed and corporate ethics seem like the quaint idea of a bygone era. And then, after this pause, the man wonders if we need to think long and hard about what we want and how money — and, in particular, value — figures into the arc of our lives.

He has come up with an idea that admittedly might not solve any of our financial and social ills, but that he hopes might solve quite a few of them.

The man’s name is Jed Emerson. And his idea is called the “blended value” proposition.

Jed Emerson used to spend his afternoons walking into shooting galleries to dispense clean needles and condoms in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district and now lecture(s) to the most powerful business leaders on the planet. (emphasis mine - Dan Riehl)

Those facts aren’t inserted to disparage Emerson’s work, but to highlight precisely the brand of social values Gore wants to build into our economic system so that they are realized though a non-democratic system controlled by wealth, as opposed to votes. And conservatism’s good friend George Soros is linked to the work, as well.

Gore’s foundation has employed the now well-credentialed Emerson as their first senior research fellow.

Jed Emerson is the first Generation Foundation Senior Fellow. Learn more about his body of work on Blended Value.


You might recall my post on Working Assets, the Leftist publishing company that plucked Glenn Greenwald out of the blogosphere to publish a hastily written book to bash Bush and oppose the Patriot Act. Their financial backing links them to the Phoenix Group, does the name George Soros ring a bell? It isn’t me making these connections; it’s the New York Times.

- - - - - - - - - -
To understand the financial connections that can now be documented, you’ll also want to understand the Phoenix Group (PG) reported in depth through the New York Times, Wiring the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, July 2004. Wealthy associates of the group have been propping up the Netroots movement, enjoying the cachet of a ground up grass roots movement that’s actually financed and, I’d argue, controlled from the top down by big money, just as is most all contemporary politics. The Times piece is an absolute must read.

Some of the key PG players, though far from all, are Howard Dean, George Soros, Simon Rosenberg, Andy Rappaport, and SEIU President Andy Stern.

Take a moment and process that. Some of the very same individuals, now well networked, can almost immediately launch a New York Times best seller written by an all but unreadable blogger, a book intended to attack Bush and defeat the Patriot Act; meanwhile the same individuals are drawing a road map for the US economy based upon a self-labeled Utopian neo-capitalist ideology. Scary? It should be, as the Right has not kept up.

This is not a battle to be won or lost tomorrow, or even next year. It’s a battle conservatives and libertarians must understand and engage over the next decade if they wish to prevail.

Now that we understand who would design this new values-based economic system Gore and his Leftist buddies have in mind, it’s important to understand the notion behind Blended Value. Building moral or social value into our economic system may sound nice, but whose values? Who gets to decide? Not you. The system only works provided the society marches in lockstep on difficult choices. In Gore’s proposed system, decisions don’t flow from the bottom up, as with democracy. They flow from the top down with the money.

If Gore has his way, the wealthiest of the world, those who invest and support corporations in the largest measure, get to decide how everyone gets to live, what causes are supported, or dropped. And he has the nerve to call it freedom? It’s not even close.

This is one essay that needs to be read in its entirety, or you will miss how truly awful this is. And how myriad and various are the ways in which you are being distracted.

Brittany Spears, anyone? Football? Television series you can’t miss?

The modern road to hell is paved with “entertainments.”

There is a dead link in Dan’s original post to The Hill. It concerns George Soros, but I was unable to bring it up. If our readers have any luck with this, please put a note in the comments and I will update.

Now, thanks to Wally Ballou, that intrepid explorer of the internet jungle, we have a link to The Hill article.

‘Tis here.


Wally Ballou said...

I think this is the text of the Hill article on Soros. Not really earth-shaking. Left-wing millionaires want to support "progressive" causes and scare themselves watching Powerpoint presentations of the vast right-wing funding apparatus.
This is critical for their seeing themselves as heroic underdogs. After all, progressives are oppressed by the very existence of Fox News and the Heritage Foundation.

As someone once said: Liberals wnat to be Jack the Giant Killer and the giant, too.

Sissy Willis said...
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Fellow Peacekeeper said...

Interesting and scary how the the triumph of capitalist economics and fall of communism changed the political spectrum. Globalization and internationalism hand in hand. Islamist and left politics and internationalized corporations all in favor of unrestricted immigration and the weakening of nations. Its the unlikely alliance from hell.

songdongnigh said...

Riehl is right on. Capitalism 3.0 is what "Red" Ken Livingstone is now doing to London but on a global scale.

Unknown said...

I am embarrased that you linked to this. Riehl has no clue as to what he's talking about. I've never read his blog, so I don't know what Riehl's strengths are, but economics / finance is not one of them. Skip down to my comment on Riehl's site for why.

"Hunter" said...

Frightening business to say the least. It is truly a long shot for it to become implemented on a grand scale, but should be monitored nevertheless.

Brock: your comment on Riehl's site was pretty ridiculous so I went ahead and gave my opinion. Others can go there to see the carnage if they are bored.

Dymphna said...

Baillie --

I clicked on your link. Very entertaining. Here's my favorite morsel: offers a take on Our Financier as “The Dark Lord Soros.” This amuses me, but methinks the author gives Mr. Soros a higher rank than he deserves. Mr. Soros is doubtless afflicted with a hefty portion of megalomania, but underneath that is a plain, old-fashioned busybody—albeit an epic busybody, one with the money and thus the means to stick his busy fingers into a great many pies. (The pies can be any ethnic/cultural flavor that they want to be as long as they are in line with the basic Utopian menu.) Take away that money and you’ve got a cross between a Homeowners Association Board director and a trendier, softer-spoken, bankrupt version of the Earl of Sidcup.

He reminds me of one of the characteristics of Donald Duck's Uncle Scrooge. Remember how Scrooge liked to open his vault and swim through his great oceans of money? Soros.

Dymphna said...

Dymphna said...
Brock --

I'm not being facetious, but I'm puzzled. Why are you embarrassed by something I linked to?

Wally Ballou declares Dan's post "not really earth-shaking..."

OTOH, I think it's a good idea to "connect the dots", as Dan calls it. The viewer of the finished picture may find it less than moving -- WB's conclusion -- or he may find it quite disturbing, as others have.

I don't think Dan's decision to bracket the economics makes his post fatally can make a picture without drawing the whole world into it; the part of the whole can still be valid.

But I don't get the embarrassment.


There was a lot of blood spilled in Dan's comment section, some of it yours -- which usually happens if we accept the a priori arguments of our interlocutors.

Brock has his pov; you have yours. Those views don't take in the same scene and so we end up arguing about whose picture is "true."

10ksnooker said...

It is possible that Gore is just looking for more money to heat his home, and sees this global warming gig as an easy scam.

Baron Bodissey said...

Sissy, the long URL messed up the post width. I had to delete your comment, and then turn the URL into a hot link.

Sissy Willis said…

Gore’s wave may have already crested.

3/05/2007 9:25 AM