Friday, July 08, 2011

London is a Shariah-Controlled Zone

A reader in London just sent us the following photo, which is fairly self-explanatory:

Shariah-controlled zone #4

He included this note:

Please see attached a poster seen stuck on to a bus stop on corner of Mission Grove and Carisbrooke Road, London E17. Signs of subtlety in the message — avoiding items that might be thought of as controversial like killing homosexuals and stuffing women in bags.

I’ve extracted the poster from the image and removed the foreshortening to make a more readable copy:

Shariah-controlled zone #3


kim said...

"Shariah" A Better Society??
For who?

I am sorry, but this kind of thing scares the 'stuffing' out of me. God save us!

Thanks for keeping us all informed.

Lawrence said...

No Alcohol, No Gambling, No Music, ...

But, Honor Killings, that's okay...

... yikes.

act4kzoo said...

Coming to a city near you, America. WAKE UP! Islam is a religion of peace, as long as everyone submits to ALLAH.

rui said...

Don't forget:
- No entertainment of ANY kind;
- No israeli products;
- No unchaperoned women;
- No thinking;
- No bikinis;
- No enjoyment of life, period!

These muztards put the F U in "fun"!

Zenster said...

Why are these posters not immediately defaced by any and all sane people? Go in large groups if you need to but make sure these abominations are vandalized post haste.

This is such an incredible affront to individual liberties that any description thereof defies polite language.

B Stew said...

What a farce.

Wizzard of Aus said...

This must be some sort of protest in itself; I don't see any form of acknowledgement of ownership.

I'm thinking that it may be a trap for the Islamic hardliners - if they tear it down, they are running against themselves; if they leave it up it is easy pickings for a sting operation (run by the EDL or some other CJ media team).

It could equally be a trap for the EDL/CJ - with the BBC or some other Dhimmi media organisation ready and waiting for defacement/destruction to claim that "even such a mild form of self-enforced cultural blahblahblah" is unacceptable to "extremist rightwing thugs".

I'd set a watch and see who is putting them up, and plan a way to use the situation advantageously.

Dymphna said...

Uh, is that Sunni Shariah or Shi'ite Shariah Twqlilght Zone?

If that poster scares you, then it's doing its job. That's why they put it up in the first place. A scared citizenry is much easier to control. OTOH, a polity made up of Zensters would've ripped in down and stomped on it.
End of discussion.

Of course, if he were in the UK, they'd have arrested him for littering, loitering, and whatever other soviet rules came to mind...

See what's happening? Soften ppl up with a whole busload of undemocratic 'laws' and then they scare real easy...

...I'd be cheering Zenster on in my heart, but I'd get the heck out of that neighborhood -- walking slowly of course, so as not to attract the attention of the police.

Having listened to a taped phone session where the police questioned Lionheart (back then he was in hiding in the US on a valid visa; they thought he was in Scotland), I lost all respect for Luton's 'finest' --or whatever the next level up of police bureaucracy it is that handles Luton "hate speech" crimes.

More accurately, it wasn't "loss of respect" I felt then, it was utter despair. Their obvious indifference, condescension, boredom and lack of human feeling was most disheartening. The Berlin Wall came down but the mindset was firmly installed in the UK. So in the end all that the fall of Communism did was to reveal more clearly the NEXT totalitarian ideology waiting in the wings.

I'll bet they'd have arrested that fellow if he could've been detected taking the picture.

B Stew said...

I found the source These bastards just keep on pushing.

chrisse said...

No alcohol
Celebrating the rule of the barbarian : YES

No Gambling
Human Chattel Slavery : YES

No Music Or Concerts
Hysterical celebration of mass slaughter of the kaffir : YES

No Porn or Prostitution
Keeping women as breeding and fornicating beasts in your own personal bordello : YES

No Drugs Or Smoking
Apartheid system of justice : YES

Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Just print up a similar-looking poster to paste to the wall beside it, and advertise the more unsavory rules of shariah, but do so in a manner that sounds entirely pious so that the posters won't be torn down by those favoring shariah and will thereby serve as a warning for what shariah also holds in store.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

Ralph Lynn said...

Reply -

Predation of Minors Is Prohibited
Women Are Not Chattel
Rape Is Not A Right
Sedition Is Outlawed
Music Is The Stuff of Life


Anonymous said...

Note the date on the MAC site (B Stew's link) for the launch of this.... sorry I can't think how to describe it. Obscenity?

There are a few basic Q&As on another page. The first is "Who are Muslims Against Crusades and what do they want?". The first paragraph of the reply is

"Muslims Against Crusades, is a non-violent body of Muslims that was primarily set up to tackle the West's continued interference in Muslim lands. We see the occupation of Muslim territories as totally unacceptable, and something which must be spoken out against."

