Thursday, March 15, 2007

And Another One Reappears!

Wally Ballou pulls it out of the hat again…

I had been wondering about the appearance in Turkey of the disappeared general‘s family — wifey and children showed up unannounced and demanded that Turkish officials do something about her husband’s disappearance.

Say wha’? I’d read that Ali Reza Asghari, a former deputy defense minister had pulled a fast one, a flit which included his wife and family. So what was this spouse doing even existing?

It turns out the one in Turkey is wife #2.

Wife #1 and children are gonzo:

As it turns out, Gen. Asgari has two wives. His first wife left Iran with him, bringing along their three children. His second wife, Mansoureh Mirmohammadi, is just 31 years old and is a relative of Rezai, the sources said. She has indeed remained in Iran.

Shortly after Gen. Asgari went missing on Feb. 7, a damage control team headed by Rev. Guards Brig. Gen. Naser Ghasemi was set up.

Gen. Ghasemi is the deputy chief of counterintelligence for the Revolutionary Guards. Over the weekend, he recommended that the regime blame the “kidnapping” of Asgari on the Mujahedin-e Khalq, a militant opposition group that was supported all during the 1980s and the 1990s by Saddam Hussein.

On Sunday, Baztab dutifully quoted Rasoul Nafisi, an Iranian political analyst based in Virginia, asserting that the MEK was responsible for Asgari’s kidnapping, noting that the group “is active in Turkey . . . and might be behind this event.”

Wally B, researcher extraordinaire.

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Wally Ballou said...

Thanks D, but it was easy to find. I am fascinated by this story, because it appears to be the first tremors of a seismic shift. I suspect things are happening on the operational intelligence side, where the US, UK and Israelis are very competent (as compared to, say, some of their analytical colleagues back in Langley)

The end of the NewsMax story mentions the disappearance of General Soltani. If he, too defected, it will be more significant than the loss of Asgari, because Soltani isn't a "former" anything - he is the current head of the Persian Gulf bureau of Revolutionary Guards intelligence. Watch this space.

Did you notice in the Newsmax story that the Guardian was taking dictation from the Iranian government in support of their campaign to discredit Asgari? Surprised?

Dymphna said...

Did you notice in the Newsmax story that the Guardian was taking dictation from the Iranian government in support of their campaign to discredit Asgari? Surprised?

Oh it gets worse. The BEEB is preparing to start televising in the ME...think they'll be sympathetic to the Western family from which they come. What is the crime when the dhildren kill the fathers? That's the BEEB.

X said...

Patricide. The worst part is the would probably think it's a trendy new London restaurant...

History Snark said...

Last July 4, I was at a get-together. One of the guests was a young man, an officer in the Natonal Guard, who had recently returned from a tour in beautiful Baghdad. He said that Iran has more trouble than they think, in part due to the minorities there that hate the "Persians", and who would love to see the US overthrow them. He also said that there were, according to what he had heard, US plans in place for a covert counter-offensive against the Iranian regime. (Which shouldn't surprise anyone even remotely aware of how these things work).

At any rate, it appears that The Great Satan and it's Jooish cronies are starting to strike.

And please don't accuse me of anti-semitism. If you don't understand my point, you need to think a little further.

Consul-At-Arms said...

I've linked to you here: