Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Geert Wilders’ Speech at the Danish Parliament Building

Geert Wilders on cameraSteen has posted an article with photos and a video about Geert Wilders’ recent visit to Denmark. Mr. Wilders gave a speech at the Danish Parliament Building in Christiansborg at the invitation of Trykkefrihedsselskabet, the Free Press Society, under the leadership of Lars Hedegaard.

Steen’s article is mostly in Danish, but Geert Wilders’ speech is in English, and I have embedded the video below.

Geert Wilders visits Copenhagen

Discussing the reason he named his movie “Fitna”, Mr. Wilders said that the Arabic word can be translated as “ordeal”, and that “Islam is the ordeal with which the West is currently confronted.”

Below is a photo of Geert Wilders with Lars Hedegaard, the Chairman of Trykkefrihedsselskabet:

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Geert Wilders and Lars Hedegaard

Visit Steen’s blog for more photos. His post from yesterday has high-resolution versions of these pictures and many others, including one of Mr. Wilders being greeted by Pia Kjærsgaard, the leader of the Danish People’s Party.

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christian soldier said...

After listening to Mr Wilder's speech - I have a smile in my heart.
The quest for freedom is not lost.

Thank you.

Profitsbeard said...

Geert has his finger in the Mohammedan flood dike, and the silly Dutch keep trying to pull it out.

Go Wilders!

One man left on the Continent, at least.

X said...

*gasp!* Did I hear that terrible word "repatriation"? Stopping immigration? Oh no! Surely Mister Wilders must now be condemned by all right-thinking, right-on bloggers as the nazi racist hatemonger he obviously is!

؟ right ؟

blogagog said...

"Islam is not compatible with freedom, Islam is not compatible with democracy."

Wow, he doesn't pull his punches!

Western Resistance said...

Wilders is useful, but he's not on our side. It's only a matter of time before the EU regime removes him, probably via a Muslim assassin.

Much as Wilders has used the Arabic word 'fitna' for his own ends, perhaps we can appropriate 'jihad' for our own?

Henrik R Clausen said...

Wilders is useful, but he's not on our side.


He, if any, is. He exposed the fear of Islam to the embarrassment of loads of EU politiciand & bureaucrats, which will have profound effect in the long term.

He also exposed the impotence of Islam to deal with highly publiziced challenges. More like this, please...

Western Resistance said...

Wilders is neither a racially-conscious European nor a nationalist. Like I said though, he is useful.

Sagunto said...


Define "our side".

Are you by any chance "saharian", who was recently banned from commenting on the Brussels Journal site?

heroyalwhyness said...

If America had a candidate with half the courage of Geert Wilder's - (s)he'd be president.

From Snaphanen:
Wilders was invited to Denmark by the Danish Free Press Society (Trykkefrihedsselskabet)

Thank you Danish Free Press Society! This was an incredibly brave move to take given the expected and predictable hostility from the global Muhammadan sphere.

It is also appreciated that Geert Wilders presented this speech in English - providing opportunity to distribute this message to a broader audience.

Does anyone know if there is a transcript available online? I'd like to send this out and include links to the specific issues/current events/etc. he mentioned.

Anonymous said...


"Wilders is neither a racially-conscious European nor a nationalist"

Im not sure i even want to be on "our" side, m8.

Steen said...

© heroyalwhyness : yes, a transcript will be available shortly on our webpage shortly - in english, of course.

heroyalwhyness said...

Thank you kindly Steen. :D

ole said...

As I heard Wilders speak and took in an imperssion of his personality,I suddenly had a strange feeling of hearing a young Winston Churchil speak in the early 1930's ,
trying to warn England of the aproaching danger.
Maybee ,just maybee we havn't seen the best of Wilders yet.
One of the things that went wrong with my generation , was that we listened too much to a drug-adict rockstar who preached "don't follow leaders"
I personally would follow Wilders to Hell and back

Steven Luotto said...

Good going Steen! Thank you.

I don't see how any thinking man can escape this man's logic.

Steen said...

It´s already here :

Anonymous said...

@ Ole
"As I heard Wilders speak and took in an imperssion of his personality,I suddenly had a strange feeling of hearing a young Winston Churchil speak in the early 1930's"

I had that feeling too! He is indeed a brave man. All hope is not lost yet. Wish he was a dane!

Steen said...

I like the comparison.

I studied him closely during the speech, and for about 40 minutes afterwards, where he mingled with the diffferent people,that wanted a word with him. He seemed very warm, passionate and kind and laughing.

( ps In the early thirties Churchill was well over 55 - but thats of minor importance)

Joanne said...

There are voices of reason out there; people just have to start listening and stop voting the leftoid appeasers into power who kneel to the will of Islam.

Schlomo said...

I don't think if it's that great to post a video of a populist politician and advertise his person as a fearless fighter for freedom - he definitly is not.
I also don't think it's a good idea to compare the turkish sieges of vienna with todays problems with islamism. And don't forget, the last annexation between turkey and austria wasn't from a osman or turkish state but the annexation of muslim Bosnia-Herzegowina through the austrian Habsburg monarchy.
Even though it's absolutely important to be aware of the need of the protection of Israel you sometimes seriously are in danger to fall for someones line - and more thant that become structurally racist in your argumentation. And neither that is good for Israel or the goal of a peaceful world in general.

José, The Fenec. said...


It's that hesitation you sport that is hindering a real union beteween all anti-jihad crowds out there.

Just look at what Wilders said in his speech, he is right about everything in it, he reported about the reaction of the Netherlands and other countries to the criticism of Islam, about the clash beteween free speech and muslim "sensibilities" and who the governments root for. He is one of the few who actually is doing this, and we all should be powering him, period.

This does not makes us racists, or trows away our judgement capabilities, or means that we'll be supporting Wilders unconditionally. If he has a racist agenda, then he surely didn't show it, he was objective and truthfull, and if he goes the supremacist way, he has to make that evident, and we'll be whatching. Our support we'll fly away as fast or faster as we gave it to him.

Meanwhile we should be boosting those who put themselves in the crosshair of Jihad and Eurabian governments for all of us, not saying "oh, i don't know, he didn't said anything racist, BUT HE MIGHT STILL BE!"

Sagunto said...

"..the last annexation between turkey and austria wasn't from a osman or turkish state but the annexation of muslim Bosnia-Herzegowina through the austrian Habsburg monarchy.."

Nice try wwtyd.
And how did those Muslims ever get there, or into Spain or Turkey, eh? Do you think the Reconquista was a "racist" undertaking that shouldn't have happened?

Balder said...

June 13 2009 - New Wilders interview on Danish TV before Free Speech conference in Copenhagen.

Wilders: It is five minutes to twelve for the survival of Europe. It is time for harsh measures. If they break the law or indulge in sharia or jihad; send them home the same day.

Wilders is to speak at The Free Press Society's (Trykkefrihedsselskabet) free speech conference Sunday June 14, 2009.

TV interview broadcast in Denmark June 13 22:30:

Geert Wilders in Denmark - Deporting millions of Muslims may be necessary