But it's ok if they do it to us?

And (from the Q&A about the Princes William and Harry) not only has Britain's ruthless military machine subjected countless muslims to torture and death but also to..... ridicule!!

Oh the humanity!

Zenster said...

Horace Jeffery Hodges: Just print up a similar-looking poster to paste to the wall beside it, and advertise the more unsavory rules of shariah, but do so in a manner that sounds entirely pious so that the posters won't be torn down by those favoring shariah and will thereby serve as a warning for what shariah also holds in store.


an EDL buck said...

Shared with my division

Hesperado said...

"No Music or Concerts" -- perhaps Bono and Yusuf Islam could organize a benefit concert for Shariah in London...

Pierre said...

Would you wear a T-shirt with a Mohammad cartoon printed on it?

You might in Montana. Don’t try it in Mecca.


Because, Islam trains a small number of its most devout believers it’s OK to kill. And Islamic killers have been trained to kill anyone who insults Allah and/or Mohammad.

In Montana you’d have a good chance none of these Islamic killers would see you.

In Mecca you wouldn’t last five minutes. One of Islam’s killers would come from out of nowhere and kill you. It is that simple.

You don’t believe me? Ask any Muslim!

Read about Islamic fear at:

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry - I would like to advise extreme SCEPTICISM here. I think this is either a joke or "a plant" and not to be taken seriously, despite what obvious pleasure it may give people on this blog. It would not be the 1st time something so inflammatory has been thought of. There is not identification of the source - nor has any group taken ownership of the situation.

Let me also remind everyone these are the SAME despicable and disingenuous tactics that Hamas regularly engages in - and many on this board express frustration at the gullible response of so much of the UK media. So lets exercise a bit of that reasonable incredulity please.

Professor L said...

crljones, B Stew has the source - Muslims Against Crusades. Check the link in his comment.

As far as the actual poster is concerned... best to leave it up. It lets people see just how much of a killjoy Sharia is and also gives us a handy tool to colour the map for targets when the excrement hits the ceiling mounted air circulation device.

Anonymous said...

I agree with crljones' assessment. I'm guessing this is a "plant".

I cannot see most Islamist organizations using the word "controlled". Furthermore, I suspect that if any Islamic organization did print it, they'd gladly advertise themselves on the flier.

While it was only once, ten years ago, I saw plenty of Islamic materials handed out on the streets of London that were quite brash, and they all noted the organization sponsoring the leaflets/pamphlets.

-- On another note, I'm stuck on the fence about leaving a neighborhood when it's evident that it's becoming Islamicized.

If there is a legitimate concern for safety, a job or you'd already planned to move to a dream location, that's one thing. But if you're leaving because you don't want to live near muslims for even the possibility of difficulties... that's white flight.

What better way to stand up to the Muslims who're trying to take over a community than to refuse to leave. If enough people refuse to leave and refuse to sell, it can potentially make it difficult for Islamists to fulfill their aims.

Fight them at their own game without fear or intimidation.

-- if that neighborhood were close enough to Edgware Rd. I suspect that poster would be covered up in call-girl stickers in no time flat.

Anonymous said...

I guess my comment didn't go thru.

LAW, I stand corrected.

It seems too that Anjem Choudary is connected to this organization that's been around for only about a year.

They're furthering efforts that have been known for at least ten years - to divvy up England.

cumpa_29 said...
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Bourbakifan said...

I think this should serve as a warning to all the English people as this is just the beginning.Far more worse things are about to come.

Dymphna said...

@ Bourbakifan--

The English people know all too well that it is going to be more repressive. They have long been the guinea pigs in the EUSSR.

I like Jeffrey Hodges form of pushback. Clever judo move. Use your opponent's weapons to bring him down.

What I worry about is the level of alcohol consumed in the UK. Several friends who visited have mentioned it. In Russia, 70% of people die with high blood alcohol levels because it's so hard to live there sober.

Does anyone know what the alcohol consumption level is in the UK?

I want to understand what coping mechanisms folks are using. Here, it's obviously poisonous junk food...almost wrote "poisonous DRUNK food"...same effect on people's health...

Here we have the option of moving to a place where gun ownership is permitted and valued. That's an excellent coping mechanism.

[Speking of guns, the Newark NJ City Council has voted to require fast food restaurants to hire police security guards for late night hours because of the level of gun violence there. I think three were killed in one day recently, including an off-duty policeman waiting for his pizza.

