Saturday, March 10, 2007

Biting the Hand That Feeds Him

LN, one of our regular readers from Sweden, tipped us to a post on Snaphanen about a Danish pop star named Zaki Youssef.

LN has translated parts of Steen’s post for us. It’s not clear if Steen is quoting, paraphrasing, or parodying, but here his introduction to Zaki:

Zaki YoussefZaki, a musician in a globalized world, is the provocative new kid on the block. The guy who writes songs so clear and spits them out so loud that his tribute to an album project in Denmark, sending the message of being open-minded and tolerant, was censored!

Zaki is half Egyptian, half Danish, born Muslim, and one of the most recognized producers and minds behind many music projects in Denmark and in Egypt as well.

And here are the lyrics from part of his song “Det tragisk” (“It’s Tragic”):

Mine is not the problem that your culture is uninviting
Even if I lived as if it was altogether mine
and ate pork and drank wine
Danish culture would still not be mine
My way of life is Islam and I am Muslim
and my passion is all too big for this damn country,
that’s why I write rhymes
It is so f***ing cold in the west and I do not sell my honor
There are heaps of good things I want to learn
But Danish I have never been and cannot become
- - - - - - - - - -
LN adds this afterword:

Zaki Youssef is indirectly supported (through ) by the Danish Ministry of Education, the Danish Daily Newspaper Politiken and the Danish municipalities of Fredriksberg and Ishöj.

He’s darn right it’s f***ing cold in Denmark. It’s cold enough to freeze the gonads off a brass Egyptian monkey. But that doesn’t mean Zaki will be returning anytime soon to his sunny ancestral home.

No, life among the Danes is too sweet. All those adoring kaffir fans, and the rave reviews in Politiken, and the groupies, and the fast life…

It’s money for nothing, and the infidel whores are free.


Francis W. Porretto said...

Islam is bad enough on its creedal "merits." When Muslim scum such as this one start raving that to meld into the culture of the country that accepted him would be to "sell my honor," it becomes vomitous.

Zaki's "passion" should be cashed in for a one-way ticket to Cairo. The Danes, who are almost unique among the peoples of Europe in rising up against Islamification, are just the folks to "help him relocate."

Baron Bodissey said...


You're too modest. I think your English skills are up to the job.

As for Steen -- don't worry about him; he's busy with Daniel Pipes right now and won't even notice. ;)

--- said...

How can you be "born muslim"?. It is like saying you are born communist.

Profitsbeard said...

Ah, two can play at this game...

(To the tune of John Coltrane's "A LOVE SUPREME")

(murmured from a whisper to a declaration over the repeated melody)

Islam is lame...
Islam is Lame...
Islame Is Lame...

Its "prophet" likes
Girls under ten;
His followers
are real men.

Islam is lame... (repeat 4X)

You rob and kill
But that's okay
Old Allah sez
You Do MY WAY!

Islam... (4 X)

All Europe waits
To be re-named;
The croissant banned,
Their nukes re-aimed.

Islam is lame...

(Ad lib Poe-like doggeral about the "islam's lions and zion's pigs, we will force you to eat figs" type of stuff underneath the repeated refrain -and fade...)

Alexis said...

Yeah, well, Mr. Hugo Chavez has been traveling throughout South America, shadowing President Bush with his slogan, "G****o Go Home".

Excuse me, but shouldn't Mr. Chavez be prohibited from entering the United States (and the European Union) for bringing racial epithets into the political discourse? He will try to enter the United States next fall so he can bellow his hate on our own soil (at the UN of course).

When are Americans going to say "enough is enough" and demand that our government refuse to extend any visa to Mr. Chavez? When are Europeans going to realize that fascist demogogues who lace their harangues with racial slurs and genocidal threats must not be tolerated?

Reliapundit said...

"It’s money for nothing, and the infidel whores are free."

how many of them whores are conservative?

i bet they are all soshies.

Panday said...


Just imagine the outcry if George Bush started saying "Sp*c, go home!"

The world would call for his head on a plate. If it's Hugo Chavez using the "gringo" slur, however, it's all right.

I'm starting to hate the press and most of the rest of the world.

ziontruth said...

I find this post hard to react to. Mainly because I'm supposed to avoid expletives, but responding to Zaki and his gangsta-rhymes without using them is well-nigh an impossible task.

History Snark said...

Alexis, you call our little pissant from the south a "fascist", or at least strongly imply he is. Remember though, he's actually a Socialist/Communist. Ergo, his hate speech, violence, repression and censorship of others is permissable. Remember, it's only bad if it's from the "right." Anything emanating from the "left" is good and pure and causes flower-scented rainbows to bloom.

Of course, he is a Fascist, but we all know that term is reserved for Bush and Cheney.

Anonymous said...

True maybe but not really tragic.

Pax Federatica said...

How can you be "born muslim"?. It is like saying you are born communist.

Islamic theology, or at least the school of thought embraced by Islamic supremacists, holds that all human beings are born Muslim - that is, with a natural inclination to submit to Allah's will, an inclination that is merely suppressed in those of us with non-Muslim upbringings. This includes not just Zaki Youssef, but you and I and everyone else on the planet.