Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Un-Dixie Chicks

Blue Ladies
Remember our post in May, 2005 about those lovely ladies dressed in blue?

At least we presumed they were of the female persuasion, though the one on the right looked a little bulky.

Now LGF has a video of our girls, from a German source. Here they are in all their talented glory:

As I said back then,

…enjoy the delicious victory that plays like a counterpoint to the whole story. The Taliban tried to make the music die and Burka Band is the flagship of their abysmal failure. Sure, the capture of yet another “third in command” Al Qaeda hotshot is good news, but it doesn’t cheer the soul. Burka Band makes your heart sing. Even if you don’t like rock ‘n roll. Or maybe even if you do, knowing how much it makes the Taliban gnash their teeth in the outer darkness every time they hear one of BB’s melodies

[That’s all, folks]


Anonymous said...

The irony of this is that the 'virtue police' have no way of identifying these blasphemers - thanks to the burka!

Ya gotta love it.

Anonymous said...

Stark symbols of oppression.

Glad to see that islam is so tolerant.

Dymphna said...

Steve harkonnen--

Roy is right: it's the irony of what they've done that is so delicious...

Listen to the lyrics; they're quite funny -- e.g., "my grandma wears a burka and my grandpa does, too."

I also like the MTV-like background, as they move thru the city.

This is tongue-in-cheek and proves that some Muslims have a great sense of humor. This means we have hope because any group that can laugh at itself can be redeemed.

Consider this: would such a spoof ever make it out of Palestine? Those Blue Ladies would be Dead Ladies quicker than you can say "behead them."

Anonymous said...

I originally downloaded this song fall of '05. Not bad for Afghanistan's first rock band!

Profitsbeard said...

How do we know they aren't CIA operatives in drag?

One 'looks' a lot like Valerie Plame, and the big one could be her husband Joe (doing a falsetto), with the third possibly Ann Coulter (who I heard can fake a good Pash-tune)?

Dymphna said...

wish I had knwon you had it...I only had the still photo that was taken from the video. I, too, found it in 2005, as you can see from my link to my post, "May Your Heart Sing" -- it's the fist link at the top.

I don't know why this surfaced on LGF from that German site, but I'm glad it did. They deserve to be seen. Hilarious -- and you know that the "English" they're singing was probably phonetically memorized.

The whole work is sooo funny, so tongue-in-cheek. Next time you see anything that good, give us a shout.


Roy, I hate the following acronym, but in this case, I'll use it: LOL.
Anne Coulter and Valerie Plame -- the band from Hell.

History Snark said...

Just checked, and they are available on iTunes.

Otherwise, I'm speechless.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading on a link from FreeThoughts that the lead singer is a translator for a US humanitarian group (or something like that).

Dymphna said...


didn't know any of them had been outed. Hmmm...does that compromise their safety?