New Jersey is one of those very strict gun control states. Unfortunately, as Mark Steyn has pointed out repeatedly, the Democrat strict gun control areas have the most gun crime. They refuse to make the connection that the level of gun ownership by criminals increases each time they up the hassle for gun ownership by regular folk.

Since our major cities are Dem-controlled, this is going to get worse as the economy does, and as the summer wears on.

Think of our cities as mini-EU states.

wendy18 said...

So outside of sharia its ok for their men to give our children drink and drugs and rape them and prostitute them around their friends, worst of it is it is all kept hush hush because we can't offend them. Well let me tell you camoron i have no problem offending them !

cumpa_29 said...

Sharia engenders an utterly joyless society when you stop to think about it. No dancing, no music, no wine or beer with meals, no celebration of fashion for the ladies (which in the West died in the second half of the 20th century).....NOTHING.

Its probably like living on Mars.

laine said...

Looks like shariah creep is picking up speed to shariah trot in all western countries. In Canada's largest city, several schools in majority Muslim areas have acquiesced to the demands of Muslim parents that their children have Friday prayers IN the school during class time, with an imported imam no less. Parents use the cafeteria as a mosque, setting up a barrier with chairs with boys in front and girls behind the barrier and covered up. Menstruating girls (these are middle schools up to Gr. 8) sit beyond the pale and are not allowed to take part in the praying.

Please note that the Lord's Prayer and all Christian practice has been removed from schools under the guise of being "inclusive". Suddenly the exclusion of Hindu students and sprinkling of other non-Muslims at these schools is fine with educrats. The leftist fanatics about gender equality also make an exception for brown people. Muslims get to indoctrinate both their boys and girls in girls' inferiority in tax funded schools during instructional time.

jon said...

This reads like an anti shariah text to me. As others have said it doesn't say who published it. All other muslim posters i've seen are happy to give website and phone number. The actual words used -controlled, enforced - are not what you'd expect. Nor is the position of the word No at the start of each command. In fact the English is far better than you normally get on these posters - see previous ones eg the December anti Christmas one or the anti gay - both in E london. The layout, typeface etc seems too professional as well. And "Shariah": a better society seems tongue in cheek to me, too.

The interpersonal aspect is wrong. This is either an anti sharia poster pretending to be pro or it's a genuinely pro one done by a better educated muslim[convert] or some media set up.

Baron Bodissey said...

jon et al. --

I'm afraid you're wrong about this one. Check out the article today in The Daily Star.

Unless they used a fake Muslim and staged everything, this is very much an Islamic project.

Hesperado said...

Unfortunately, there do exist quite a few intelligent and clever Muslims (if by "intelligence" we do not discount sophisticated schizophrenic sophistry).

jon said...

@ Baron/Hesperado,
I've had time [not as much as I 'd like, though] to look at their site and, yes, they seem genuine. I'm wondering if they've decided that Choudary's bellicose, in your face, Islam4uk approach [which, as the Baron has said in the past I'm sure, shows the true face of Islam] needs to be replaced by a more "educated" approach. [it's really hard to find the right word: neither intelligent nor educated sound right in context].

Either way, they'll be criticised in the MSM, I think. The Star link is dead so I can't read but will search later. And check the islam/crusades for more clues. Nets' been erratic all weekend.

jon said...


If you believe the previous 2 or so govts and the NHS stats and MSM etc then there's a dangerous alcohol consumption level.

The agencies are reporting a huge rise in binge drinking. Particularly among teenagers. And particularly among teenage girls. This has been highlighted time and again in MSM.

I'm a drinker myself and can confirm the binge drinking among working class communities [something I never saw 30 ish yrs ago]. It's not just w/c though [although they may make up most].

There's a huge increase in drugs, too [ecstacy, cocaine, designer drugs - leading to legislation recently specifically against the designer ones like meow meow-etc].

What % of binge drinking to drugs I don't know. said...

act4kzoo if that were true then Islamic nations would be peaceful. But more wars take place between Muslim states than between nations who are different but neither are Islamic. There is no redeeming feature here. Even if we all submit to Islam and it's barbarities there is no peace or forward movement. We will have wars in fact to determine how fast and how far backwards we must all move and how.

Anonymous said...

Send in the tanks !!!

Anonymous said...

I am French, so i consider the Brits are long time rivals, that being said, i highly respect them and their centuries old society and culture.
They are fighting the same fight we are, the fight against the islamic invasion. People are free to believe in what they please, but they have a duty to conform to the host country. Those extremists wish not to adapt to British society, but to adapt British society to them. That is unacceptable, and soon Europeans will rise against this danger and throw out these parasites.

God save the UK