Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hezbollah Gives Venezuelans Terrorist Training

Fausta has just posted an exclusive English-language version of this story:

Via Noticias 24, journalist Patricia Poleo reports that Venezuelans of Arab ancestry are being recruited under the auspices of Tarek el Ayssami, Venezuela’s vice-Minister of the Interior, for combat training in Hezbollah camps in South Lebanon.

And here are some excerpts from Fausta’s translation of Ms. Poleo’s article:

Hugo Chavez pretends to cut back on his support of the FARC, when his “dangerous” associations go well beyond the Colombian guerrilla.

Presently young Venezuelans are being recruited for training in Lebanon.

Tarek el Ayssami, Venezuela’s vice-Minister of the Interior, along with others affiliated with Hezbollah, such as Lebanon-born Gahzi Nasserddine currently the Business Liaison at the Venezuelan embassy in Damascus, along with [his brother by surname] Ghasan Atef Salameh Nasserddine (a) Abu Ali, are in charge of recruiting young Venezuelan Arabs affiliated to the PSUV [Chavez’s own Venezuelan Socialist Party], to be sent to South Lebanon for combat training in Hezbollah camps.

The purpose of the training is for preparing the youths for asymmetrical war against the United States.
- - - - - - - - -
Once back in Venezuela, the youths are welcomed by two members of the Islamic Center of Venezuela, who were previously involved in illegally bringing Hezbollah Lebanese through the area of Margarita with fake passports. During February 2002, one of these men brought a group of Hezbollah members who came from Brazil, from Margarita, and then sheltered at the Islamic Center in El Paraiso.

Once the Venezuelas return from their training in Lebanon they meet with radical youths from the PSUV affiliated with UNEFA [the university run by the Armed Forces] and the Unversidad Bolivariana de Venezuela [Venezuelan Bolivarian University].

These groups and individuals are closely affiliated with the Hezbollah Organization in Venezuela, along with al-Qaeda Iraqis currently living in Venezuela. They are also related to the Palestinian Democratic Front, headed by Salid Ahmed Rahman, whose “official” office is located in Caracas’s Central Park.

Go over to Fausta’s blog to read the rest.

One final ominous note:

From the start of President Chavez’s government, terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, Hamas and al-Qaeda have used Venezuela as their bridge to other Latin American countries since Venezuela is an allied government.


Rondo said...

Very old news, here in Colombia and Venezuela the muslims in the northern region (Costa Atlantica & Guajira) have been doing their Dawah for along time, specially in the poorer sectors of society, and they're specially directed at the indigenous tribes of the region, the Wayuu, they have been indoctrinating them for a long time now, and Hezboallah has many insurgents in that part of both countries spreading their thing in madrazas, islamic centers, cultural exchange centers, mosques... etc. They're very active in places like Maicao(which has the biggest muslim population here in Colombia) Barranquilla and Santa Marta. in Venezuela the thing is official, since Chavez got in power the amount of planes coming from countries like Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Sudan have increased ten-fold, and they have given citizenships for people who don't even know how to say 'Hola'.

As a Colombian, i just hope DAS and the Policia Nacional have the eyes on those people, we have our hands full with our own terrorists here like FARC and ELN to start worrying about muslim radicals, hezboallah, Hamas, Al-Qaeda.... and ETA(don't forget about it).

And about the muslim population here(which is rather small but has an history in that northern part of the country) i don't care as long as they assimilate, but what really worries me is the Dawah shenanigans on the local population by some of them, indoctrinating the poorest and the most vulnerable(the indigenous tribes, who already have suffered a lot since the colonial times).

With my internet detective skills i already have found stuff like this:

And there are sites about Hezboallah branches in Colombia-Venezuela but i have those bookmarked in my laptop, i don't have it with me right now. links to those sites have been posted on sites like MSN groups, Islamic-latino forums and blogs, trying to attract people. i've been following them for a while now.

spackle said...

Dont they have a pretty good hold in the border areas of Paraguay as well?

randian said...

I don't know if it's true, but it's rumored that jihadists are heavily recruiting in Mexico because the US' southern border is so porous. Mexico's southern border is heavily patrolled, so it's harder to recruit in South or Central America and then move them north.

no2liberals said...

"Since 2005, the Department of Homeland Security reports that more than 331,000 people from countries *other than Mexico* have been apprehended trying to cross the Southern land border. These individuals came from virtually every country in the world, including some with whom we have an adversarial relationship, such as Communist China, Iran and North Korea.

These apprehensions as well as the approximate 3.1 million border arrests over the same period are the result of a U.S.-Mexico border that has been left wide open and largely unprotected against illegal entry. This vulnerability continues to be exploited by migrants and smugglers everyday and, until our borders are secure, we must anticipate that terrorists may eventually try entering the U.S. the same way."

Duncan Hunter.

*OTM's* As the Border Patrol lists them.

Diamed said...

This is worrisome. India is slowly being eaten up by Islam. Africa and Europe and Southeast Asia are also trouble areas. The middle east of course, 15% of russia, and even America and Australia have large Islamic minorities.

If south america also goes, that leaves only China non-muslim in the whole world. And there are even some muslim Chinese.

Islam should be curtailed now while there's still time. If we do nothing, it might conquer the world.

no2liberals said...

There are more than some muslims in China. There are an estimated 20-30million muslims there, the Hui, Kazakh, and the Uighur, the latter being the most involved in radical islam, and representing about 8million of the total. While that number represents a small percentage of the Chinese population, it is not a small number.
Where Christianity is dormant, or no longer practiced, islam flourishes. People need to get to church, make some babies and take them to church, too.
As far as South America goes, I think islam would have a very hard time making the women wear burkas, shut up, and not go dancing, or the men made to not drink or have fun and enjoy life. As far as using Mini-Me's Venezuela for a terrorist base, he has already demonstrated an inclination for that activity.