Friday, March 02, 2007

Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

Now we finally know what that darn song of Paul Simon’s is all about.

I hadn't planned to blog on this story since it's being covered by lots of others. Then one of our readers sent what appears to be the definitive post on Julio Pino, the jihadi professor of history at Kent State whose story has been making the blog rounds. It looks as though the karma at Kent hasn’t changed much at all...

The blog, Marked Manner, has links to everything Julio Pino, including his students’ ratings of his teaching abilities.

Marked Manner has collected numerous bells, whistles and alarums that give one pause when considering this academawhackjob and why he's still slaving away at Kent State. His ravings far outshine weasley Ward Churchill when it comes to the dhimmification of the environment, and it goes without saying that Julio is a great admirer of “I’m-an-Indian” Churchill.

Here are just two of the dozens of items Marked Manner has linked (and his commenters have more):

Atlas Shrugged received a comment in her post on this guy that lets you see what a pro Julio is:

I had a run-in with Professor Pino several years back when I emailed a response to one of his vile articles in the Kent Stater. Several days later (though I hadn’t identified myself anywhere in the post) I received AT MY OFFICE a letter from Dr. Pino, with a picture of some ass****[redacted for our homeschooled readers - D] jihadist with the typical mask and AK. According to the FBI, Dr. Pino knows that doing this won’t trigger any of its direct threat guidelines.

He also knows it is within the bounds of the First Amendment; even though the message and the manner of its delivery were clearly intended to be threatening.

So, here I am Dr. Pino. . . come get me:

John Huettner, Esq.

Cleveland, Ohio

And then there’s the most interesting phenomenon - a hacker has replaced his fiercely jihadist website with this. You can still get links to his archived material on Marked Manner, and I believe the good professor - who changed his first name from Julio to Assad when he reverted - has managed to get his little engine of jihad cant chugging into the ether once again. You have to like that hacker, though. Good sense of humor.

Lots of sites have covered this story, but I repeat that Marked Manner is definitely the place to go for a full picture of this idjit. Some of the reporting is discouraging - e.g., Fox News did a story about him without referring to his jihadi leanings or his classroom tactics or his professed admiration for homicide bombers.

Ohio taxpayers rise up and revolt!

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Fidothedog said...

Cue the obvious coment of making them squeal like a pig. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Morgenholz said...

Ohio taxpayers are catching on. I'm awaiting a response from my state rep. She usually takes a couple days, but she always gets back to me.