Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Transsexual Energy Policy?

Mona SahlinMona Sahlin is a Socialist politician in Sweden. She is pictured at right during a famous incident when she donned a veil when visiting a mosque.

Our Swedish correspondent LN has been following Ms. Sahlin’s career for years, and sent us the following article about her.

Caritas-Caritatis, or a Lady of Dubious Credibility

The Swedish Social Democratic Workers’ Party got a new and female leader last Sunday. If the Socialists come back into power after the next election in 2010, she will probably become Prime Minister.

The new leader, Ms. Mona Sahlin (50), started her career early: at seven she founded the Barbie Club, and ten years later she joined the Socialists. What is and has been typical for her is her habit of intermixing feelings and carelessness in all her doings, which means that objectivity, stringency and analytical precision get lost.

The former prime minister Göran Persson describes his party chum (1997) in quite biting terms: “What crosses her lips is not very remarkable; her strength is not in her thinking, but her ability to convey a message.” For Ms. Sahlin, minority issues have always been the big ideological topic, something that by definition requires the ruling people, the majority — the true democratic foundation — to yield.

For nine years she has always been among those leading the procession at the annual Pride Festival in Stockholm. On this occasion HBT persons (Homo-Bi-Trans-sexuals) fill the streets of the capital in order to proclaim their disposition. In an interview on the festival’s web page in the summer of 2006 she declared: “Of course I always speak about HBT in almost everything I do. It is even possible to connect to HBT questions when you discuss ‘nuclear energy’ or ‘energy policy’.”

Mona Sahlin and HBT
Ms. Mona Sahlin in her element
- - - - - - - - - -
In the multicultural world of Ms Sahlin it is the reverse order that is valid. Ethnic Swedes must, when searching for employment, leave room for immigrants. If two persons, a Swede and an immigrant with similar qualifications, apply for a job, according to Ms Sahlin the employer must chose the person called Mohammed. It will be counted as a ‘decisive qualification’ to have ‘another ethnic background’. (GöteborgsPosten 001022)

“We Swedes have neither culture nor history!”

She does not refrain from deprecating Sweden and its history and culture of peace, democracy, equality, and decency, plus more picturesque elements such as the midsummer celebration. When she participated in Euroturk — the Turkish Youth Association’s congress — in the spring of 2002 she said: “I believe that what makes Swedes so envious of immigrant groups is that you have a culture, a history, something binding you together. And what have we got — ‘midsummer celebration’ and such corny things.”

One of her best friends, former immigration minister Jens Orback, according to Ms Sahlin, said in connection with the murder of Theo van Gogh in the Netherlands 2004, “We must be open and generous to the muslims and Islam, because when we become the minority we hope they will treat us likewise.”

The future of Sweden does not look hopeful, nor does it inspire confidence.


Wally Ballou said...

Well, she can certainly count on the future Muslim majority to treat her HBT friends with openness and generosity (open graves and free bullets)

kepiblanc said...

Among all those 'virtues' LN forgot to mention Mona Muslim's history of credit card fraud (she used a state-owned card for private purposes), countless unpaid parking tickets, hiring of 'black' (unregistered) housekeepers, unpaid TV-license and so on and so forth...

A real suicidal aristocrat.

Steen said...

The ironi of the mosque visit was that it happened on the 14 th of septb. 2001, and Sahlins message was: "Noone shall have to be afraid" . She might as well have said : "Today we ´re all muslims." She´s a real qutie....

“Ingen ska behöva vara rädd för att gå ut”, säger hon.,2789,89260,00.html

Kafir_Kelbeh said...

i'm curious how only those on non-western culture have one...typical.

well, i hope she enjoys the terror and hopelessness she's just rained down upon all her friends, not just the hbt crowd.

they know not what they say...

Unknown said...

she's an idiot. How is it that she is elected to any post at all? She is funny to listen to as well. Non-sensicle.

MauserMedic said...

I cannot conceive of surrendering your nation to immigrants, then asking for their mercy after having handed them the country one was born in. How does one reconcile handing over everything to a culture that despises, in her case, all that she celebrates?

X said...

How is it that she is elected to any post at all?

Proportional representation. You vote for the party, and they pick who gets the seats absed on the percentage of votes they get. So, if one party gets 45% of the votes and the other gets 25% and the third 30%, the first will get 45% of the seats, the second 25% and so on.

more than any other system it creates political dynasties. Long-standing political types can simply shuffle around and keep getting seats whether or not people want them, because they don't vote for the person but for the party.