Monday, March 12, 2007

Daniel Pipes at the Copenhagen Workers’ Museum

Daniel Pipes at the Copenhagen Workers’ MuseumOn Saturday Lars Hedegaard presented Daniel Pipes with the Danish Free Press Society’s 2007 Trykkefrihedsprisen (Free Press Award) at the Copenhagen Workers’ Museum. Afterwards Dr. Pipes gave a speech to the assembled crowd.

The blogger KGS of Tundra Tabloids was present at the event, and has a full account here. He went to the social gathering at Steen’s apartment later that evening, at which several Gates of Vienna correspondents were also present. Everyone reports that it was a delightful occasion.

Steen has his own account at Snaphanen. It’s in Danish, but has excellent photos.

Update: Steen has a new post with a link to a 31-minute video of the event. It features both Lars Hedegaard and Daniel Pipes, and is in English.

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Political.Asylum said...

The Sarcastic Idiocy Forum always enjoys a good Danish.

Unknown said...

Baron Bodissey:

I recenly translated an interview starring Lars Hedegaard in Swedish TV-channel Axess, as a task in my English studies. Hedegaard is the president of Society for the freedom of press (Trykkefrihetsselskabet).
The interview is about his book, "House of the wars - Islams's colonialization of the Western-World". It is also about what's about to happen with Denmark and Sweden, about history-falsifications and, oh yeah, the turning-point of Islam in Vienna in 1683.
I thought that perhaps the interview is of interest for Gates of Vienna, but that is, of course, your decision.
However, I couldn't find your email-adress anywere at this web page...; Can you tell me your email so I can send you the interview (as text) ?

Baron Bodissey said...

Jonathan --

Our email link was buried way down in the sidebar; I've just moved it nearer to the top.

Here it is:

Zerosumgame said...


I swear, the two of you should be the American Correspondents with Jyllands Posten, or at least have a blog on their website.

Any Danes here have some influence with the editors of J-P?